2007 Awards

2007 EPA awards

Awards presentation 2007

Mike Ebert (left) and Brent Moxey combined stand-up comedy with recognition of top-quality work during the 2007 awards ceremony.

The 2007 Higher Goals and Awards of Excellence prizes were presented at EPA's annual convention, held in Colorado Springs May 2-4, 2007. This contest honors the best work done by EPA publications during the calendar year 2006.



Award of Exellence: InSite, Alison Phillips, editor; Mike Hames, art director; Christian Camp and Conference Association, publisher. The judge said: "Magazine is well done, easy to read with helpful content throughout."

Awards of Merit: Leadership Journal, Marshall Shelley, editor; Raymond C. Whitlock III, art director; Christianity Today International, publisher. InterLit, Kim A. Pettit, editor; Nancy L. Haskins, art director; Cook Communications Ministries International, publisher; Command, Michael D. Edwards, editor; Karen Martin, art director; Officers' Christian Fellowship, publisher.

Judge: Roger C. Palms, freelance editor, writer and teacher, and former editor of Decision magazine.


Award of Exellence: BGC World, Bob Putman, editor; Pamela Nelson, art director; Baptist General Conference, publisher. The judge said: "Talk about tenacity! The team creating BGC World works hard to make the writing, content and graphics on every page compelling. Very well done!"

Awards of Merit: Enrichment Journal, Gary Allen, editor; Randy Clute/Design Services, art director; General Council of the Assemblies of God, publisher. byFaith, Dick Doster, editor; José Reyes, art director; Presbyterian Church in America, publisher. EFCA Today, Diane J. McDougall, editor; Michael Miller/ Journey Group™, design; Evangelical Free Church of America, publisher.

Judge: David Sanford, president of Sanford Communications, Inc.


Award of Exellence: YouthWalk, Laurin Makohon, editor; Travis Stoneback, art director; Walk Thru the Bible, publisher. The judge said, "The graphics and writing are both top notch."

Awards of Merit: Indeed, Chris Tiegreen, editor; Lon Foster, art director; Walk Thru the Bible, publisher. In Touch, Tonya Stoneman, editor; Victor Rodriguez, art director; In Touch Ministries, publisher. Tapestry, Susan Nelson, editor; Michelle Strickland, art director; Walk Thru the Bible, publisher.

Judge: Kimberly Miller, editor, Tyndale House Publishers.


Award of Exellence: Willow, Paul Braoudakis, editor; 32 Design, art director; Willow Creek Association, publisher. The judge said: "Arresting publication that should receive plaudits from its readers."

Awards of Merit: Sports Spectrum, David Branon, editor; Steve Gier, art director; Sports Spectrum Publishing, publisher. Sojourners, Jim Rice, editor; Ed Spivey, Jr., art director; Sojourners, publisher. Christianity Today, David Neff, editor; Gary Gnidovic, art director; Christianity Today International, publisher. Books & Culture, John Wilson, editor; Jennifer McGuire, art director; Christianity Today International, publisher.

Judge: Peter Jacobi, professor emeritus of journalism, Indiana University


Award of Exellence: send!, Heidi Chupp, editor; Tony Steck, DOXA, design; Gospel for Asia, publisher. The judge said: "A fantastic magazine. The lead articles were excellent, and the design is strong."

Awards of Merit: On Mission, Carol Pipes, editor; Steve Beaver, art director; North American Mission Board, publisher. Serving in Mission Together, Carol Wilson, editor; Relevant Media Group, art director; SIM International, publisher. TWR, Dawn Overman, editor; Tyler Steingard, art director; Trans World Radio, publisher.

Judge: Wesley G. Pippert, director of the University of Missouri School of Journalism's Washington Program


Award of Exellence: Jubilee Extra, Jeff Peck, editor; Dara Quinton, art director; Prison Fellowship Ministries, publisher. The judge said: "Your appealing cover photos, upbeat graphics and pleasing white space add up to effective issues that make your reader want to dig in!"

Awards of Merit: Good News!, Liz Smith, editor; Stuart Williams, art director; American Bible Society publisher. The Voice of the Martyrs, Dr. Tom White, editor; The Voice of the Martyrs, Inc., publisher. Money Matters, Chuck Thompson, editor; Chuck Thompson and Sean Allen, art directors; Crown Financial Ministries, publisher.

