2004 Awards



The Awards of Excellence competition honors overall excellence throughout a publication. Honors are given in each EPA membership category. The top award in each category is the “Award of Excellence”; judges may also give “Awards of Merit.”
Christian MinistriesAward of Excellence: Physician, Scott DeNicola, editor; Jan Koenig, art director; Focus on the Family, publisher. The judge said, “You know your focus and meet the needs well. There is a good mix here, written so that the tired physician at the end of the day can find material that is uplifting, encouraging and informational.”Awards of Merit: Christian Camp & Conference Journal, Alison Hayhoe, editor; Mike Hames, art director; Christian Camping International/ USA, publisher; Leadership, Marshall Shelley, editor; Raymond Whitlock, art director; Christianity Today Inc., publisher; Women of the Harvest, Stephanie Nelson, editor; Cindy Blomquist and Fred Zietz, art directors; Women of the Harvest Ministries Intl., publisher.

Judge: Roger C. Palms, past president of EPA and former editor of Decision magazine.

Denominational Award of Excellence: Youth and Christian Education Leadership, Wanda Griffith, editor; Ariel Vasquez, art director; Pathway Press, publisher. The judge said, “This publication is exceptionally well done. In every area you are working hard to create a fine magazine. You have done superior work.”Awards of Merit: Alliance Life, Mark Failing, editor; Beryl Glass, art director; The Christian and Missionary Alliance, publisher; Contact, Jack Williams, editor; Randall House Publications, art director; National Assoc. of Free Will Baptists, publisher.

Judge: Roger C. Palms

DevotionalAward of Excellence: Indeed, Chris Tiegreen, editor; Lon Foster, art director; Walk Thru the Bible, publisher. The judge said, “The content and graphics flow together well with no jangling and eye confusion. I would have real trouble trying to improve on this publication. Keep doing what you are doing. This is a winner.”Award of Merit: Our Daily Bread, Kurt De Haan and Tim Gustafson, editors; Terry Bidgood, art director; RBC Ministries, publisher.

Judge: Roger C. Palms

GeneralAward of Excellence: Discipleship Journal, Sue Kline, editor; Anne Elhajoui, art director; NavPress, publisher. The judge said, “Good work at focusing on the message without belaboring it. Excellent design architecture. Stories reinforce without repeating.”Awards of Merit: Books & Culture, John Wilson, editor; Jennifer McGuire, art director; Paul D. Robbins, publisher; Reformed Worship, Emily R. Brink, editor; Dean Heetderks, art director; CRC Publications, publisher; Sports Spectrum, Dave Branon, editor; Steve Gier, art director; Sports Spectrum Publications, publisher.

Judge: Jan Colbert, Missouri School of Journalism, in Columbia, Mo.

MissionaryAward of Excellence: World Vision, Shelly R. Ngo, editor; The Journey Group, art director; World Vision, U.S., publisher. The judge said, “Great writing that personalizes mission work with compassion and genuine appeal. Extraordinary use of documentary photography. Commercial magazines could learn a lot about putting together a magazine from World Vision.”Awards of Merit: Send!, Heidi Chupp, editor; Rod Karmenzind, art director; Gospel for Asia, publisher; Trans World Radio, Dawn Overman, editor; Kathryn Carson and Charlene Hayden, co-art directors; Trans World Radio, publisher; Word Alive, Dave Crough and Dwayne Janke, co-editors; Laird Salkeld, art director; Wycliffe Bible Translators of Canada, publisher.

Judge: Jan Colbert


NewsletterAward of Excellence: The Voice of the Martyrs, Tom White, editor; Sean Allen, designer; The Voice of the Martyrs, publisher. The judge said, “Amazing! Fantastic! Extremely well-crafted!”Awards of Merit: Money Matters, Chuck Thompson, editor; Sean Allen, designer; Crown Financial Ministries, publisher; Plugged In, Bob Smithouser, editor; Jim Cail, art director; Focus on the Family, publisher; Tween Ages, Jesse Florea, editor; Mike Harrigan, art director; Jody Reiner, designer; Focus on the Family, publisher.

