2021 Annual Directory Now Available

The 2021 Member Handbook and Directory was mailed to all members in early July. The 112-page book contains everything one needs to know about EPA including its history, the statement of faith, code of ethics the latest version of the bylaws, and a full listing of every EPA member.

View the directory here (login required)


  • Board of Directors
  • Past Executive Directors
  • Past Executive Secretaries
  • Past Presidents
  • Convention Locations
  • Statement of Faith
  • About EPA
  • Who Are We?
  • Who Can Join EPA?
  • Journalism Scholarship Program
  • FAQs
  • Member Benefits and Programs
  • Benefit Partners
  • Quick Guide to Member Benefits
  • Joseph Bayly Award for Outstanding Service
  • Awards Contest Winners List
  • Guidelines for Editor/Writer Relationships
  • Code of Ethics
  • Complaint Resolution Procedure
  • EPA Bylaws
  • Other Religious Press Associations
  • Guide to Publication Categories
  • Members Emeritus
  • Publication Member Profiles
  • Associate Member Profiles
  • Affiliate Member Profiles
  • Publication Staff List
  • Category Index
  • Geographic Index

The printing of the annual directory is made possible by a special sponsorship agreement with Freeport Press.