2010 Higher Goals Awards

First Place: Plugged In Online, “Not Just a Movie” by Paul Asay.

Second Place: The Alabama Baptist, “Electronic ‘bingo’ gambling” by Jennifer Davis Rash, Sondra Washington.

Third Place: Baptist Press, “Denominational Statistics” by Will Hall.

Fourth Place: Christianity Today, “The Global Conversation” by Christopher Wright, J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu, Joseph Cumming.

Fifth Place: The Christian Post, “Dr. Ralph D. Winter” by Michelle Vu, Eric Young, Kenneth Chan.

Judge: Gayle White, free-lance writer who spent 36 years with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, including 15-plus years as religion reporter.


Best Blog: Noncorporate


First Place: Gospel Soundcheck by Joanne Brokaw.

Second Place: SKYEBOX by Skye Jethani.

Third Place: Faith Deployed: Spiritual Support for Military Wives by Jocelyn Green.

Judge: Mark A. Kellner, news editor for the Adventist Review and Adventist World magazines in Silver Spring, Md.


Biblical Exposition


First Place: Priscilla Papers, “First Timothy 2:12, the Ordination of Women, and Paul’s Use of Creation Narratives” by John Jefferson Davis.

Second Place: Enrichment, “Binding and Loosing: A Biblical Perspective on a Popular Modern Practice” by W.E. Nunnally.

Third Place: Christianity Today, “Still The Way, The Truth, and The Life” by John R. Franke.

Fourth Place: Leadership, “Walls Do Talk” by Paul Louis Metzger.

Fifth Place: Mennonite Brethren Herald, “Thinking about the atonement” by Timothy Geddert.

Judge: Dr. William Menzies, president emeritus of the Asia Pacific Theological Seminary and former editor of Pneuma, journal of the Society for Pentecostal Studies.




First Place: Mennonite Brethren Herald, “Santa’s first Christmas” by Brad Huebert.

Second Place: Clubhouse Jr., “Francis Learns Forgiveness” by Andy J. Smith, Bill Myers.

Third Place: The Lutheran Witness, “Shedding Some Light” by Ed Koehler.

Fourth Place: Enrichment, “Pastor, your personal GPS shows you are at Marge’s Donut Den” by Tim Walburg.

Fifth Place: Your Church, “Church Collateral” by David Harbaugh.

Judge: John McPherson, syndicated cartoonist and past EPA judge.


Cause of the Year: God as Creator


First Place: Sojourners, “Pay Attention to the Birds” by Ched Myers.

Second Place: Christianity Today Online, “Chaos Theology” by Mark Galli.

Third Place: Enrichment, “A Celebration of Creation” by Patti Townley-Covert.

Fourth Place: The Alabama Baptist, “Brinkmanship with Nature” by Bob Terry.

Fifth Place: Christianity Today, “Augustine’s Origin of Species” by Alister McGrath.

Judge: Ed Brown, director of Care of Creation, an environmental and missions organization, and author of Our Father’s World.


Critical Review


First Place: The Lutheran Witness, “Hack The Shack?” by Steven B. Borst.

Second Place: Christianity Today, “Meager Harvest” by Telford Work.

Third Place: Leadership, “How a Mighty Church Falls” by Gordon MacDonald.

Fourth Place: New Reasons to Believe, “Crossed off the List: Is the Cross Shape of Laminin Evidence for the Creator?” by Fazale Rana.

Fifth Place: Christianity Today Online, “‘No Line on the Horizon’ Is No Radical Reinvention of U2 (Hooray!)” by Andy Whitman.

Judge: Dr. Dennis E. Hensley, professor and chairman, Professional Writing Department at Taylor University in Upland, Ind. He has authored 51 books plus 3,000 newspaper and magazine articles.




First Place: alife, “Extinguish Your Torches” by Carol Strong.

Second Place: ONE, “He Has Big Faith” by Clint Morgan.

Third Place: Christianity Today, “Three Gifts for Hard Times” by William J. Stuntz.

Fourth Place: Kindred Spirit, “See above the Clouds” by Chuck Swindoll.

Fifth Place: Pentecostal Evangel, “Somebody’s Watching You!” by Jerry D. Scott.

Judge: Dr. Carolyn Tennant, professor of English at North Central University in Minneapolis, an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God, and author of a 365-day devotional book.




First Place: Christianity Today, “Is the Gay Marriage Debate Over?” by Mark Galli.

Second Place: Out of Ur, “Skye Jethani: Generation of Sarcasm” by Skye Jethani.

Third Place: The Alabama Baptist, “Can History Repeat Itself?” by Bob Terry.