Judge: Carolyn Curtis, author, editor, speaker and founding editor of On Mission magazine.


Award of Exellence: Minnesota Christian Chronicle, Bryan Malley, editor; Mike Norman, art director; Keener Communications Group, publisher. The judge said: "Inspiring…paints outside the lines…Bravo!"

Awards of Merit: The Charlotte World, Warren Smith, editor; World Newspaper Publishing, publisher. The Manna, Randy Walter, editor; Joe Willey, art directors; Maranatha, Inc., publisher. The Good News in South Florida, Luann E. Yarrow, editor; Grif Blackstone, art director; Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale, publisher.

Judge: Bob Welch, columnist, The (Eugene, Oregon) Register Guard.


Award of Exellence: The Northwestern Column, Sam Townsend, editor; Brittany Dengerud, art director; Northwestern College, publisher. The judge said: "Styles show a commitment on the part of the staff to not only deliver news but to inform, foster community and entertain in creative ways…Well done!"

Award of Merit: Threefold Advocate, Abby Kirkbride, editor; Esther Ewert, art director; John Brown University, publisher.

Judge: Janna Jones, former editor, Go! magazine/gostudents.net webzine.


Award of Exellence: pluggedinonline, Steven Isaac, editor and art director; Focus on the Family, publisher. The judge said: "The content is extensive, well written, appropriate for the audience and easily searchable."

Awards of Merit: Christianity Today Movies, Mark Moring, editor; Clay Anderson, art director; Christianity Today International, publisher. Christianpost.com, Kenneth Chan, editor; Hannah Lee, art director; Joseph A. LaFleur, publisher. Answersingenesis.org, Mark Looy and Dale Mason, editors; Dan Zordel, art director; Answers in Genesis, publisher.

Judge: Tim Bagwell, owner, Dream Churches.


Award of Exellence: Wheaton, Georgia I. Douglass, editor; Chrismer Mardock, design; Wheaton College, publisher. The judge said: "Outstanding publication…a variety of interesting content…well presented to the reader."

Awards of Merit: Biola Connections, Rob Westervelt, editor; Dwayne Cogdill, art director; Biola University, publisher. Christian Home & School, Gordon L. Borderwyk, editor and art director, Christian Schools International, publisher. Worldwide Challenge, Judy Nelson, editor; Journey Group, art director; Campus Crusade for Christ.

Judge: Dan Lattimore, vice provost for Extended Programs and dean of University College at the University of Memphis and professor of journalism.


Award of Exellence: Breakaway, Michael Ross, editor; Michael Heath, art director; Focus on the Family, publisher. The judge said: "…very relevant to youth culture… provides discipleship in a way that the readers often don't realize they're being discipled."

Awards of Merit: Brio & Beyond, Susie Shellenberger, editor; Michael Heath, art director; Focus on the Family, publisher. Clubhouse Jr., Annette Bourland, editor; Kathleen Gray-Ziegler, art director; Focus on the Family, publisher. Ignite Your Faith, Chris Lutes, editor; Doug Fleener, art director; CTI, publisher.

Judge: E. Paul Allen, executive pastor of Southbrook Church and director of church relations, sermoncentral.com.


Award of Exellence: Baptist Message, Kelly Boggs, editor; Karen Willoughby, art director; Louisiana Baptist Convention, publisher. The judge said: "You've improved this publication light-years in every way possible…"

Awards of Merit: Avant, Christopher Lewis, editor; Marc Boeker/Brian Herzog, art director; Avant Ministies, publisher. Christian Mission, Brittany West, editor; John Sanderson, art director; Christian Aid Mission, publisher. SpiritLed Woman, Brenda J. Davis, editor; Karen Grindley, art directors; Strang Communications, publisher.

