2005 Awards

EPA Contest: 2005 Awards


The 2005 Higher Goals and Awards of Excellence prizes were presented at EPA's annual convention, held in the greater Chicago area April 24-27, 2005. This contest honors the best work done by EPA publications during the calendar year 2004.




The Awards of Excellence competition honors overall excellence throughout a publication. Honors are given in each EPA membership category. The top award in each category is the "Award of Excellence"; judges may also give "Awards of Merit."


Christian Ministries


Award of Excellence: Preaching, Michael Duduit, editor; Andrew Scates, art director; American Ministry Resources, publisher. The judge said "Kudos! Good writing—consistently. This is quality work. The editorial team has done a very good job."


Awards of Merit: Christian Camp & Conference Journal; Alison Hayhoe, editor; Mike Hames, art director; Christian Camping International/USA, publisher; Leadership, Marshall Shelley, editor; Raymond C. Whitlock, III, art director; Christianity Today International, publisher.


Judge: Bill Bangham, director of photography and writer at the
International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention and past editor-in-chief of the board's magazine The Commission.




Award of Excellence: EFCA Today, Diane J. McDougall, editor; Michael Miller, art director; Evangelical Free Church of America, publisher. The judge said "Handsome publication. Attractive. Well focused on every page."


Awards of Merit: Advance, Bill Shepson, editor; Jo Ann Antoine, art director; International Church of Foursquare Gospel, publisher; Alliance Life, Mark Failing, editor; Beryl Glass, art director; The Christian and Missionary Alliance, publisher; The Banner, Bob DeMoor, editor; Dean R. Heetderks, art director; CRC Publications, publisher.


Judge: Judge: Peter Jacobi, professor emeritus and Adjunct Riley Lecturer at the Indiana University School of Journalism and author of several books including The Magazine Article: How to Think It, Plan It, Write It.




Award of Excellence: Indeed, Chris Tiegreen, editor; Lon Foster, art director; Walk Thru the Bible, publisher. The judge said "An outstanding devotional. They rose to the occasion."


Award of Merit: Tapestry, Susan Nelson, editor; Michelle Strickland, art director; Walk Thru the Bible, publisher.


Judge: Henry Blackaby, speaker and the author of over a dozen books, including the classic Experiencing God.




Award of Excellence: Christianity Today, David Neff, editor; Gary Gnidovic, art director; Christianity Today, International, publisher. The judge said "Very effective. Exceptionally well written. Informative."


Awards of Merit: Christian History and Biography, Chris Armstrong, managing editor; Raymond Whitlock, art director; Christianity Today, International, publisher; Discipleship Journal, Sue Kline, editor; Anne Elhajoui, art director; NavPress, publisher; Sports Spectrum, Dave Branon, editor; Steve Gier, art director, Sports Spectrum Publications, publisher; Woman's Touch, Arlene Allen, editor; Joel Carter, art director; General Counsel of the Assemblies of God, publisher.


Judge: Julia Duin, assistant national editor of the Washington Times.




Award of Excellence: World Vision, Milana McLead, editor; The Journey Group, art director; World Vision, U.S., publisher. The judge said "Good writing throughout. I like the articles that place missions in the context of the world around them. The design, use of photos are excellent."


Awards of Merit: Leaders for Today, Roland Moody, editor; Tres Rice, art director; Haggai Institute, publisher.


Judge: Wesley Pippert, director of the Missouri School of Journalism's Washington Program.




Award of Excellence: Plugged In, Bob Smithouser, editor; James Cail, art director; Focus on the Family, publisher. The judge said "An edge. A unique set of contents hard to find in many other publications."


Awards of Merit: Early Stages, Traci Pedone, editor; Jody Reiner, art director; Focus on the Family, publisher; Jubilee Extra, David Carlson, editor; Peter Gross, art director; Prison Fellowship Ministries, publisher; Money Matters, Chuck Thompson, editor; Crown Financial Ministries, publisher.


