2003 Awards


The Awards of Excellence competition honors overall excellence throughout a publication. Honors are given in each EPA membership category. (On-line publications are not presently eligible for this contest.) The top award in each category is the “Award of Excellence”; judges may also give “Awards of Merit.”

Christian Ministries

Award of Excellence: Youthworker, Will Penner, editor; Ross Cluver, art director; Salem Publishing and CCM Communications, publisher. The judge said, “This publication manages to blend writing style, audience needs and important illustrations into an effective and fun package.”

Awards of Merit: Journal of Christian Nursing, Judith Allen Shelly, editor; Cathy Walker, managing editor; Kathy Burrows, art director; Nurses Christian Fellowship/Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, publisher. Leadership, Marshall Shelley, editor; Raymond C. Whitlock III, art director; Christianity Today International, publisher. Worship Leader, David Di Sabatino, editor; Bob Payne, art director; Chuck Fromm, publisher.


Award of Excellence: Beacon, Diane McDougall, editor; Michael Miller, Journey Group, art director; Evangelical Free Church of America, publisher. The judge said, “The exuberance of the Evangelical Free Church comes through in the writing style. Beautiful graphics and excellent cover. All in all, a great publication.”

Awards of Merit: The Banner, John Suk, editor; Dean R. Heetderks, art director; CRC Publications, publisher. Today’s Pentecostal Evangel, Hal Donaldson, editor; Matt Key, art director; Gospel Publishing House, publisher.


Award of Excellence: Moody Magazine, Elizabeth Cody Newenhuyse, editor; Journey Communications, art director; Greg Thornton, publisher. The judge said, “Good writing that manages to be engaging and informative. Beautiful design that generally tells the readers the kind of content they will be reading.”

Awards of Merit: Books & Culture, John Wilson, editor; Jennifer McGuire, art director; Paul D. Robbins, publisher. Christian Single, Valerie Hancock, editor; Susan Maywald, art director; LifeWay Christian Resources, publisher. Sports Spectrum, Dave Branon, editor; Steve Gier, art director; Discovery House Publishers, publisher.


Award of Excellence: World Vision Today, Shelly R. Ngo, editor; Journey Group, Inc., art director; World Vision, Inc., publisher. The judge said, “Your content (photos and text) takes your mission to a new level. Extraordinary publication that uses photographs and text to their full advantage. You should be commended for your skills and vision.”

Awards of Merit: Beyond, Kristin Elkinton, editor; Bud Speck, art director; JAARS Inc., publisher. Trans World Radio, David McCreary, editor; Charlene Hayden and Kathryn Carson, art directors; Trans World Radio, publisher. Send!, Terry Dryden, editor; Rod Karmenzind, art director; Gospel for Asia, Inc., publisher.


Award of Excellence: Plugged In, Bob Smithouser, editor; Jim Cail, art director; Focus on the Family, publisher. The judge said, “Great job of combining the youthful jargon with the substantive writing. Excellent combination of contemporary design trends with substantive design format.”

Awards of Merit: Jubilee Extra, David Carlson, editor; Peter Gross, art director; Prison Fellowship, publisher. The Voice of the Martyrs, Tom White, editor; The Voice of the Martyrs, publisher. Youth Culture @ Today, Randy Buckwalter, editor; Tom Piotrowski, art director; Center for Parent/Youth Understanding, publisher.


Award of Excellence: Indian Life, Viola Fehn, editor; Yisa Akinbolaji, art director; Intertribal Christian Communications, publisher. The judge said, “Excellent work using a combination of news style and feature style. Great design driven by the content or articles. Great work!”

Awards of Merit: Alabama Baptist, Bob Terry, editor; Jennifer Davis Rash, managing editor. Inside Journal, Jeff Peck, editor; Peter Gross, art director; Prison Fellowship, publisher. Living Light News, Jeff Caporale, editor; Adriana Cruces, art director; Living Light News, publisher.


Award of Excellence: Christian Research Journal, Elliot Miller, editor; Dwayne Cogdill, Cognition Design, art director; Christian Research Institute, publisher. The judge said, “Excellent work making often dry research into readable, enticing prose. Your graphics and illustrations are well-conceived and content-driven.”