Judge: Joseph Farah, CEO and editor, WorldNetDaily.com

NewspaperAward of Excellence: Christian Week, Doug Koop and Kelly Rempel, editors; Ryan Roth Bartel, art director; Fellowship for Print Witness, publisher. The judge said, “One of the finest Christian newspapers I have seen both in appearance and content.”Awards of Merit: The Charlotte World, Warren Smith, editor; Kim Pickering, art director; Warren Smith, publisher; Christian Examiner, Lori Arnold, editor; Lamar and Theresa Keener, art directors; Keener Communications Group, publisher; The Southeast Outlook, Ninie O’Hara, editor; Chris Birke, art director; Southeast Christian Church, publisher.

Judge: Joseph Farah


On-lineAward of Excellence: The Family Room, John Cooper, editor; Journey Communications, designer; FamilyLife, publisher. The judge said, “This publication fulfills its function extremely well. Good blend of inspirational and practical. A great resource for families.”Awards of Merit: Boundless, Blake Roeber, editor; Superlative Solutions, designer; Focus on the Family, publisher; Christianity Today.com, Ted Olsen, managing editor; Jennifer McGuire, designer; Christianity Today, publisher; Passageway.org, Steve Knight, editor; Matthew Taylor, designer; Billy Graham Evangelistic Assoc., publisher.

Judge: Robby Richardson, Director of International Internet Ministries, Gospel Communications International

OrganizationalAward of Excellence: Stillpoint, Patricia C. McKay, editor; Lora E. Maggiacomo, designer; Gordon College, publisher. The judge said, “Your magazine seems to be the perfect stillpoint in this era’s turbulent and frenzied magazine world.”Awards of Merit: Kindred Spirit, Sandra Glahn, editor; Keith Yates, art director; Dallas Theological Seminary, publisher; Worldwide Challenge, Judy Nelson, editor; Journey Group, art director; Campus Crusade for Christ, publisher.

Judge: Gary Warner, Journalism professor at John Brown University and former EPA Executive Director

YouthAward of Excellence: Clubhouse Jr., Annette Bourland, editor; Kathleen Gray Ziegler, art director; Focus on the Family, publisher. The judge said, “A nice read. A nice look. A nice tone. The Christian faith is shared gently and naturally without being pushed.”Awards of Merit: Breakaway, Michael Ross, editor; Tom Hook, art director; Focus on the Family, publisher. Clubhouse, Jesse Florea, editor; Peg Mamalakis, art director, Focus on the Family, publisher.

Judge: Gary Warner


Most Improved PublicationAward of Excellence: Advance, Bill Shepson, editor; Jo Ann Antoine, art director; International Church of the Foursquare Gospel, publisher. The judge said, “A major, even radical redesign in both physical format and design philosophy. The difference between the old and the new is breathtaking.”Awards of Merit: Christian Standard, Mark A. Taylor, editor and publisher; On Mission, Carolyn Curtis, editor; Missy Newby, art director; North American Mission Board, publisher; Samaritan Ministries’ Christian Health Care Newsletter, Ray King, editor; Design Corps, art director; Samaritan Ministries International, publisher.

Judge: William Thorn of the Marquette University Journalism Department in Milwaukee.


Biblical ExpositionFirst Place: Preaching, “The Gospel of Blood” by Robert ColemanSecond Place: Christian Research Journal, “Context! Context! Context!” by Steve Bright

Third Place: The Voice of the Martyrs, “Trust in the Lord (America, Get Ready!)” by Tom White

Fourth Place: Inside Journal, “Good and Mad: The Angry Jesus” by Rev. Les Fairfield

Fifth Place: Campus Life, “The Bible: Why Bother?” by Mark Galli

Judge: Howard Hendricks, distinguished professor at Dallas Theological Seminary and chairman of the Center for Christian Leadership

Cause of the Year: The Global AIDS PandemicFirst Place: The Charlotte World, “A 21st Century Passage to India” by Warren SmithSecond Place: Christian Reader, “The Princess Warrior” by B. Denise Hawkins

Third Place: The Southeast Outlook, “Just Say ‘No’” by Ninie O’Hara

Fourth Place: Campus Life, “What Can We Do About AIDS?” by Mark Moring

Fifth Place: Decision, “Demonstrating Radical Compassion” by Arthur Ammann, M.D.

Judge: Bruce Sonnenberg, Board President, He Intends Victory, a ministry in Irvine, Calif.