Judge: Terry White, executive director and publisher, Brethren Missionary Herald Company and BMH Books



  • First Place: Leadership, "The Christian Vision Project: How can the church be a counterculture for the common good?" by Andy Crouch, Mark Buchanan, Eric Reed, Marshall Shelley and Ken Fong
  • Second Place: Good News!, Warren L. Maye, editor; The Salvation Army USA Eastern Territory publisher. "Mississippi Musings" by Majors Dave and Rose Cedervall, and "After the Storm: It's about much more than Katrina" by Linda D. Johnson.
  • Third Place: Money Matters, "The Crown Financial Ministries Money Map" by Howard Dayton
  • Fourth Place: EFCA Today, "EFCA-coordinated, Ongoing Hurricane Relief" by Dan Benson, Larry Lambert, Liz Card, Diane J. McDougall /Journey Group
  • Fifth Place: Reformed Presbyterian Witness, "Reformation for Today" by Verne Rosenberger, Rich Ganz, Wayne Spear, Christian and Laura Adjemian, Sam Cheng, Barry York

Judge: G. Jeffery MacDonald is a correspondent for Religion News Service.


  • First Place: Christianity Today, "Nothing But the Blood" by Mark Denver
  • Second Place: SpiritLed Woman, "The Daughter's Inheritance" by J. Lee Grady
  • Third Place: Leadership, "Sex & the City of God" by Mark Buchanan
  • Fourth Place: Christian Leader, "Welcome to the Complex Life" by Pierre Gilbert
  • Fifth Place: Discipleship Journal, "God, Why Am I Still Single?" by Lori Smith

Judge: Ed Stetzer, author, missiologist and director of the Center for Missional Research, North American Mission Board


  • First Place: Priscilla Papers, "The New Evangelical Subordinationism: Reading Inequality into the Trinity" by Phillip Cary
  • Second Place: Breakaway, "Anime Mangatism" by Adam R. Holz
  • Third Place: The Banner, "Hollywood Meets Easter" by John Van Sloten
  • Fourth Place: Christianity Today Movies, "Sophie Scholl: The Final Days" by Jeffery Overstreet
  • Fifth Place: Christian Music Today, "Danielson: Ships" by Russ Breimeier

Judge: Karen Covell, TV producer, writer/director, Hollywood Prayer Network.


  • First Place: Discipleship Journal, "But If Not…" by Roy A. Borges
  • Second Place: Sojourners, "The Art of Savoring" by Rose Marie Berger
  • Third Place: ONE Magazine, "The Family Portrait" by Susan Henderson
  • Fourth Place: World Vision, "Seven Ways to Pray in 2007" by Ryan Smith

Judge: Lisa A. Jackson is a senior editor of nonfiction for Tyndale House.


  • First Place: Leadership, "When Leaders Implode" by Gordon MacDonald
  • Second Place: Christianity Today, "A Faith Tailored Just For You" by David Neff
  • Third Place: Jubilee Extra, "The Da Vinci Hoax" by Chuck Colson
  • Fourth Place: Charisma & Christian Life, "Clouds Without Water" by J. Lee Grady
  • Fifth Place: Sojourners, "Falsehoods and the Iraq War" by Jim Wallis

Judge: Andy Scheer, managing editor, Jerry B. Jenkins' Christian Writers Guild.


  • First Place: Brio, "What's Up?" by Susie Shellenberger
  • Second Place: The Banner, "Hollywood Meets Easter; An Academy Award Winning Film Exposes Our Need for God" by John Van Sloten
  • Third Place: Advance, "I Know What I Believe…I Think" by Daniel A. Brown
  • Fourth Place: Inside Journal, "The Great Equalizer" by Lennie Spitale
  • Fifth Place: Today's Pentecostal Evangel, "Sin & Salvation" by Ken Horn

Judge: Chad Childress, director of children's and student evangelism for the North American Mission Board


  • First Place: Clubhouse Jr., "Me First!" by Kim Washburn
  • Second Place: Clubhouse, "Alone in Luxembourg" by Manfred Kohler
  • Third Place: Mutuality, "Called by Name" by Ann R. Palmerson
  • Fourth Place: Clear Horizon, "The Last Church in Moscow" by Jennifer Arnold
  • Fifth Place: Discipleship Journal, "Tina Meets the King" by Michelle Van Loon

Judge: Randy Singer, Christy award-winning author and professor at Regent Law School.