Awards of Merit: Decision, Bob Paulson, editor; Peter Taylor, art director; Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, publisher. Worldwide Challenge, Judy Nelson, editor; Greg Breeding, Journey Group, art director; Campus Crusade for Christ, publisher.


Award of Excellence: Go! Janna Jones, editor; Aaron Cessna, art director; North American Mission Board, SBC, publisher. The judge said, “Effective application of the readers’ wants and needs along with what editors think is important. The best of the best combining excellent writing, marvelous graphics and effective content.”

Awards of Merit: Breakaway, Michael Ross, editor; Tom Hook, art director; Focus on the Family, publisher. Brio, Susie Shellenberger, editor; Lexie Rhodes, art director; Focus on the Family, publisher. Campus Life, Chris Lutes, editor; Doug Fleener, art director; Christianity Today International, publisher.

The Awards of Excellence judges were Donald Ranly and Jan Colbert of the Missouri School of Journalism in Columbia, Missouri.

Most Improved Publication

Award of Excellence: Woman’s Touch, Lillian Sparks, editor; Creative Center, art director; General Council of the Assemblies of God, publisher. The judge said, “The design changes and writing content of the revision move this magazine to the forefront in reader appeal AND reader rewards. This is worth reading and rereading.”

Awards of Merit: Holiness Today, Franklin Cook and Gay Leonard, editors; Ted Ferguson, art director; Nazarene Publishing House, publisher. Money Matters, Chuck Thompson, editor; Crown Ministries, publisher. Youthworker, Will Penner, editor; Ross Cluver, art director; Salem Publishing/CCM Communications, publisher.

The Most Improved contest was judged by William Thorn of the Marquette University Journalism Department in Milwaukee.


Biblical Exposition

First Place: Christianity Today, “Is the God of Muhammad the Father of Jesus?” by Timothy George

Second Place: Priscilla Papers, “The Cultural Context of Ephesians 5:18-6:9” by Gordon Fee

Third Place: Baptist Press, “Joseph of Nazareth Meets Planned Parenthood” by Russell D. Moore

Fourth Place: Clubhouse Jr., “Clues to Christ” by Suzanne Hadley

Fifth Place: The Operation Reveille Shofar, “New Paradigm for Outreach: Gospel Restores Honor to the Dishonored” by Bruce Sidebotham

Judge: Howard Hendricks, distinguished professor at Dallas Theological Seminary and chairman of the Center for Christian Leadership

Cause of the Year: Peace in the Middle East

Each year the EPA Board of Directors chooses a special emphasis. For 2002, that emphasis was peace in the Middle East.

First Place: Books & Culture, “A Conversation on Books About Islam and the Middle East” by Philip Yancey and John Wilson

Second Place: Christianity Today, “How to Confront a Theocracy” by Jeff M. Sellers

Third Place: The Banner, “The View From Ramallah” by Lenore Vander Zee

Fourth Place: Sports Spectrum, “Pitching Peace” by Richard Daigle

Fifth Place: Moody Magazine, “Evangelical Support of Israel Raises Questions” by Tamela Baker and Allan Sholes

Judge: Al Janssen, writer-in-residence for Open Doors with Brother Andrew, and former EPA award-winner

Critical Review

First Place: Christian Research Journal, “Appeal Denied” by Bob and Gretchen Passantino

Second Place: Books & Culture, “Turning the World Upside Down” by Mark A. Noll

Third Place: Youth Culture @ Today, “P.O.D.: Loud and Clear?” by Tom Piotrowski

Fourth Place: Sojourners, “What Words Cannot Capture” by Kimberly Burge

Fifth Place: Priscilla Papers, “What About the ‘Gender-Accurate’ TNIV?” by John R. Kohlenberger III

Judge: Chris Willman, senior writer at Entertainment Weekly magazine


First Place: Christianity Today, “A Secularist Jihad” by Douglas LeBlanc

Second Place: AFA Journal, “Who You Callin’ an Extremist?” by Ed Vitagliano

Third Place: Alliance Life, “To the Hardest Places” by Peter N. Nanfelt

Fourth Place: Citizen, “Nice Guys, Really” by Matt Kaufman

Fifth Place: Books & Culture, “The Scandal of Arming America” by John Wilson

Judge: Russ Pulliam, associate editor and columnist for the Indianapolis Star newspaper and director of the Pulliam Journalism Fellowships

