Ask the Director

Over the years, the role of EPA’s executive director has grown to include a fair amount of consultation to the members. Former director, Doug Trouten, realized that many of the answers he provided to individual inquiries would be helpful for the entire membership. One of EPA’s board members suggested adding an “Ask Doug” section to the EPA site. Here’s how Doug put it:

“One of the fun things about being the executive director of EPA is that members seek my input on all kinds of questions. Turns out part of the gig is being a ‘publishing consultant to the world.’ And people actually seem to take my opinion seriously (much more seriously than they would if they actually knew me). My wife insists that this is because of my two decades of award-winning professional experience and my extensive graduate study in the field of journalism. But I think it's the title. People like titles, and ‘executive director’ makes it sound like I'm a guy who gives direction to executives.”

With EPA’s new URL and EPA’s new director, the section name has changed to “Ask the Director.” Doug’s wit and wisdom have been recast in this updated section and his entries are attributed to him. Do you have a nagging question? Send it in to with “Ask the Director” in the subject line and the EPA team will do their best to come up with a useful answer.