2008 Awards

Awards of Excellence

Judging for the Awards of Excellence: The University of Missouri School of Journalism, Debra L. Mason, director of the Center on Religion and the Professions, and Amy White, associate director of the Center of Religion and the Professions


 Christian Ministries

Award of Excellence: Enrichment journal . Gary Allen, executive editor; Rick Knoth, managing editor; Randy Clute, art director; General Council of the Assemblies of God, publisher. The judges said, “Ministry roadmap is excellent! Overall, high level, quality visual appeal.”

Award of Merit: InSite. Alison Phillips, editor; Mike Hames, art director; Christian Camp and Conference Association, publisher.



Award of Excellence: byFaith. Dick Doster, editor; Jose Reyes art director; Presbyterian Church in America , publisher. The judges said, “Creative, interesting topics. This entry is a visual delight . . . . Best of all, it uses design to enhance the purpose of the magazine rather than distract.”

Awards of Merit: EFCA Today. Diane J. McDougall/ Journey Group, editor; Matt Pamer/Journey Group, art director; Evangelical Free Church of America, publisher. The Banner. Bob De Moor, editor; Dean Heetderks, art director; Christian Reformed Church in North America, publisher.



Award of Excellence: YouthWalk. Laurin Makohon, editor; Travis Stoneback, art director; Walk Thru the Bible, publisher. The judges said, “The writing is clear and casual, and wholly appropriate for the youth who are its intended audience. . . . This publication had more diversity and creativity in its graphics than other publications. . . . One reason it is so good at what is does—by mimicking the design and feel of secular publications aimed at youth. ”

Award of Merit: indeed. Chris Tiegreen, editor; Lon Foster, art director; Walk Thru the Bible, publisher.

 Christianity Today


Award of Excellence: Christianity Today. David Neff, editor in chief; Mark Galli, managing editor; Gary Gnidovic, design director; Christianity Today International, publisher. The judges said, “Writing is clear and tackles complex subjects with confi dence. Good balance of topics—personal, public, global, political, etc. Innovative topics. Useful, inspiring content; out in front of trendsetters. Professional content. Sophisticated and attractive layout without being cluttered.”

Awards of Merit: Leadership. Marshall Shelley, editor; Doug Fleener, art director; Christianity Today International, publisher. Christian History & Biography. Jennifer Trafton, managing editor; Doug Johnson, designer; Christianity Today International, publisher. Sojourners. Jim Rice, editor; Ed Spivey, Jr., art director; Sojourners, publisher.

 World Vision


Award of Excellence: World Vision. Jane Sutton- Redner, editor; Journey Group, art director; World Vision International, publisher. The judges said, “Attractive design aids in communicating message. Professional presentation; great combo of photos, ‘news you can use,’ compelling witnessing and storytelling.”

Awards of Merit: Unfinished. Ruth Burgner, editor; Point of Vision, art director; The Mission Society, publisher. Word Alive. Dave Crough and Dwayne Janke, coeditors; Laird Salkeld, art director; Wycliffe Bible Translators of Canada, Inc., publisher. Rev. 7 Every Nation People Language. Carol Brinneman, editor; Joyce Hyde, art director; JAARS Inc., publisher.

 Voice of the Martyrs


Award of Excellence: The Voice of the Martyrs. Dr. Tom White, editor; The Voice of the Martyrs, Inc., publisher. The judges said, “Content is compelling for intended audience. Good use of original reporting and photos. Nice, glossy presentation. Creative use of layout, design, graphics. Almost more like a magazine than a newsletter—a ‘step above’ average newsletter. Presents important info to public that often goes unreported.”

Awards of Merit: Answers Update. Mark Looy and Dale Mason, editors; Dan Zordel and Diane King, art directors; Answers in Genesis Ministries, publisher. Jubilee Extra. Jeff Peck, editor; Dara Quinton, art director; Prison Fellowship Ministries, publisher. Behind the Hammer. Scott Sundberg, editor; Andi Dube, art director; Mennonite Disaster Service, publisher.