Fourth Place: Christianity Today Online, “The New (Evangelical) Mainline” by Mark Galli.

Fifth Place: Sojourners, “The Urgency of Civility” by Jim Wallis.

Judge: David Awbrey, journalist and author of Reality Lesson: The Education of a Journalist in an American Classroom.


Evangelism Article


First place: Enrichment, “Reaching People Who Are Far From God: Implications for Church Planting” by David Kinnaman.

Second place: Pentecostal Evangel, “Why You Need a Savior” by Steve Lim.

Third place: Leadership, “The Gospel for iGens” by Scot McKnight.

Fourth place: Your Church, “Bringing Joy to the World” by Lee Dean.

Judge: Roger Palms, former EPA president and board member who was editor of Decision magazine for nearly 22 years.




First place: Horizon, “Summer’s End” by Marlene J. Chase.

Second place: Clubhouse, “Pretty Much Perfect” by Jonathan Friesen.

Judge: Bette Nordberg, full-time writer who has authored six fiction and five nonfiction titles including her latest novel, Genoa Bay.


First-Person Article


First place: Indian Life, “Lost and Found: The Story of Bill Pagaran” by Bill Pagaran as told to Karen Koczwara.

Second place: ONE, “Faith Is Her Middle Name” by David Amburgey.

Third place: The Banner, “A Silent Dwelling” by Mark Mulder.

Fourth place: Mennonite Brethren Herald, “Are you sure God is good?” by Russ Toews.

Fifth place: Leadership, “The God Bearers” by Lieutenant Commander Bruce Crouterfield.

Judge: Jeanette Littleton, owner of Jeanette Gardner Littleton Publication Services and former editor with EPA-member publications. She has written more than 5,000 articles.


General Article: Long


First place: World Vision, “Five Days of Hunger” by Kari Costanza.

Second place: Leadership, “Can Your Church Handle the Truth?” by Matt Russell with Angie Ward.

Third place: Christian Week, “Hydro power at whose expense?” by Josiah Neufeld.

Fourth place: Christianity Today, “The Case for Early Marriage” by Mark Regnerus.

Fifth place: IN PART, “One Christian to another” by David Weaver-Zercher.

Judge: George Jeffrey MacDonald, correspondent for Religion News Service and author of Thieves in the Temple.


General Article: Short


First place: Worldwide Challenge, “East Meets Midwest” by Jess Fong.

Second place: Manna, “Is Showing Skin Sin?” by Randy Walter.

Third place: Leadership, “Messy, Costly, Dirty Ministry” by Mark Buchanan.

Fourth place: The Banner, “A Silent Dwelling” by Mark Mulder.

Fifth place: BIOLA, “The Yolklore Lives On” by Jason Newell.

Judge: Dr. Michael A. Longinow, chairman, Department of Journalism at Biola University in La Mirada, Calif.




First place: Sojourners, “An Innocent in the Land of Facebook” by Ed Spivey, Jr.

Second place: Clubhouse, “Valentine’s Day Dilemma” by Bob Smiley.

Third place: The Column, “It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s … a Baptist?” by Ryan Howard and Jacob Wielgus.

Fourth place: Out of Ur, “The Next BIG Things” by Url Scaramanga.

Judge: Jim Dahlman, associate professor of communications at Milligan College in Tennessee and freelance journalist; former editor of Pastor’s Family and The Lookout who grew up with a deep appreciation for Rocky & Bullwinkle, Bugs Bunny, and Johnny Carson.


Interview Article


First Place: Christian Music Today, “Rising from the Valley of Death” by Mark Moring.

Second Place: Wheaton, “Navigating Cultural Seas” by Dr. Javier Comboni.

Third Place: Sojourners, “The Truth Smirks” by Jim Wallis.

Fourth Place: On Mission, “Calm in Chaos” by Carol Pipes.

Fifth Place: Your Church, “Budget Bullseye” by Marian Liautaud.

Judge: Dr. Dale Brown, chairman, English Department at King College in Bristol, Tenn., and author of two interview collections, Of Fiction and Faith and Conversation With American Writers.


Personality Article


First Place: Christianity Today, “The Controversialist” by Molly Worthen.

Second Place: Christianity Today Online, “A Song Grows in Brooklyn” by Alissa Wilkinson.

Third Place: On Mission, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Savior” by Mickey Noah.

Fourth Place: Sojourners, “Hawks Against the Bomb” by Tyler Wigg-Stevenson.

Fifth Place: Clubhouse, “Extreme Faith” by Joanna Lutz.