Judge: Russ Pulliam, Associate editor of The Indianapolis Star.




Award of Excellence: The Charlotte World, Jamie Dean, editor; Kim Pickering, art director; Warren Smith, publisher. The judge said "Works well. Nice look. Sharp color contrast—very good."


Awards of Merit: Christian Examiner, Lori Arnold, editor; Lamar Keener, art director; Keener Communications Group, publisher; Good News, Etc., Rick Monroe, editor; Rick Monroe, Colleen Monroe, and Ben Clark, art directors; Good News Publishers, publisher; Minnesota Christian Chronicle, Bryan Malley, editor; Mike Norman, art director; World Newspaper Publishing, publisher; The Northwestern Column, Eric Litke and Megan Nelson, editors; Northwestern College, publisher.


Judge: Russ Pulliam




Award of Excellence: Christianity Today Movies, Mark Moring, editor; Clay Anderson, art director, Christianity Today, publisher. The judge said "This site is outstanding. I really like the continuity."


Awards of Merit: Baptist Press, Will Hall, editor; Southern Baptist Convention, publisher; Christian Music Today, Mark Moring, editor; Christianity Today, International, publisher; Christianity Today Online, David Neff, editor; Gary Gnidovic, art director; Christianity Today International, publisher.


Judge: Jon Walker, editor of Rick Warren's Ministry ToolBox and vice president of story for Purpose Driven Ministries.




Award of Excellence: Wheaton, Georgia I. Douglass, editor; Chrismer Mardock Design Group, art director Wheaton College, publisher. The judge said "Outstanding combination of graphic design, writing and compelling content."


Awards of Merit: American Bible Society Record, David Singer, editor; Journey Group, art director; American Bible Society, publisher. Decision, Bob Paulson, editor; Peter Taylor, art director; Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, publisher. Stillpoint: The Magazine of Gordon College, Patricia C. McKay, editor; Lora E. Maggiacomo, art director; Gordon College, publisher.


Judge: Dan Lattimore, vice provost for extended programs, dean of University College and professor of journalism at the University of Memphis.




Award of Excellence: Go!, Janna Jones, editor; Cortney Williams, art director; North American Mission Board, publisher. The judge said "Edgy. Good publication for encouraging intended audience to go to a world without Christ. Challenging on many levels."


Awards of Merit: Breakaway, Michael Ross, editor; Michael Heath, art director; Focus on the Family, publisher; Clubhouse, Jesse Florea, editor; Peg Mamalakis, art director; Focus on the Family, publisher.


Judge: Paul Allen is the executive pastor of Calvary Church in Charlotte, North Carolina and editor-at-large of Rev. Magazine.


Most Improved Publication


Award of Excellence: Connections, Joe Aguirre, editor; Jonathan Price, art director; Reasons to Believe, publisher. The judge said "Huge improvement! More clarity. More reader-related."


Awards of Merit: Focus on the Family, Susan Graham Mathis, editor; Jan Koenig, art director; Focus on the Family, publisher; On Mission, Carolyn Curtis, editor; Steve Beaver and Robert McClurkan, art directors; North American Mission Board, publisher; Trans World Radio, Dawn Overman, editor; Charlene Abdo and Kathryn Carson, art directors; Trans World Radio, publisher.


Judge: Terry White, a past president of EPA and executive director and publisher of Brethren Missionary Herald Company in Winona Lake, Indiana.




(Note: We had an unusually high number of ties this year, so be sure to search the listings carefully.)





    • First Place: Christian History & Biography, "Mary at the Cross" by Patrick Henry Reardon; Christian Leader, "The Relentless God" by Pierre Gilbert


  • Second Place: The Banner, "The Hope of Heaven" by Andrew J. Bandstra; Christian Research Journal, "Luke 14:25: Hate or Hyperbole?" by Leland Ryken; Sojourners, "Secret Siblings" by S. Scott Bartchy


Judge: Chris Thomas, Clarence J. Abbott Professor of Biblical Studies at the Church of God Theological Seminary.