Award of Excellence: The Manna. Randy Walter, editor; Joe Willey, art director; Maranatha, Inc., publisher. The judges said, “An interesting mix of devotional and news items reflecting the broad audience. This paper consistently provides evangelistic content to a wide range of age groups and interests. Use of CT content in addition to wire copy is value-added. This paper does not resort to typical design for its paper—to its benefit. While its stories are lengthy, they do not feel excessively so—largely because of interesting designs.

Awards of Merit: Kansas City Metro Voice. Dwight Widaman, editor; Joe Boothe, art director; Widaman Communications, Inc., publisher. Minnesota Christian Chronicle. Bryan Malley, editor; Mike Norman, art director; Keener Communications Group, publisher.

 Women of the Harvest


Award of Excellence: Women of the Harvest Online Magazine. Cindy Blomquist, editor/ artist; Women of the Harvest, publisher. The judges said, “Deeply personal writing that speaks to readers. The content well addresses and expresses the experiences of women in the mission fi eld, with sensitivity, thoughtfulness, and humor. Great graphics. This site really stands out from others in this category. This site really feels like an online community.”

Awards of Merit: WTOnline magazine . Arlene Allen, editor; Darla Knoth, managing editor; Darrin Hull, art director; General Council of the Assemblies of God, publisher. World Christian Ministries Newsletter. John Lindner, editor/art director; World Christian Ministries, publisher.



Award of Excellence: WHEATON . Georgia I. Douglass, editor; Chrismer Mardock/ Communication Design, art director; Wheaton College, publisher. The judges said, “This publication well serves its mission to represent Wheaton —from campus and beyond. Clean and classy design. Nice quality photo reproduction— good variety of portraits (formal and creative), group shots, action shots; good use of color/sidebars. The nice quality befi ts a quarterly publication. A lot goes into each one—and it shows. It puts forward a strong distinction and ‘Wheaton’ identity.”

Awards of Merit: Worldwide Challenge. Judy Nelson, editor; Greg Breeding/The Journey Group, art director; Campus Crusade for Christ, publisher. Willow . Paul Braoudakis, editor; 32 Design, art director; Willow Creek Association, publisher. PRISM. Kristyn Komarnicki, editor; James Glass, art director; Evangelicals for Social Action, publisher.

 Ignite Your Faith


Award of Excellence: Ignite Your Faith. Chris Lutes, editor; Doug Fleener, art director; Christianity Today International, publisher. The judges said, “The articles held my attention and made me want to read on and on. This magazine had the feel closest of a secular similar publication. Significance of content within publication purpose was great. No other entry meshed the magazine’s purpose and content better in a package that was lively and attractive. This magazine, more than any other, felt like a secular equivalent, but with a focus on sharing and keeping faith.”

Awards of Merit: Breakaway. Michael Ross, editor; Michael Heath, art director; Focus on the Family, publisher. Clubhouse. Jesse Florea, editor; Peg Mamalakis, art director; Focus on the Family, publisher.

 Baptist Messenger

Most Improved Publication

Award of Excellence: Baptist Messenger. Ray E. Sanders, editor; Bryan Barros, art director; Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, publisher. The judges said, “Both years included particularly clear, easy reading. The biggest change appeared to be visual. The addition of cover stories and features was a signifi cant improvement. Total cover packages well varied and creative in their ideas, including use of graphics and photos.”

Awards of Merit: The Clarion. Cory Streeter, editor; Anna Husted, art director; Bethel University, publisher. Truth in Motion . Harold Goerzen, editor; Dayna Garland, art director; HCJB Global, publisher.