Critical ReviewFirst Place: SCP Journal, “Neale Walsh: Conversations With Myself” by Tal Brooke and Lee PennSecond Place: Christian Research Journal, “Gnostic ‘Christianity’ Revisited” by Daniel Hoffman

Third Place: Christianity Today, “A Distorted Predestination” by John Wilson

Fourth Place: Youth Culture@Today, “The Dave Matthews Band: Venerated Masters of Jam” by Walt Mueller

Fifth Place: AFA Journal, “God on the Big Screen” by Ed  Vitagliano

Judge: Chris Willman, senior writer at Entertainment Weekly magazine

EditorialFirst Place: Israel My Glory, “Selling Islam in America” by Elwood McQuaidSecond Place: Church of God Evangel, “A Mother’s Failure” by Bill George

Third Place: Sojourners, “We Pledge Allegiance . . .” by Gerald W. Schlabach

Fourth Place: Books & Culture, “The Death and Life of Bonnie Witherall” by John Wilson

Fifth Place: The Marketplace, “An Extraordinary Invitation” by Gil A. Stricklin

Judge: Russ Pulliam, associate editor and columnist for the Indianapolis Star newspaper and director of the Pulliam Journalism Fellowships

Evangelistic ArticleFirst Place: Plain Truth, “When Adam Wept” by Alan DowdSecond Place: Brio, “I Thought I Was a Christian” by Marty Kasza

Third Place: In Touch, “And Sow On” by Sandy Feit

Fourth Place: The Church Herald, “Rock ’n’ Roll Revelation” by Kenneth Lobb

Fifth Place: Church of God Evangel, “Stairway to Freedom” by Jeff Friend

Judge: Dean Ridings, Sr. Editor – Communications, The Navigators, and former EPA board member

FictionFirst Place: Christian Home & School, “First Guitar” by Sanya VanderVeen FeddemaSecond Place: Clubhouse, “Bamboo People” by Mitali Perkins

Third Place: On Mission, “My Father Tells Me We Need to Go” by Adam Miller

Fourth Place: Brio, “Soul Survivor” by Kathryn Springer

Fifth Place: Campus Life, “What a Bunch of Losers” by Elesha Coffman

Judge: Liz Curtis Higgs, author of 21 books

First-Person ArticleFirst Place: Christian Camp and Conference Journal, “Hitting Home” by Jerry B. JenkinsSecond Place: Indeed, “Lost in Leviticus but Alive in the Word” by Chris Tiegreen

Third Place: Christian Reader, “Just As I Am” by Chris Klein

Fourth Place: Campus Life, “I Lived a Lie” by Holly Vincente Robaina

Fifth Place: Physician, “My Night on Call” by Christine O’Connor Brokaw

Judge: Mike Yorkey, author and collaborator on over 40 books and  former editor of Focus on the Family magazine

General ArticleFirst Place: Marriage Partnership, “To Neglect Is Divine” by Mark GalliSecond Place: The Lutheran Witness, “The American Christmas” by Gene Edward Veith

Third Place: Leadership, “Gregg’s Other Life” by Jeff W. Smith

Fourth Place: Inside Journal, “The Making — and Remaking — of a Sex Offender” by Becky Beane

Fifth Place: Books & Culture, “The Land” by Gerald McDermott

Judge: Jim Dahlman, former magazine editor and currently associate professor at Milligan College in Tennessee


Humorous ArticleFirst Place: Leadership, “My Big Fat Greek Church Family” by Greg AsimakoupoulosSecond Place: Today’s Christian Woman, “The Hampered Chef” by Donna Hill

Third Place: Marriage Partnership, “It’s the Little Things That Count” by Rachael Phillips

Fourth Place: Christian Parenting Today, “Reasonably Happy Trails” by Debbie Farmer

Fifth Place: New Man, “Jesus Loves the Stupid Children” by Dave Meurer

Judge: Dennis Swanberg, speaker, author, and “Minister of Encouragement”

Interview ArticleFirst Place: Marriage Partnership, “Happily Even After” by Paul KortepeterSecond Place: Books & Culture, “Public Intellectual” by Stephen N. Williams

Third Place: Charisma, “He Sees God in the Stars” by Andy Butcher

Fourth Place: Christianity Today, “ ‘Jesusy’ Anne Lamott” by Agnieszka Tennant

Fifth Place: Breakaway, “John Smoltz Is Out of Control” by Jeremy V. Jones

Judge: Holly G. Miller, published author of 13 books and more than 2,000 articles, Anderson University Professional in Residence, and associate editor for The Saturday Evening Post

Personality ArticleFirst Place: Christianity Today, “The Positive Prophet” by Ted OlsenSecond Place: Send!, “In Due Season” by Heidi Chupp