  • First Place: Today's Pentecostal Evangel, "The Long, Dusty Road" by Hal Donaldson
  • Second Place: Sojourners, "118 Days: How I survived captivity in Iraq" by James Loney
  • Third Place: Leadership, "At Gunpoint" by Mark Sutton
  • Fourth Place: The Southeast Outlook, "A Tough Lesson: My life isn't meant to be lived for me" by Kara Bussabarger
  • Fifth Place: The Good News in South Florida, "From Kenya, With Compassion" by Brant Hanson

Judge: Holly G. Miller, senior editor of The Saturday Evening Post and professor of communications at Anderson University.


  • First Place: InSite, "Sparking Renewal" by Joyce K. Ellis
  • Second Place: The Plain Truth, "Spiritual Survival in the Land of Plenty" by Barbara Curtis
  • Third Place: Decision, "Unless the Lord Builds the House" by Steve Starr
  • Fourth Place: Today's Christian Woman, "Unearthing Unearthly TV" by Holly Vicente Robaina
  • Fifth Place: In Touch Today, "Rebuilding New Orleans" by Carolyn Curtis

Judge: Andy Scheer, managing editor, Jerry B. Jenkins' Christian Writers Guild.


  • First Place: Ministry Today, "Azusa Effect" by Earl Creps
  • Second Place: Minnesota Christian Chronicle, "Soulforce's Announced Minnesota Visit…" by Nicole McKay
  • Third Place: Discipleship Journal, "Five Lies that Lead to an Affair" by Julie Ferwerda
  • Fourth Place: Worldwide Challenge, "Madagascar" by Jennifer Abegg
  • Fifth Place: Avant magazine, "Iraqi Odyssey" by Christopher Lewis

Judge: Michael Longinow, Journalism program director for Biola University.


  • First Place: Books & Culture, "Black Hoods for Jesus" by Garret Keizer
  • Second Place: Discipleship Journal, "A Tale of Two Lions" by Veroni Kruger
  • Third Place: Sojourners, "Holy, Healing Madness" by Michele M. Hovey
  • Fourth Place: Enrichment Journal, "Screening Out the Word" by Dean Merrill
  • Fifth Place: Heartbeat, "Procrastination" by Tim Weddle

Judge: Holly G. Miller, senior editor of The Saturday Evening Post and professor of communications at Anderson University.


  • First Place: Sojourners, "Finally, an Immigration Solution" by Ed Spivey Jr.
  • Second Place: Marriage Partnership, "A Man and His Tools" by Jim Killman
  • Third Place: The Column, "Dancing Permitted, Face of Satan Appears Over Campus" by David Gregory
  • Fourth Place: The Wittenburg Door, "Tao of the American Evangelical" by Eric W. Robinson
  • Fifth Place: Brio & Beyond, "Let's Go to the Movies" by Patrick Dunn

Judge: Jim Dahlman, associate professor of communications, Milligan College.


  • First Place: Leadership, "State of the Art: An interview with Andy Stanley" by Eric Reed and Marshall Shelley
  • Second Place: Mennonite Brethren, "Access, Risk, Breaking Patterns: An interview with Leighton Tebay" by Dora Dueck
  • Third Place: Books & Culture, "Oil Profits and Ethics Don't Mix: interview with Henrik Syse" by Alf K. Walgermo
  • Fourth Place: Marriage Partnership, "Marital Drift: An interview with David Goetz" by Ginger Kolbaba
  • Fifth Place: Today's Christian Woman, "Kay Warren: Purpose Driven Wife" by Jane Johnson Struck

Judge: Steve Scott, former religion editor, St. Paul Pioneer Press.


  • First Place: Today's Pentecostal Evangel, "Cambodia: From the killing fields to the mission field" by Kirk Noonan
  • Second Place: SEND!, "Death of One, Life for Millions" by Heidi Chupp
  • Third Place: Christian Mission, "Whatever it Takes" by Brittany West
  • Fourth Place: Inside Journal, "Skateboarding Legend Flies High Again" by Zoe Sandvig
  • Fifth Place: Christian History & Biography, "The Man Who Gave the Bible to the Burmese" by Richard Pierard

Judge: Amy Hammond Hagberg, freelance author and speaker


  • First Place: Sojourners, "XXVIII" by Michael Borich
  • Second Place: Books & Culture, "On Time" by Paul Willis
  • Third Place: Mennonite Brethren Herald, "Credo" by Sarah Klassen
  • Fourth Place: MOMSense magazine, "Women's Work" by Jennifer Rinaldi
  • Fifth Place: The Banner, "A Prayer for Clarence" by Julia Daining

Judge: Luci Shaw, writer in residence, Regent College, Vancouver, BC.