Higher Goals Awards

Article Series

  • First Place : Word Alive, “Bible and Translation in India” by Dwayne Janke
  • Second Place : Leadership, “The Christian Vision Project: The Church and Mission” by Marshall Shelley and Andy Crouch
  • Third Place : ONE Magazine , “Thriving in Retirement” by Norma Jackson Goldman

Judge: Stephen Scott, journalist, www.MinnPost.com

Biblical Exposition

  • First Place : Christianity Today, “What Did Paul Really Mean?” by Simon Gathercole
  • Second Place : Enrichment journal , “The Sins of Generational Curse” by W.E. Nunnally
  • Third Place : Church of God Evangel, “Water Baptism” by Jackie David Johns
  • Fourth Place : Christianity Today Online, “Reductionist Justice” by Walter C. Kaiser, Jr.
  • Fifth Place : Today’s Pentecostal Evangel, “Ten Billion Crosses” by Ken Horn

Judge: Roger Stronstad, professor of Bible and Theology, Summit Pacific College


  • First Place : Christianity Today, “Still, I miss the seasons” by Pete Mueller
  • Second Place : Enrichment journal, “We call him ‘Ol Yeller,’ but he doesn’t die at the end” by Tim Walburg
  • Third Place : Clubhouse Jr., “The Blazing Furnace!” by Dennis Jones
  • Fourth Place : Sojourners, “Guys! The turnovers are killing us!” by Brad Veley
  • Fifth Place: The Banner, “How Satan lies to us today” by Dik LaPine

Judge: John McPherson, syndicated cartoonist

Cause of the Year—Hunger

  • First Place : Christianity Today, “Famine Again?” by Tim Stafford
  • Second Place : Good News, Etc., “Who will touch the Child? A storyteller’s tale of hunger, hope and healing” by Stu Smith
  • Third Place : Leadership, “Alien Nation” by Isaac Canales
  • Fourth Place : Christian History & Biography , “The Starving Body of Christ” by Bradley Nassif
  • Fifth Place : Kindred Spirit, “Why Feed the Hungry?” by Kelley Matthews and Shannon Brasel

Judge: Ronald J. Sider, professor of Theology, Holistic Ministry and Public Policy, Palmer Seminary


  • First Place : Ministry Today, “Church @ Home” by Karen Grindley and Joe De Leon
  • Second Place : Leadership, “Visualcy” by Doug Fleener
  • Third Place : Christianity Today, “Blessed are the Barren” by Anita Kunz
  • Fourth Place : Clubhouse, “Wild River” by James Shepherd
  • Fifth Place : Enrichment journal, “Embracing Diversity” by Gary Locke

Judge: Robert E. Ayers, Publication Design, Inc.

Critical Review

  • First Place (tie): The Banner, “The Strange World of Ted Dekker” by Edirin Ibru; E-Quality, “Guy ‘Secrets’ Revealed? Mixed Messages for Teenagers in For Young Women Only ” by Megan Greulich
  • Second Place : Inside Out, “Help for the Hidden Victims of Addiction: The Families” by Becky Beane
  • Third Place : SCP Journal & Newsletter, “Ironies of Disbelief: Militant Atheism and the Law of Unintended Consequences” by Brooks Alexander
  • Fourth Place (tie): Leadership, “It’s a Flat World After All” by Mark Buchanan; PRISM, “I’m Shouting!” by Al Tizon

Judge: Jeff Strickler, newspaper reporter, Minneapolis Star Tribune


  • First Place : Ignite Your Faith, “When God Got Mad” by Mark Galli
  • Second Place : Biola Connections, “Remember Your Landmark and Your Left Hand” by Donald Sunukjian
  • Third Place : Breakaway, “You’ve Got an All-Access Pass to God” by Joshua Cooley
  • Fourth Place : InSite, “Strengthening Summer Staff” by Dan Bolin
  • Fifth Place : Today’s Christian, “Lessons from Children’s Church” by Beverly Dillard

Judge: Jeanette Gardner Littleton, freelance writer, editor, and consultant


  • First Place : The Alabama Baptist, “Walking and Chewing Gum at the Same Time” by Bob Terry
  • Second Place : Christianity Today Online, “On Not Transforming the World” by Mark Galli
  • Third Place : Christian Retailing, “Consuming Questions and the ‘Shopocalypse’ “ by Andy Butcher
  • Fourth Place : Christianity Today, “Missions Isn’t Safe” by David Neff, Sr., editor in chief, and Mark Galli, managing editor