Third Place: Books & Culture, “Living Like a Man” by Christine Bieber

Fourth Place: Christian History, “A Mind on Fire” by Stephen R. Holmes

Fifth Place: Youth Culture@Today, “50 Cent’s Worth” by Walt Mueller

Judge: Bob Welch, columnist at the Register-Guard newspaper in Eugene, Oregon, author of seven books, and winner of Gold Medallion Award

PoetryFirst Place: Books & Culture, “Daddy Long Legs” by Robert SiegelSecond Place: Reformed Presbyterian Witness, “Insomnia” by Leslie Goerner

Third Place: Decision, “Untitled” by Bill Batcher

Fourth Place: Mennonite Brethren Herald, “Nailed Death” by Esther Regehr

Fifth Place: Clubhouse Jr., “Just Right” by Joan Stevenson

Judges: Jill Baumgaertner, Professor of English and Dean of Humanities, Wheaton College


ReportingFirst Place: The Lutheran Witness, “Bethlehem 2,000 Years Later” by David L. MahsmanSecond Place: Christian Reader, “The Sex Lives of Christian Teens” by Jennifer Parker

Third Place: Inside Journal, “Inmates Restore Classics and Their Lives” by Ron Humphrey

Fourth Place: Today’s Christian Woman, “Dirty Little Secret” by Ramona Richards

Fifth Place: Christianity Today, “Biblical Archaeology’s Dusty Little Secret” by Gordon Govier

Judge: Steve Rabey, award-winning freelance journalist from Colorado Springs

Single-Theme Section/IssueFirst Place: On Mission, Reel Evangelism by various authorsSecond Place: Kindred Spirit, Endure to the Finish by various authors

Third Place: Books & Culture, Civil War by various authors

Fourth Place: Enrichment, Worship in the Church by various authors

Fifth Place: Send!, Asia’s Children by various authors

Judge: Terry White, founder, Minnesota Christian Chronicle and the Christian Communicator, and past EPA president

Standing ColumnFirst Place: Christian Research Journal, “Viewpoint” by Robert A. Harris, Douglas R. Groothuis, and Elliot MillerSecond Place: Today’s Christian Woman, “Life With Liz” by Liz Curtis Higgs

Third Place: Contact, “An Encouraging Word” by Keith Burden

Fourth Place: Minnesota Christian Chronicle, “Editor’s Note” by Bryan Malley

Fifth Place: Reformed Quarterly, “President’s Message” by Dr. Robert C. Cannada Jr.

Judge: Dr. Dennis Hensley, professor of English and director of the Professional Writing Major at Taylor University, Ft. Wayne, Ind.

CartoonFirst Place: Breakaway, “Invasion of the Urban Legends” by Shawn FinleySecond Place: Leadership, “Lose the Tagline” by Ed Koehler

Third Place: Indiana Christian News, “Noah” by David Reddick

Fourth Place: Clubhouse Jr., “Josie and Jake and Coconut, Too” by Stephen Carpenter

Fifth Place: Clubhouse, “Sand Dudes” by Christopher Maselli and  John Kanzler

Judge: Chuck Asay, prize-winning editorial cartoonist for the Colorado Springs Gazette syndicated with Creators Syndicate Inc.

CoverFirst Place: Christian Research Journal, “Killing God” by Dwayne CogdillSecond Place: The Lookout, “Worship” by David Strasser and Mike Helm

Third Place: Moody, “God in Our Image” by Scott Ferguson and Jeff Amstutz

Fourth Place: Discipleship Journal, “The Blessings of Beatitude Living” by Laurie LaFrance

Fifth Place: Decision, “Faith in a Time of War” by Peter Taylor

Judge: Tim Walker, creative director of DOXA Total Design Strategy in Fayetteville, AR, and former designer of Life@Work Journal

Original ArtFirst Place: Moody, “The Heart of John McCullough” by Chris ParkerSecond Place: Breakaway, “Lost Boy Found” by Stan Watts and Tom Hook

Third Place: Today’s Christian Woman, “The Hampered Chef” by Chris Bellamy

Fourth Place: Reformed Presbyterian Witness, “Remember and Consider” by Nicora Gangi Manwaring

Fifth Place: Clubhouse Jr., “Kids in Spaceship” by Joe Lacey

Judge: Bonnie Rieser, Seattle-based commercial artist and instructor at Cornish College of the Arts