Judge: Joel Kilpatrick, award-winning journalist and author of A Field Guide to Evangelicals and Their Habitat.




First Place: Sojourners, “This the Morning” by Scott Cairns.

Second Place: Priscilla Papers, “I Have Known Enough Saints” by H. Edgar Hix.

Third Place: Clubhouse Jr., “The Fizzy, Pink Drink” by Laura Sassi.

Fourth Place: Indian Life, “David’s Psalm” by David Bechtel.

Fifth Place: Mennonite Brethren Herald, “In the Garden” by Sarah Klassen.

Judge: Jeanne Murray Walker, professor of English at the University of Delaware in Newark, and author of a book of poetry, New Tracks, Night Falling.




First Place: PRISM, “Mixing It Up in Downtown Atlanta” by Josh MacIvor-Andersen.

Second Place: Leadership, “Trouble Brewing” by Eric Reed.

Third Place: World Vision, “Taking Cover” by James Addis.

Fourth Place: The Lutheran Witness, “In Bethlehem: Hope Behind the Wall” by David L. Mahsman.

Fifth Place: On Mission, “Faith on the Front Lines” by Carol Pipes.

Judge: Laura C. Johnston, assistant professor, School of Journalism at the University of Missouri in Columbia.


Single-Theme Section or Issue


First Place: Pentecostal Evangel, “Kids Edition” by Christina Quick, Kelly Bevill, Jennifer McClure, Scott Harrup.

Second Place: Enrichment, “When Ministry Hurts: Healing for the Wounded Leader” by Gary Allen, M. Wayne Benson, David Horner, Don Detrick, John Setser, Dale O. Wolery, Leslie E. Welk, Kent J. Ingle, Glenn Daman, Wayde I. Goodall, George O. Wood, T. Ray Rachels, Trisha Mathews.

Third Place: Word Alive, “Let Hands Speak & Eyes Listen” by Dwayne Janke.

Fourth Place: Sojourners, “Growing a Green Economy” by Julie Polter, Jeannie Choi, Celeste Kennel-Shank, Bill Wylie-Kellerman, Bill McKibben, Rose Marie Berger, Molly Marsh, Dale Hanson Bourke, Danny Duncan Collum.

Fifth Place: On Mission, “Faith on the Front Lines: Chaplains are the soul and conscience of our nation’s military” by Carol Pipes.

Judge: Kevin Eckstrom, editor, Religion News Service, adjunct professor, Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, and former religion editor of The Stuart News and The St. Lucie News Tribune (Fla.).


Standing Column


First Place: IN PART, “Parting Words” by Perry Engle.

Second Place: ONE, “One to One” by Keith Burden.

Third Place: World Vision, “From the President” by Rich Stearns.

Fourth Place: Wheaton, “President’s Commentary” by Dr. Duane Litfi n.

Fifth Place: Christianity Today, “Wrestling With Angels” by Carolyn Arends.

Judge: Holly G. Miller, contributing editor, The Saturday Evening Post, and professional-in-residence at Anderson (Ind.) University. She is the co-author of the textbook Feature and Magazine Writing.


Student Writer of the Year


First Place: Answers, “Wired for Extremes” by Heather M. Brinson.

Second Place: Record, “A Dream Comes True in Appalachia” by Benjamin Leaman.

Third Place: Christian Examiner, “Leaving on a high note: Professor reaches out in Rwanda, while confronting own mortality” by Nathan Scharn.

Fourth Place: Sojourners, “Breaking Boundaries” by Onleilove Alston.

Fifth Place: The Lutheran Witness, “From Seminary to Starbucks — and Beyond” by Dave Ficken.

Judge: Jocelyn Green, author of Faith Deployed and co-author of Battlefields & Blessings.




First Place: World Vision, “Haunted by Hunger” by Jon Warren, photographer; Journey Group, designer.

Second Place: Pentecostal Evangel, “Divine Healing” by Marc McBride, designer.

Third Place: 6:8 Magazine, “A Rock of Hope in Ethiopia” by Lisa Lewis, designer.

Fourth Place: Point, “Ignite!” by Pamela Nelsen, designer.

Fifth Place: Sojourners, “All Creation is Waiting” by Michael Duva, designer; Getty Images, photographer.

Judge: Robert Ayers, founding partner and president of Publication Design, Inc., and former art director of Organic Gardening.


Original Art: Traditional


First Place: BIOLA, “The Church in a Missional Age” by Tim Jessell.

Second Place: Enrichment, “When Sheep Attack” by Gary Locke.

Third Place: Sojourners, “Abortion Debate” by Ken Davis.