Judge: David S. Awbrey, retired journalist, teacher, journalism instructor

Evangelism Article

  • First Place : In Touch, “Adopted by God” by Christina DiMari
  • Second Place : Sojourners, “The Foolishness of the Cross” by Joe Roos

Judge: Dean Merrill, independent author/collaborator


  • First Place : Clubhouse Jr., “Copycat Fever” by Kelly J. Carey
  • Second Place : CLEAR Horizon, “I Killed a Man Once” by Nic Dennis
  • Third Place : Clubhouse, “Swimming with Sharks” by Jonathan Friesen
  • Fourth Place : Breakaway, “The Lost City” by Byrn T. Jones
  • Fifth Place : Ignite Your Faith, “When it Rains” by Jamie Geer and Catherine Newhouse

Judge: Bette E. Nordberg, book author

First Person Article

  • First Place : Books & Culture, “Naming God” by Virginia Stem Owens
  • Second Place : Sojourners, “Lord, What Shall I Eat? How Much Should I Weigh?” by Laurel Rae Mathewson
  • Third Place : Willow , “Three Pounds Too Late” by Valerie Bell
  • Fourth Place : MomSense, “Smooching in the Kitchen” by Tamara Kramer
  • Fifth Place : Plain Truth, “Pictures of a Father” by Bill Vossler

Judge: Lil Copan, senior editor, Paraclete Press

Freelance Article

  • First Place : InSite, “A Heart for Special Kids” by Joyce K. Ellis
  • Second Place : ByFaith, “Can You Renew the City and Neglect Its Schools?” and “Seeking Peace and Prosperity for the City,” two-part article by Carolyn Curtis

Judge: Andy Scheer, managing editor, Christian Writers Guild

General Article: Long

  • First Place : Breakaway , “End Slavery Now” by Jeremy V. Jones
  • Second Place: Inside Out, “A Parent’s Heartbreak: When the Prodigal Goes to Prison” by Becky Beane
  • Third Place : Today’s Pentecostal Evangel, “10 Things Your Kids May Not Tell You” by Christina Quick
  • Fourth Place : Women of the Harvest online Magazine, “Laura’s Underwear Theory of Cultural Adaptation” by Laura T. de Gomez
  • Fifth Place : Leadership, “Glimpses of Glory” by Skye Jethani

Judge: Michael Longinow, chair of the Department of Journalism and the advisor of The Chimes newspaper at Biola University

General Article: Short

  • First Place : Today’s Pentecostal Evangel, “Repo Man” by James Meredith and Scott Harrup
  • Second Place : BGC World, “The Harvest That Came Late” by Karl Lachler
  • Third Place : Minnesota Christian Chronicle, “GodTube Offers Local Pastor, Communities Worldwide Evangelical Opportunity” by Nicole McKay
  • Fourth Place : Ignite Your Faith, “Loving the Unlovable” by Todd Hertz
  • Fifth Place: The Good News in South Florida, “It’s No Secret” by Didi Williamson

Judge: Holly G. Miller, senior editor, Saturday Evening Post, author, faculty professional in residence, Anderson University

Humorous Article

  • First Place : MomSense, “Potty Talk” by Shannon Popkin
  • Second Place : Christianity Today Online, “An Exclusive Interview with James Cameron” by Ted Olsen
  • Third Place : Sojourners, “Nor’easters for Peace” by Ed Spivey, Jr.
  • Fourth Place : In Touch, “Rock-Solid Winner!” by Dave Meurer
  • Fifth Place : Ignite Your Faith, “High School Would be Easier if You Were . . .” by Todd Hertz

Judge: Robert Stromberg, professional comic, speaker, writer, and author

Interview Article

  • First Place : Priscilla Papers, “Reflections on Christian Community: An Interview with Gilbert Bilezikian” by Glen G. Scorgie
  • Second Place : Christianity Today, “The Evangelical Elite: An Interview with Michael Lindsay” by Tim Stafford
  • Third Place : Christian Retailing, “So Much Product Is Very Baby Boomer: An Interview with Ken Peterson” by Andy Butcher
  • Fourth Place : Christianity Today Movies (ChristianityTodaymovies.com), “Make ‘Em Laugh: An Interview with Tom Shadyac” by Mark Moring
  • Fifth Place : Marriage Partnership, “Spirituality and Sex? An Interview with Michael Sytsma, Doug Sytsma, Christopher Sytsma, and Debra Sytsma” by Ginger Kolbaba