Photo FeatureFirst Place: World Vision, “The Wonder Times” by Jon Warren, photographer, and The Journey Group, designerSecond Place: Decision, “Capturing the Heart of India” by Peter Taylor, designer; Bob Paulson, writer; and Greg Schneider, photographer

Third Place: Today’s Pentecostal Evangel, “AIDS: The Long Goodbye” by Randy Hurst, designer, and Gaylon Wampler, photographer

Fourth Place: Leaders for Today, “City Set on a Hill” by Billy Grimes, photographer, and Tres Rice, designer

Fifth Place: Worldwide Challenge, “Active Duty” by Guy Gerrard, photographer, and The Journey Group, designer

Judge: Jerilee Bennett, award-winning photographer, Colorado Springs Gazette


Single Photo/CandidFirst Place: World Vision, “Medical Staff Nurse and Brazilian Infant” by Jon WarrenSecond Place: Moody, “The House That Love Built” by Tamara Reynolds

Third Place: Decision, “Northeast Oklahoma Festival” by Greg Schneider

Fourth Place: Word Alive, “African Market” by Dave Crough

Fifth Place: Worldwide Challenge, “Siberian Women” by Guy Gerrard

Judge: Mark Reis, award-winning photographer and deputy photo director, Colorado Springs Gazette

Single Photo/Controlled SettingFirst Place: Campus Life, “Surf Camp” by Bill BilsleySecond Place: Christianity Today, “Gracia Burnham” by Eric Steinbakken

Third Place: Enrichment, “If I Had to Do It All Over Again” by David Edmondson

Fourth Place: On Mission, “Backlit Portrait With Pentagram Necklace” by John Swain

Fifth Place: Today’s Christian Woman, “Growing in Grace” by Mark DeLong

Judge: Steve Starr, award-winning photographer from Colorado Springs

Two-Page Spread DesignFirst Place: Brio and Beyond, “Do You Want to Be Sexy?” by Lexie RhodesSecond Place: Christian Research Journal, “Killing God” by Dwayne Cogdill

Third Place: Moody, “If They Should Die Before They Wake” by Jeff Amstutz and Greg Breeding

Fourth Place: Enrichment, “Transforming Your Church Into a Modern-Day Adullam” by Richard Slaton

Fifth Place: Decision, “Capturing the Heart of India” by Peter Taylor

Judge: Kevin Gatta, owner and principal designer, Gatta Design & Co., and full professor of Graphic Design, Pratt Institute, N.Y.

Typography and LetteringFirst Place: Word Alive, “The Right Type” by Laird SalkeldSecond Place: Moody, “Who Is God?” by Jeff Amstutz and Greg Breeding

Third Place: Beacon, “Glorifying God” by Michael Miller

Fourth Place: Woman’s Touch, “Little Sins, Big Problems” by Lori Strohmeier

Fifth Place: CS (Christian Single), “Gambrell on Grace” by Susan Maywald

Judge: David A. Scott, database publisher for Association of Christian Schools International in Colorado Springs 


Publication DesignFirst Place: Go! by Aaron Cessna and Cortney Williams

Second Place: Breakaway by Tom Hook

Third Place: Christian Research Journal by Dwayne Cogdill

Fourth Place: Jubilee Extra by Dara Schminke

Fifth Place: Discipleship Journal by Anne Elhajoui, Lisa Pence and Adele Mulford

Judge: Kelly Vorhauf Bryant, freelance illustrator and assistant professor of graphic design at Auburn University


Publication RedesignFirst Place: Advance, design by Jo Ann AntoineSecond Place: Samaritan Ministries’ Christian Health Care Newsletter, design by Design Corps

Third Place: Stillpoint, design by Lora E. Maggiacomo

Fourth Place: Moody, design by Jeff Amstutz and Greg Breeding, Journey Group, Inc.

Fifth Place: Youthworker, design by Ross Cluver

Judge: William Korbus, professor emeritus, department of journalism at the University of Texas at Austin

Freelance ArticleFirst Place: Joel Kilpatrick, “Growing Churches in a Land of Change”Second Place: Joyce K. Ellis, “A Woman of Global Compassion”

Third Place: Linda McCullough Moore, “God Above Gods”

Fourth Place: Joanne Brokaw, “Why Do Nice Girls Dress Like That?”

Judge: Andy Scheer, managing editor for the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild and longtime managing editor of Moody magazine

A special thanks to Chuck Johnson of Focus on the Family and his hard-working Colorado Springs committee for their work on this year’s contest.