Evangelistic Article

First Place: Mennonite Brethren Herald, “Good News in Bad Times” by Jim Coggins and James Toews

Second Place: Brio, “Am I Really a Christian?” by Susie Shellenberger

Third Place: The Messianic Times, “When Life and Death Meet Under Fire” by Rebekah Kolber

Fourth Place: The Banner, “Forgiveness for Jose?” by Dirk van der Vorst

Fifth Place: On Mission, “When God Calls, Listen” by Mark Littleton

Judge: Lyle W. Dorsett, professor in School of Evangelism at Wheaton College


First Place: Go!, “Light and Shadow” by Nicole Phinney

Second Place: Books & Culture, “The Bird Who Married a Blue Light” by Diane Glancy

Third Place: Breakaway, “Message of Forgiveness” by Lisa Brock

Fourth Place: Voice of Prophecy News, “Making It in Hollywood” by David B. Smith

Fifth Place: Club Connection, “The Camp Bathhouse” by Ginger Casebeer

Judge: Jerry B. Jenkins, novelist, former editor of Moody Magazine and former EPA president

First-Person Article

First Place: Stillpoint, “Commencement 2002” by Peggy Wehmeyer

Second Place: Sports Spectrum, “Just Getting Started” by David Robinson with Darryl Howerton

Third Place: The Alabama Baptist, “Reflections on Romans 8:28” by Bob Terry

Fourth Place: Discipleship Journal, “The Good Gift” by Michael A. Johnson

Fifth Place: Christian Single, “The Long and Winding Road” by Janis Whipple and Kelly Tolson Lotochinski

Judge: Helen Hosier, bookstore owner turned author of over 60 books

General Article

First Place: Books & Culture, “Maya Mysteries” by Wendy Murray Zoba

Second Place: Citizen, “The Fever” by Jeff Hooten

Third Place: Charisma, “When It’s Hard to Believe” by Andy Butcher

Fourth Place: Journal of Christian Nursing, “Caring for Children of Other Faiths” by Sue E. Steen and Betsy A. Anderson

Fifth Place: World Vision Today, “The Hope Bearers” by Nigel Marsh

Judge: Jim Dahlman, former magazine editor and currently associate professor at Milligan College in Tennessee

Humorous Article

First Place: Sojourners, “Dateline: Our Nation’s Capital” by Ed Spivey Jr.

Second Place: Christian Single, “Meet the Parents” by Becca Cipriani

Third Place: Clubhouse Jr., “The Pirates Who Don’t Do What?!” by Karl Pradel

Fourth Place: Youth and Christian Education Leadership, “How to Be a Sorry Sunday School Teacher” by Lance Colkmire

Fifth Place: Books & Culture, “The Corrections” by Eric Metaxas

Judge: Robert Darden, senior editor of The Door and lecturer at Baylor University

Interview Article

First Place: Discipleship Journal, “Captivated by God” by Connie Willems

Second Place: War Cry, “Islam and the Gospel of Grace” by Jeff McDonald

Third Place: Breakaway, “Wake’s Up” by Manfred Koehler

Fourth Place: Today’s Pentecostal Evangel, “Faith and Prayer in Life’s Toughest Times” by Scott Harrup

Fifth Place: Citizen, “Alan Keyes Is Making No Excuses” by Matt Kaufman

Judge: Paul Fromer, former editor with InterVarsity and at Christianity Today and past EPA president

Personality Article

First Place: Christianity Today, “Still Somebody” by Edward Gilbreath

Second Place: Sojourners, “Martha Stewartship” by Julie Polter

Third Place: Ministries Today, “Not Just a Dreamer” by Joel Kilpatrick

Fourth Place: Today’s Christian Woman, “A Higher Calling” by Camerin Courtney

Fifth Place: Books & Culture, “The Shaming of Lech Walesa” by Agnieszka Tennant

Judge: Bob Welch, columnist at the Register-Guard newspaper in Eugene, Oregon, author of seven books, and winner of Gold Medallion Award