CAUSE OF THE YEAR: Racial Reconciliation



    • First Place: Baptist Press, "100-year-old black alumnus receives overdue masters'" by Brent Thompson; Plain Truth, "Reparations or Reconciliations?" by Doug Trouten


  • Second Place: The Charlotte World, "From Anger to Answers" by Jamie Dean; The Church Herald, "Retrospective on Racism" by Lynn Japinga; Mutuality: The Voice of Christians for Biblical Equality, "The Bible in Black and White" by Chelsea DeArmond


Judge: Star Parker, founder and president of the Coalition on Urban Renewal & Education, a media and public policy organization that provides a national voice of reason on issues of race and poverty.





    • First Place: Citizen, "Kinsey Cover-Up" by Stephen Adams; Mutuality: The Voice of Christians for Biblical Equality, "Rules to Date By: Are teens receiving unhealthy messages about dating?" by Jessica Gaylord


    • Second Place: The Lutheran Witness, "The Truth About the Da Vinci Code" by Brent McGuire


    • Third Place: Mennonite Brethren Herald, "The Gospel According to Me!" by David Eagle


  • Fourth Place: Good News, Etc., "Putting my finger in His nail scars and my hand in His side" by Al Menconi


Judge: Michael Medved, film critic, best-selling author and nationally syndicated radio talk show host.





    • First Place: Gordon College Stillpoint, "Arist0cracy and Obligation: The Medieval List of Almsdeeds" by Eleonore Stump


    • Second Place: Homeschooling Today, "Blessed Contentment" by Tiffany McDonald


    • Third Place: Inside Journal, "Sitting in God's Waiting Room" by James Luther


    • Fourth Place: Brio and Beyond, "Jesus Never Fails" by Susie Shellenberger


  • Fifth Place: InDeed, "Opening Treasures" by Chris Tiegreen


Judge: Roger Palms, retired editor of Decision magazine.





    • First Place: Leadership, "Sometimes Ministry Stinks" by M. Craig Barnes


    • Second Place: Minnesota Christian Chronicle, "How does it look to act justly?" by Bryan Malley


    • Third Place: In Touch, "What Is a Marriage?" by Tonya Stoneman


    • Fourth Place: Sojourners, "The Theology of Torture" by Jim Wallis


  • Fifth Place: Brio and Beyond, "Would Jesus Hang Out at the Red Dog Saloon?" by Susie Shellenberger


Judge: Bob Welch, general columnist at The Register-Guard and adjunct professor of journalism at the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon.





    • First Place: Light & Life, "Two Gods Under One Roof?" by Barbara Curtis


    • Second Place: Advance, "Christmas: More Than a Story?" by Rusty Wright


  • Third Place: Clubhouse Jr. "One Big Happy Family" by Alexandra Lutz; Homeschooling Today, "Sharing the Gospel as a Family" by Chris Klicka; Today's Christian, "The Cross and the Crescent" by Jamie Winship.


Judge: Alvin Reid, professor of Evangelism at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.





    • First Place: Today's Christian Woman, "Daybreak" by Liz Curtis Higgs


    • Second Place: Campus Life, "A Real Steal" by Ronica Stromberg


    • Third Place: Brio, "Hitting Rock Bottom" by Diana Jenkins


    • Fourth Place: Clubhouse, "Good King" by Katherine Grace Bond


  • Fifth Place: Go!, "Finding Beautiful" by Phinney Lowell


Judge: Bret Lott, author of six novels including A Song I Knew by Heart and Jewel. Bret is also editor of The Southern Review.