Judge: Ken Sidey, writer and editor for Campus Crusade for Christ and Christianity Today

Original Art

  • First Place : Discipleship Journal, “Octopus on the Altar” by Ken Westphal
  • Second Place : Charisma, “Don’t Be Obsessed” by Tom Labaff
  • Third Place : Breakaway, “Lost at Sea” by Michael Heath
  • Fourth Place : Today’s Pentecostal Evangel, “Kids’ Edition” by Gary Locke

Judge: John Johanek, Publication Design, Inc.

Personality Article

  • First Place : SEND!, “Leading Others to Liberty” by Shelly Moon
  • Second Place : Today’s Christian, “Gentle Warrior” by Michael W. Michelsen, Jr.
  • Third Place : Decision, “Ruth Bell Graham: A Life Well Lived” by Kristen Burke, with reporting by Amanda Knoke, Jerri Menges, and Bob Paulson
  • Fourth Place : Clubhouse, “Rocket Man” by Rick Houston
  • Fifth Place : Ignite Your Faith, “Addicted to Porn” by Shaun Groves

Judge: Amy Hammond Hagberg, freelance author, ghostwriter and speaker

Photo Feature

  • First Place : Decision, “Ruth Bell Graham: A Life Well Lived” by Jarod Sutphin, Photographer; Kristen Burke, Writer
  • Second Place : World Vision, “Congo: Portrait of a Neglected Crisis” by Jon Warren, Photographer; Kari Costanza, Writer
  • Third Place : Today’s Pentecostal Evangel, “Ecuador’s Soul Searchers” by Gaylon Wampler, Photographer; Kirk Noonan, Writer
  • Fourth Place : Worldwide Challenge, “A Home for Matthew” by Tom Mills, Photographer; Chris Lawrence, Writer
  • Fifth Place : Christianity Today, “The Good Shepherds” by Gary Irvin, Photographer; Rob Moll, Writer

Judge: Gary Fong, Genesis Photo Agency and former director of Editorial Graphics Technology, San Francisco Chronicle


  • First Place : Sojourners, “The Revelator” by Michael Borich
  • Second Place : Clubhouse Jr., “If I Were a Lion” by Joan Stevenson

Judge: Scott Cairns, professor of English and director of Creative Writing at the University of Missouri

Publication Design

  • First Place : Leadership, designer Doug Fleener
  • Second Place : Ministry Today, designers Karen Grindley and Joe De Leon
  • Third Place : Answers Magazine, designers Dan Stelzer, Tommy Moore, and Brandie Lucas
  • Fourth Place : Today’s Christian Woman, designers Doug Johnson and Emily LaHood
  • Fifth Place : Christianity Today, designers Gary Gnidovic and Alecia Sharp

Judge: John Johanek, Publication Design, Inc.

Publication Redesign

  • First Place : Leadership, designer Doug Fleener
  • Second Place : Preaching, designers Allison May, Andrew Scates, Martina Ahlbrandt, and Jonathan Starr
  • Third Place : Reformed Quarterly, designer Bill Henderson Design
  • Fourth Place : Just Between Us, Hope Certalic, designer

Judge: Robert E. Ayers, Publication Design, Inc.