  • First Place: The Banner, "Darfur: The Cost of Silence" by Ryan Spencer Reed
  • Second Place: World Vision, "Turning Back the Tide" by James Addis
  • Third Place: Youth Worker Journal, "Predators Among Us: Teens and Youth Workers Confront the Internet" by Dean Nelson
  • Fourth Place: Christianity Today, "Deliver Us from Kony" by J. Carter Johnson
  • Fifth Place: Leadership, "Restoring Fallen Pastors" by Eric Reed

Judge: Steve Scott, former religion editor, St. Paul Pioneer Press.


  • First Place: Christianity Today, "Taste and See" by Agnieszka Tennant
  • Second Place: Ministry Today, "Latino Trends" by Sam Rodriguez
  • Third Place: Youth Worker Journal, "Culture Watch" by Walt Mueller
  • Fourth Place: The Journal of Student Ministries, "Case in Point" by Steve Case

Judge: Terry Mattingly, director of the Washington Journalism Center, national columnist for Scripps Howard News Service, editor of getreligion.org.


  • First Place: Christianity Today, Evangelicals–50th Anniversary Issue" David Neff, editor.
  • Second Place: Christian History, A New Evangelical Awakening" Jennifer Trafton, editor
  • Third Place: Youth Worker Journal, "Teaching" Steve Rabey, editor
  • Fourth Place: Enrichment, The Azusa Street Revival: 100 Years of Pentecostal Power and Passion" Gary Allen, editor
  • Fifth Place: Christian Retailing, "News Coverage of International Christian Retail Show 2006 by Andy Butcher, Amanda Doyle, Christine Johnson, DeWayne Hamby, Rhonda Sholar, Karen Schmidt

Judge: Ken Sidey, editor-at-large for Meredith Books.


  • First Place: The Journal of Student Ministries, "Your mother and I found out you've been blogging. We don't know what that means but we'd like you to stop." by Randy Glasbergen
  • Second Place: Clubhouse, Jr., "Albert E. in 4B" by Roger Chandler/ Christopher Maselli
  • Third Place: Sojourners, "Turning the corner in Iraq" by Matt Wuerker
  • Fourth Place: New Man, "Good Spousekeeping: Newly-Used Car Contentment" by Dan Foote

Judge: Charles R. Asay, syndicated editorial cartoonist with Creator's Syndicated, Inc.


  • First Place: Christianity Today, "Little Soldier Boys" by Gary Gnidovic
  • Second Place: Ministry Today, "The iGod Generation" by Joe De Leon
  • Third Place: Kindred Spirit, "Who do you say that I am?" by Keith Yates
  • Fourth Place: Mennonite Brethren Herald, "Masculine Spirituality" by Ralph and Lorie Mayer
  • Fifth Place: On Mission, "One Size Doesn't Fit All" by David Smith and Steve Beaver

Judge: Will Sumpter, Will Sumpter Associates, illustration and photography.


  • First Place: On Mission, "Evangelism is Not a Dirty Word" by Young Min-Yoon, and Steve Beaver art director
  • Second Place: EFCA Today, "Red Car Headed Down the Road" by Susan Farrington, artist; Michael Miller/Journey Group art director
  • Third Place: Sojourners, "Abortion: A way forward" by M.P. Wiggins
  • Fourth Place: Reformed Worship, "The Ashes of Why" by Randy Beumer, Frank Gutbrod and Dean Heetderks
  • Fifth Place: Enrichment Journal, "When Shepherds Flee" by Gary Locke

Judge: Will Sumpter, Will Sumpter Associates, illustration and photography.


  • First Place: World Vision, "Turning Back the Tide" by John Warren and Journey Group
  • Second Place: Worldwide Challenge, "Waking the Dead" by Ted Wilcox and Journey Group
  • Third Place: Today's Pentecostal Evangel, "Famine" by Gaylan Wampler and Hal Donaldson
  • Fourth Place: Brio, "Unfinished People" by Ron Nickel, Sally Dunn and Mike Heath
  • Fifth Place: The Banner, "Darfur: The Cost of Silence" by Ryan Reed, Pete Euwema, Frank Gutbrod and Dean Heetderks

Judge: Mark Sandlin, director of photography, Southern Living.