    • First Place: The Heartland Gatekeeper, "Go Ye Therefore... to Benin" by Joanna Mayhew


    • Second Place: Books & Culture, "Dances with Medicine Men" by Virginia Stem Owens


    • Third Place: Marriage Partnership, "Testing Our Vows" by Merry Marinello


    • Fourth Place: Today's Christian Woman, "Lessons in Dying" by Vanessa Van Cleave


  • Fifth Place: Discipleship Journal, "Hope in Baghdad" by Jamie Winship


Judge: Frederica Mathewes-Green a columnist for Beliefnet.com and author of several books including The Illumined Heart: The Ancient Christian Path of Transformation





    • First Place: Christian Research Journal, "The Matrix: Unloaded Revelations" by Brian Godawa


    • Second Place: Books & Culture, "Omit Unnecessary Words" by Andy Crouch


    • Third Place: Marriage Partnership, "Irreconcilable Differences - So?" by Mark Galli


    • Fourth Place: SpiritLed Woman, "Why the President Needs Your Prayers" by Stephen Mansfield


  • Fifth Place: New Man, "Men of the Decade" by Stephen Mansfield


Judge: Frederica Mathewes-Green





    • First Place: New Man, "Everything I Know About Women" by Dave Meurer


    • Second Place: Marriage Partnership, "Mind Games" by Phil Callaway


  • Third Place: Advance, "Survivor: The Christmas Edition" by Dave Meurer; Leadership, "The Sermon that Got My Goat" by John Beukema YouthWorker Journal, "From a Hole in the Roof: Apostle Paul, the Youth Minister" by Steve Case


Judge: Calvin Miller, professor of Divinity at Samford University's Beeson Divinity School and author of dozens of books and hundreds of articles.





    • First Place: Leadership, "Same-Sex Marriage: What Can I Say?" by Eric Reed


    • Second Place: Charisma & Christian Life, "She Chose to Forgive" by Joshua Newton


    • Third Place: Books & Culture, "'Salvation Inflation'? A conversation with Alan Wolfe" by Michael Cromartie


    • Fourth Place: Word Alive, "An All-Sufficient Grace" by Doug Lockhart


  • Fifth Place: AFA Journal, "We will lift up our eyes to the big screen" by Randall Murphree


Judge: Holly G. Miller, former senior editor of the Saturday Evening Post and author or co-author of 14 books and more than 2,000 published articles.





    • First Place: World Vision, "The Game of Her Life" by Nigel Marsh


    • Second Place: Today's Pentecostal Evangel, "Forgiven at Last" by Kirk Noonan


    • Third Place: Sojourners, "Opening Heart and Home" by Jim Forest


    • Fourth Place: Christianity Today, "Ragamuffin" by Agnieszka Tennant


  • Fifth Place: Advent Christian Witness, "Man in the Shadows" by Rev. William Mather


Judge: Holly G. Miller





    • First Place: Sojourners, "Praying into the Equidistance" by Fredrick Zydek


    • Second Place: Books & Culture, "Tabloid Poems: I Want to have a Space Alien's Baby" by John Leax


    • Third Place: The Marketplace, "Invocation" by Jean Janzen


  • Fourth Place: The Banner, "Love in the Flesh" by Kristi Quist; Club Connection, "Grandpa is not a Gorilla" by Marty Nystrom


Judge: Luci Shaw, poet and author of a number of prose books and eight volumes of poetry.





    • First Place: Citizen, "In Harm's Way" by Karl Dial


    • Second Place: Charisma & Christian Life, "Reaching the Rastafarians" by Andy Butcher; Today's Christian, "Daughters Under Fire" by Marcia Ford


    • Third Place: Today's Christian Woman, "Dateless in Christiansville" by Camerin Courtney


  • Fourth Place: Worldwide Challenge, "Winter on the Steppe" by Chris Lawrence


Judge: David Aikman, former Time magazine foreign and domestic correspondent and is author of several books including A Man of Faith: The Spiritual Journey of George W. Bush.