  • First Place : PRISM, “The Faith to Save Mountains,” by Josh MacIvor- Andersen
  • Second Place : Advance, “Humans for Sale” by Ken Walker
  • Third Place : Today’s Christian, “Going Green” by Jocelyn C. Green
  • Fourth Place : Leadership, “Five Kinds of Christians” by Helen Lee
  • Fifth Place : Biola Connections, “Atheism’s New Bulldog” by Holly Pivec

Judge: Laura C. Johnson, news editor at Columbia Missourian and instructor at the University of Missouri School of Journalism

Single Photo/Candid

  • First Place : Today’s Pentecostal Evangel, “Shuar Children Cool Off in a Ditch of Rainwater” by Gaylon Wampler
  • Second Place : Sojourners , “Vincent Harding” by Ryan Rodrick Beiler
  • Third Place : ONE Magazine, “Hope for the Nations — Tribal Children in Doropo , Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa” by Sean Warren
  • Fourth Place : SEND!, “Asian Couple Praying for Man” by Terry Dryden
  • Fifth Place : World Vision, “Afghanistan: Battle-Scarred Courage” by Mary Kate MacIsaac

Judge: Randy Bacon, professional photographer and gallery/studio owner

Single Photo/Controlled Setting

  • First Place : On Mission, “A Vision of Heaven” by Nathan Harmon
  • Second Place : Christianity Today, “The Good Shepherds” by Gary Irving
  • Third Place : TWR, “Portrait of Mature Man, Kenya, Africa” by Albert Normandin
  • Fourth Place : Today’s Christian Woman, “Tammy Trent” by Russ Harrington
  • Fifth Place : Decision, “Abraham Piper (and his parents, John and Noël Piper)” by Dawn Villela

Judge: Randy Bacon, professional photographer and gallery/studio owner

Single-Theme Section/Issue

  • First Place : Sojourners, Trade Justice; Jim Rice, editor
  • Second Place : Christian History & Biography, Gnosticism and the Early Church; David Neff, editor
  • Third Place : Willow , The iPologetics of Innovation; Paul Braoudakis, editor
  • Fourth Place : E-Quality, Domestic Abuse and the Church; Megan Greulich, editor
  • Fifth Place : Decision , Ruth Bell Graham 1920–2007; Bob Paulson, editor

Judge: Holly G. Miller, senior editor, Saturday Evening Post; author; faculty professional in residence, Anderson University.

Standing Column

  • First Place : Advance, “View Point” by Bill Shepson
  • Second Place : Sojourners, “Hearts & Minds” by Jim Wallis
  • Third Place : Plain Truth, “Tender Mercies” by Ruth Tucker
  • Fourth Place : Reformed Worship, “Come and See” by Dean Heetderks
  • Fifth Place : Ignite Your Faith, “The Wild Ways of Jesus” by Mark Galli

Judge: Thomas W. Schaefer, book author, columnist, and former editor with The Wichita Eagle , Wichita, Kansas

Two-Page Spread Design

  • First Place : Pray!, “In the Meantime” by Lisa Pence
  • Second Place : Ministry Today, “Iglesia en America” by Karen Grindley
  • Third Place : Compassion Magazine, “An African Childhood” by Andy Meyer/Grey Matter Group
  • Fourth Place : Discipleship Journal, “How To Love Those Who Annoy You” by Adele Mulford
  • Fifth Place : Word Alive, “Breaking the Silence” by Laird Salkeld

Judge: John Johanek, Publication Design, Inc.

Typography & Lettering

  • First Place : Charisma, “Another Chapter Another Song” by Joe De Leon
  • Second Place : EFCA Today, “In Pieces: The Power and Beauty of Brokenness” by Matt Pamer/Journey Group
  • Third Place : Ministry Today, “Iglesia en America” by Karen Grindley
  • Fourth Place : In Touch, “On the Way to Emmaus” by Lisa Dyches
  • Fifth Place : Answers Magazine, “A Catastrophic Breakup” by Dan Stelzer

Judge: Robert E. Ayers, Publication Design, Inc.

The EPA awards presentation is made possible by the work of a volunteer committee from various publications and ministries of the General Council of the Assemblies of God. It is headed this year by Paul W. Smith of Gospel Publishing House. Other committee members include: Rick Knoth, Steve Lopez, Richard Schoonover, and Connie Cross from Enrichment journal; Ken Horn and Ron Kopczick from Today’s Pentecostal Evangel ; Darla Knoth from WTOnline magazine, Lori Van Veen from National Girls Ministries, and Kathy Wrinkle from Gospel Publishing House.