  • First Place: Worldwide Challenge, "Poland Tents" by Guy Gerrard
  • Second Place: World Vision, "Tsunami Recovery: One Year Later" by Jon Warren
  • Third Place: Decision, "Franklin Graham in New Orleans" by Chris Capozziello
  • Fourth Place: Christianity Today, "The God Who Lives and Works and Plays in Russia" by Gary Gnidovic
  • Fifth Place: Brio, "Cover" by Mike Heath, Sally Dunn and Allen Clark

Judge: Gary Fong, director of Editorial Graphics Technology, San Francisco Chronicle.


  • First Place: Advance, "Gritty Grace" by Michael Melahouris with Dan Phelps
  • Second Place: Worldwide Challenge, "The Keeper" by Guy Gerrard
  • Third Place: The Banner, "Christian Reformed minister on silent retreat" by Noah Falls
  • Fourth Place: Christianity Today, "A Divine Conspirator: Dallas Willard" by Greg Schneider
  • Fifth Place: Wheaton magazine, "Jennifer Grant with adopted daughter Mia" by Greg Halvorsen Schreck

Judge: David Rees, chairperson of the photojournalism department, University of Missouri School of Journalism.


  • First Place: Ignite Your Faith, "The Day God Died" by Doug Fleener
  • Second Place: byFaith, "The Cultural Argument Against Gay Marriage" by José Reyes
  • Third Place: World Vision, "Cutting Hunger in Half" by Journey Group
  • Fourth Place: New Man, "Cool as a Cucumber" by Joe De Leon
  • Fifth Place: Sojourners, "A Brief History of the 21st Century" by Ed Spivey Jr.

Judge: Lee D. Green, vice president of design and branding for IBM.


  • First Place: Christian Research Journal, "Jesus as God in the 2nd Century" by Dwayne Cogdill, Cognition Designs
  • Second Place: Ignite Your Faith, "Deliver Us from Evil" by Doug Fleener
  • Third Place: Biola Connections, "The D Word" by Dwayne Cogdill
  • Fourth Place: Christianity Today, "Why Jesus Used the 'S' Word" by Alecia Sharp
  • Fifth Place: Sports Spectrum, "So Far, So Good" by Steve Gier and Laurie Nelson

Judge: Lee D. Green, vice president of design and branding, IBM.


  • First Place: Ignite Your Faith, designer Doug Fleener
  • Second Place: byFaith, designers José Reyes, Natasha Milbury and Rachel Cardina
  • Third Place: Worldwide Challenge, designers Journey Group
  • Fourth Place: World Vision, designers Journey Group
  • Fifth Place: Breakaway, designer Michael Heath

Judge: Jeff Cline, senior art director, Anderson Advertising.


  • First Place: Ignite Your Faith, designer Doug Fleener
  • Second Place: Ministry Today, designer Joe De Leon
  • Third Place: Charisma, designer Joe DeLeon, Rachel Campbell and Journey Communications.
  • Fourth Place: Record, Time Inc. Content Solutions
  • Fifth Place: Christian Early Education, designer Mark Riester

Judge: Jeff Cline, senior art director, Anderson Advertising.


  • First Place: The Alabama Baptist, "Planning ahead helps make nursing home choices easier" by Carrie Brown
  • Second Place: In Touch, "Walking the Last Mile" by Patricia Raybon
  • Third Place: Today's Christian Woman, "A Time to Die" by Esther Byle Bruland
  • Fourth Place: Sojourners, "Green Hair, Gray Hair" by Celeste Kennel-Shank

Judge: Dr. Dennis E. Hensley, professor of English and director of the Professional Writing Major at Taylor University.

The EPA awards presentation is made possible by the work of a volunteer committee, headed this year by Mike Ebert. Other committee members included: Jami Becher, Linda Canup, Carolyn Curtis, Randy Drake, Don Felice, Adam Miller, Brent Moxey, Jill Owen, Carol Pipes and Tonya Stoneman.oals

The Fellowship of Christian Newspapers also presented its awards during the convention.