Fourth Place: Pentecostal Evangel, “Growing Up in a YouTube Generation” by Gary Locke.

Fifth Place: Clubhouse, “Frosty Fight” by Young Min Yoon.

Judge: John Johanek, founding partner of Publication Design, Inc., and former art director of Popular Mechanics.


Original Art: Digital/Mixed Media


First Place: EFCA Today, “Hidden Danger” by Emmanuel Polanco.

Second Place: Leadership, “The Sin Tamer” by Doug Fleener.

Third Place: PRISM, “Promises, Promises” by Karen Newe.

Fourth Place: On Mission, “When the Nations Come to Us” by Esther Bunning.

Judge: Keith Locke, creative director, Mergent Media, and former creative director for the Pentecostal Evangel and at Outreach, Inc.


Photo Feature


First Place: World Vision, “Five Days of Hunger” by Kari Costanza, writer; Jon Warren, photographer; Journey Group, designer.

Second Place: Worldwide Challenge, “The Village Church” by Becky Hill, writer; Tom Mills, photographer; Journey Group, designer.

Third Place: Pentecostal Evangel, “Africa’s Holocaust” by Don Tucker, writer; Gaylon Wampler, photographer.

Fourth Place: Christianity Today, “Cuba” by Jeremy Weber, writer; Gary Gnidovic, photographer.

Fifth Place: On Mission, “Braving Alaska” by Jami Becher, writer; Ted Wilcox, photographer; Steve Beaver, designer.

Judge: Mark Sandlin, director, photographic technologies, Southern Living magazine.


Publication Design


First Place: Enrichment, Steve Lopez, designer.

Second Place: Sports Spectrum, Steve Gier, Laurie Nelson, designers.

Third Place: Leadership, Doug Fleener, designer.

Fourth Place: Answers, Dan Stelzer, designer.

Fifth Place: Sojourners, Ed Spivey Jr., designer.

Judge: John Johanek, founding partner of Publication Design, Inc., and former art director of Popular Mechanics.


Publication Redesign


First Place: Christianity Today, Gary Gnidovic, Alecia Sharp, designers.

Second Place: Sojourners, Ed Spivey Jr., designer.

Judge: John Johanek, founding partner of Publication Design, Inc., and former art director of Popular Mechanics.


Single Photo: Candid


First Place: World Vision, “Matriarch Ekomol” by Jon Warren.

Second Place: 6:8 Magazine, “Ethiopian Women and Malnourished Child” by Rodney Rascona.

Third Place: The Lutheran Witness, “Young Cambodian Christian” by Amy Riley.

Fourth Place: Word Alive, “Vital Signs” by Alan Hood.

Fifth Place: Pentecostal Evangel, “Feeding the Children” by Jeff Nene.

Judge: Mark Sandlin, director, photographic technologies, Southern Living magazine.


Single Photo: Controlled Setting


First Place: World Vision, “Starry Night” by Jon Warren.

Second Place: Record, “Rojo” by David Sacks.

Third Place: Decision, “Then Sings My Soul” by Tim Burleson.

Fourth Place: The Alabama Baptist, “Memorable Music” by John Godbey.

Fifth Place: Mennonite Brethren Herald, “Food and Fellowship” by Audrey Plew.

Judge: James Pauls, photographer and owner of Eyecrave LLC.


Two-Page Spread Design


First Place: IN PART, “An indelible mark” by Nate Bridi.

Second Place: Answers, “Skin, Our Living Armor” by Dan Stelzer.

Third Place: Sports Spectrum, “Epic Faith” by Steve Gier.

Fourth Place: PRISM, “God, Guns, and Guts?” by James H. Glass.

Fifth Place: New Reasons to Believe, “Tetrapod Transitions: Evidence for Design” by Jonathan Price.

Judge: John Johanek, founding partner of Publication Design, Inc., and former art director of Popular Mechanics.


Typography And Lettering


First Place: Word Alive, “Alphabet Makers” by Laird Salkeld.

Second Place: Worldwide Challenge, “On The Edge” by Journey Group.

Third Place: Decision, “When Things Are Down, Look Up” by Peter Taylor, John Jung.

Fourth Place: Answers, “The Splendor of Thorns” by Dan Stelzer.

Fifth Place: IN PART, “An indelible mark” by Nate Bridi.

Judge: Robert Ayers, founding partner and president of Publication Design, Inc., and former art director of Organic Gardening.


Freelance Article


First Place: “Ministry That Gets Messy” by EPA associate member Carolyn Curtis, in By Faith.

Judge: Andy Scheer, managing editor, Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild, and former managing editor of Moody magazine.