Ask the Director: Free help wanted ads

Dear Director:

I am thinking of writing to area businesses offering free help wanted ads in my newspaper. I would send another letter to every church in our area announcing our new jobs section.

I would hope the following would happen: people finding employment, heightened awareness/interest in the paper resulting in increasing circulation and locations, the paper filling an important role in the community, as well as opportunities for new display advertising.

I have been thinking of putting this online, where it would be much easier for us, but we thought if we did it in print, it would result in a boost.

Your thoughts?



Dear Altruist:

Sounds like a great idea. Giving free “help wanted” ads makes it clear that the paper is looking for ways to serve its community – that it’s not all about money. It creates a positive connection with Christian  businesses, and gives people one more reason to pick up the paper. Unless “help wanted” ads have previously been a big source of revenue, I don’t think there’s a down-side to this.

--Former Director, Doug Trouten