First Place: The Banner, “Wadi Zohar” by Jeff Brower

Second Place: Books & Culture, “Two Icons” by Scott Cairns

Third Place: Mennonite Brethren Herald, “Mourning/Morning” by Henry Rempel

Fourth Place: Sojourners, “On the Road to Emmaus” by Rose Marie Berger

Fifth Place: Clubhouse Jr., “What Kind of Hero?” by Carrie Clickard

Judges: Joni Eareckson Tada, author, artist, and founder of Joni and Friends ministry, and Paul Willis, professor at Westmont College


First Place: Charisma, “Nigeria’s Miracle” by J. Lee Grady

Second Place: Christian Leader, “Taking Care of Family Business” by Connie Faber

Third Place: Christianity Today, “ ‘New’ China: Same Old Tricks” by Tony Carnes

Fourth Place: Biola Connections, “Evangelicals on the Decline” by Holly Peters

Fifth Place: The Voice of the Martyrs, “Carrying the Cross in Pakistan” by Gary Lane

Judge: Steve Rabey, award-winning freelance journalist from Colorado Springs

Single-Theme Section/Issue

First Place: Moody Magazine, “A Church That Feels Like Home”

Second Place: Enrichment, “Leadership in the Local Church”

Third Place: Decision, “9/11/02: Real Hope”

Fourth Place: On Mission, “Postmodernism”

Fifth Place: Light and Life, “Aging”

Judge: Terry White, founder, Minnesota Christian Chronicle and the Christian Communicator, and past EPA president

Standing Column

First Place: Sports Spectrum, “Pro and Con” by Allen Palmeri and Ted Kluck

Second Place: Holiness Today, “Essay” by Gay Leonard

Third Place: Woman’s Touch, “The Growing Edge” by Nancie Carmichael

Fourth Place: Christian Research Journal, “Practical Apologetics” by Gregory Koukl, Joe Dalls and Randy Alcorn (Article 1, Article 2, Article 3)

Fifth Place: The Voice, “From the Editor” by Tessa Chierici

Judge: Holly G. Miller, published author of 13 books and more than 2,000 articles, and associate editor for The Saturday Evening Post


First Place: The Banner, “The real question is, ‘Why would I want to dance on the head of a pin?’“ by Tim Walburg

Second Place: Clubhouse, “Johnny Grav and the Visioneer” by Dennis Jensen

Third Place: Citizen, “Politically Correct Army Men” by Dave Clegg

Fourth Place: Christianity Today, “Teen Study Bible” by Ed Koehler

Fifth Place: Christian Reader, “Fasting 101: A Quick Course” by Mary Chambers

Judge: Chuck Asay, prize-winning editorial cartoonist for the Colorado Springs Gazette syndicated with Creators Syndicate Inc.

1-, 2-, 3-Color Cover

First Place: Plugged In, “Spiderman: A New Perspective” by Jim Cail

Second Place: Pray!, “God’s Cosmic Clock” by Bridget McNamara

Third Place: Beacon, “A Lasting Influence” by Tamara Reynolds & Michael Miller

Fourth Place: Alliance Life, “Getting It Done” by Beryl Glass

Fifth Place: Jubilee Extra, “Behold, the New Man” by Dara Schminke & Jeff Peck

Judge: Wayne Kiser, president of Graphic and Editorial Services and past adjunct faculty, Wheaton Graduate School

Full-Color Cover

First Place: Breakaway, “Christians in the NFL” by Tom Hook

Second Place: In Touch, “Committed to the Course” by Victor Rodriguez

Third Place: Christianity Today, “China” by Dan Bigelow/snapshot by Li Shi-xiong

Fourth Place: Word Alive, “Singapore Evening Portrait” by Dave Crough

Fifth Place: Sports Spectrum, “Allan Houston” by Steve Gier

Judge: Jim Langford, senior designer at Hallmark Cards

1-, 2-, 3-Color Original Art

First Place: Plugged In, “Girl Power” by Kirsten Ulve and Jim Cail

Second Place: Outreach, “Nursery Check-in” by Keith Locke

Third Place: Books & Culture, “Alvin Plantinga” by Klaus Ernst

Fourth Place: Church Herald, “Advent Devotions Coloring Page” by Marian Heibel Richardson

Fifth Place: The Operation Reveille Shofar, “Iraqi Religious Faultlines” by Bruce Sidebotham

Judge: Terry Julien, freelance illustrator and past award recipient in this category