    • First Place: Indeed, "A Parting Word" by Chris Tiegreen


    • Second Place: The Church Herald, "Signs of the Kingdom" by Louis Lotz


    • Third Place: Leadership, "Commentary" by Brian McLaren


    • Fourth Place: BC Christian News, "Movie Reviews" by Peter T. Chattaway


  • Fifth Place: Plain Truth, "Growing Places" by Susan Reedy


Judge: Bob Welch





    • First Place: Discipleship Journal, "Entering His Presence" by Stacey S. Padrick, Paul Thigpen and Howard Bakers


    • Second Place: World Vision Magazine, "The Joy of Blessedness" by Jane Sutton-Redner and Tim Dearborn


    • Third Place: Leadership, "Keeping Conflict Healthy" by eleven contributing authors


    • Fourth Place: American Bible Society Record, "Until the Whole World Knows" by Eugene B. Habecker, David Singer, Francine Lange, Lamar Vest, Richard Stewart and Arun Sok Nhep


  • Fifth Place: Christian History & Biography, "Mary in the Imagination of the Church" by Chris Armstrong


Judge: Andy Scheer, managing editor for the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild in Colorado Springs, and previously served with Moody magazine.





    • First Place: Clubhouse, "Sand Dudes: Shape Up" by Christopher Maselli and John Kanzler


    • Second Place: Today's Christian, "Winter Witnessing" by Mary Chambers


    • Third Place: Campus Life, "A Turkey Carol" by Kevin Frank


    • Fourth Place: Leaders for Today, "Expo Nelly" by David Lee


  • Fifth Place: Enrichment, "Waitress and man at table" by Roger Judd


Judge: Mark Herron, graphic designer based in Atlanta.





    • First Place: Kindred Spirit, "It's Not About Ho, Ho, Ho." Sandra Glahn, concept; Keith Yates, David Edmonson and Don Regier, execution


    • Second Place: Discipleship Journal, "What God Has Joined Together" by Jim Baily


    • Third Place: Advance, "Do You Believe in Christmas?" by Jo Anne Antoine


    • Fourth Place: Christian Research Journal, "Pornography: Darkening Our Minds" by Dwayne Cogdill


  • Fifth Place: Worldwide Challenge, "Mongolia." The Journey Group, design, and Guy Gerrard, photography


Judge: Dorit Randandt, owner of Idea Tree Creative, a graphic design company near Atlanta.





    • First Place: Clubhouse Jr., "Dudley the Dog with Parrot and Cat" by Dave Clegg; Kindred Spirit, "Empowered Walking" by Joe Allen


    • Second Place: Light & Life, "Contemporary Art of Wedding Scene" by Ralph Butler


    • Third Place: Christian Home & School, "Two Children Playing a Video Game" by Trevor Howard


  • Fourth Place: Clubhouse, "Leading Man" by Dana Thompson


Judge: Will Sumpter, illustrator and design representative based in Brooks, Georgia.





    • First Place: Decision, "To Russia... With Hope," Greg Schneider, photographer, Peter Taylor, designer and Kristen M. Burke, writer


    • Second Place: World Vision, "Second Chances in the Land of Noah: Armenia," Jon Warren, photographer, and The Journey Group, design


    • Third Place: Worldwide Challenge, "Winter on the Steppe," Guy Gerrard, photographer, and The Journey Group, design


    • Fourth Place: Christianity Today, "Saving Strangers," by Denise McGill


  • Fifth Place: On Mission, "Mobilizing for Ministry," Greg Schneider, Ken Touchton, and Morris Abernathy, photographers, and Robert McClurkan, designer


Judge: Gary Fong, director of Editorial Graphics Technology at the San Francisco Chronicle





    • First Place: World Vision Magazine, "In the Era of HIV/AIDS: Something to Live For" by Jon Warren