Full-Color Original Art

First Place: Moody Magazine, “God, I Know You Love Me” by Nicholas Wilton

Second Place: Christian Home & School, “Escaping the Public School Monopoly” by Rich Bishop

Third Place: Physician, “Building a Marriage Bridge” by John Corbitt

Fourth Place: Light and Life, “Unexpected Outcomes” by Scott Holladay

Fifth Place: The Banner, “Choosing a Pastor” by Scott Holladay

Judge: Bonnie Rieser, Seattle-based commercial artist and instructor at Cornish College of the Arts

Photo Feature

First Place: World Vision Today, “Left Behind” photos by Jon Warren; design by Journey Group, Inc.

Second Place: Decision, “God’s Love Is Big in Texas” photos by Greg Schneider; design by Peter Taylor

Third Place: Worldwide Challenge, “Cameroon” photos by Guy Gerrard; text by Erik Segalini; design by Journey Communications

Fourth Place: Brio, “Never the Same Missions Trip” photos by Ron Nickel; design by Lexie Rhodes

Fifth Place: Send! “Harvest Above the Clouds” by Rod Karmenzind

Judge: Mark Reis, award-winning photographer and deputy photo director, Colorado Springs Gazette

Single Photo/Candid

First Place: World Vision Today, “Left Behind” by Jon Warren

Second Place: Worldwide Challenge, “A General Returns” by Guy Gerrard

Third Place: Decision, “Little Girl Praying” by Greg Schneider

Fourth Place: Brio, “Ecuadorian Boy Praying in City Dump” by Ron Nickel

Fifth Place: Leaders for Today, “Haggai Alumna with Buddhist Nun” by Billy Grimes

Judge: Jerilee Bennett, award-winning photographer, Colorado Springs Gazette

Single Photo/Controlled Setting

First Place: Today’s Pentecostal Evangel, “Uzbekistan Orphan” by David Dobson

Second Place: Campus Life, “Could Life Get Any Worse?” by Jim Callaway

Third Place: Moody Magazine, “There I Go Again” by Scott Ferguson

Fourth Place: Enrichment, “Rediscovering Servant Leadership” by David Edmonson

Fifth Place: Christianity Today, “L. Venchael Booth” by Greg Puls

Judge: Richard Shock, Denver-based corporate photographer

Two-Page Spread Design

First Place: Campus Life, “Is God Even Real?” by Doug Fleener

Second Place: Worldwide Challenge, “Cameroon” by Greg Breeding

Third Place: Books & Culture, “The Enigma of Anger” by Jennifer McGuire

Fourth Place: World Vision Today, “Left Behind” by Journey Group

Fifth Place: In Touch, “The Secret of Success” by Shannon Yentzer

Judge: Kevin Gatta, owner and principal designer, Gatta Design & Co., and full professor of Graphic Design, Pratt Institute, N.Y.

Typography and Lettering

First Place: Christianity Today, “The Top Tomato” by Gary Gnidovic

Second Place: Beacon, “Setting Hearts on Fire” by Michael Miller

Third Place: Campus Life, “Chaz Lamar Shepherd” by Doug Fleener

Fourth Place: Marriage Partnership, “The Appeal of Porn” by Doug Fleener

Fifth Place: Enrichment, “The Minister as a Lifelong Follower-Leader” by Richard Slaton

Judge: David A. Scott, designer for Association of Christian Schools International in Colorado Springs

Publication Design

First Place: Moody Magazine by Journey Communications

Second Place: Worldwide Challenge by Greg Breeding

Third Place: Books & Culture by Jennifer McGuire

Fourth Place: Go! by Aaron Cessna

Fifth Place: Beacon by Michael Miller, Journey Group

Judge: William Korbus, professor emeritus, department of journalism at the University of Texas at Austin

Publication Redesign

First Place: Breakaway by Tom Hook

Second Place: Indian Life by Yisa Akinbolaji and David Uttley

Third Place: Today’s Pentecostal Evangel by Matt Key and Keith Locke

Fourth Place: Current Thoughts & Trends by Lisa Palmgren

Fifth Place: Youthworker by Ross Cluver

Judge: Kelly Vorhauf Bryant, freelance illustrator and assistant professor of graphic design at Auburn University