    • Second Place: Worldwide Challenge, "Winter on the Steppe" by Guy Gerrard


  • Third Place: Decision, "Lighting the Way in Halifax" by Ron Nickel


Judge: Jim Veneman, director of visual communication at Union University





    • First Place: Christianity Today, "The Very Rev. Mouris Amsih—Lost in America" by Bill Bilsley


    • Second Place: Word Alive, "Feature article opening spread portrait of David and Henny Thormoset" by Dave Crough


    • Third Place: Campus Life, "Boy modeling t-shirt lying on note paper" by Jimi Allen


    • Fourth Place: Enrichment, "Couple sitting on couch" by Rockafellow Studios and Sonny Carder


  • Fifth Place: Discipleship, "Peas in a Pod" by Jim Bailey


Judge: David Rees, photojournalism Sequence head at the Missouri School of Journalism.





    • First Place: Campus Life, "The Lure of Gang Life" by Doug Fleener


    • Second Place: Christian Research Journal, "Using the Qur'an and the Hadith as a Bridge for Sharing the Gospel" by Dwayne Cogdill


    • Third Place: Decision, "To Russia... With Hope" by Peter Taylor


    • Fourth Place: SpiritLed Woman, "I Found Safety in the Storm" by Joe DeLeon


  • Fifth Place: Christianity Today, "Running Out of Miracles" by Gary Gnidovic


Judge: Lee Green, worldwide director of Corporate Identity and Design for IBM Corporation.





    • First Place: Campus Life, "Mean Spirit!" by Doug Fleener


    • Second Place: Discipleship Journal, "What I Learned from Modern Martyrs" by Lisa Pence and Anne Elhajoui


    • Third Place: Christian Research Journal, "The Da Vinci Code: Revisiting a Cracked Conspiracy" by Dwayne Cogdill


    • Fourth Place: World Vision, "Joy Made Full" and "The Joy of Blessedness" by The Journey Group


  • Fifth Place: Decision, "To Russia... With Hope" by Peter Taylor


Judge: Lee Green





    • First Place: Worldwide Challenge by The Journey Group


    • Second Place: Sports Spectrum by Steve Gier and Laurie Nelson


    • Third Place: World Vision by The Journey Group


    • Fourth Place: Decision by Peter Taylor and Jarod Sutphin


  • Fifth Place: Go! by CortneyWilliams and Robert McClurkan


Judge: Matt Smartt, creative director of the Puckett Group.





    • First Place: On Course by Jeff Fulton, Sonny Carder and Joel Carter; Wheaton by Alice Chrismer and Ellen Mardock


    • Second Place: On Mission by Steve Beaver and Robert McClurkan


  • Third Place: Clubhouse Jr. by Kathleen Gray Ziegler; Focus on the Family by Jan Koenig;


Judge: Jose Reyes, graphic designer and owner of Metaleap Design.





    • First Place: Christian Research Journal, "Making Peace with the Sixties: Reevaluating the Legacy of a Cultural Revolution" by Steve Rabey


    • Second Place: Leadership, "Where Did My Mind Go?" by Chris Maxwell


    • Third Place: Mom Sense, "Mommy Fears" by Lisa Crayton


    • Fourth Place: Passageway.org, "Living for More: Charlie Peacock Explores a NewWay to Be Human" by Kevin Hendricks


  • Fifth Place: BGC World, "Leading with His Heart" by Joyce Ellis


Judge: Andy Scheer



The EPA awards presentation is made possible by the work of a volunteer committee, headed this year by Carolyn Curtis of On Mission magazine and Bill George of Pathway Press. Other committee members included: Randy Drake, Tonya Stoneman and Don Felice of In Touch ministries; Lon Foster and Chris Tiegreen from Walk Thru the Bible; Carol Pipes, Adam Miller, Jami Beecher and Mike Ebert from the North American Mission Board; Wanda Griffith from Pathway Press; Jenny Chatham of White Wing Messenger and Marty Davis from the Presbyterian Church of America.