2000 Awards

EPA Awards of Excellence

Christian Ministries

Award of Excellence: Leadership, Marshall Shelley, editor; Christianity Today, Inc., publisher. "The 'take-away' value for the reader is outstanding. You are definitely meeting your stated objectives. Many of your readers must keep issues handy for years for quick reference."

Awards of Merit: Journal of Christian Nursing, Judy Shelly, editor; Melodee Yohe, managing editor; InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, publisher. Youthworker Journal, Dave Urbanski, editor; CCM Communications, Inc., publisher.


Award of Excellence: Light and Life, Doug Newton, editor; John Van Valin, publisher. "The writing is clear, energetic and tightly edited. Your readers must rise up and call you blessed each time they open their mailboxes and find the current issue."

Awards of Merit: Beacon, Diane McDougall, editor; Evangelical Free Church of America, publisher. Church of God Evangel, Bill George, editor; Pathway Press, publisher. Enrichment Journal, Wayde Goodall, editor; General Council of the Assemblies of God, publisher.


Award of Excellence: The Life@Work Journal, Stephen Caldwell, editor; The Life@Work Co., publisher. "This is a refreshingly unique, rich, artfully crafted magazine. It's one of the best out there--secular or Christian. It clicks in every category. The content is compelling, whether you're in the business world or not."

Awards of Merit: Christian History, Mark Galli, editor; Christianity Today, Inc., publisher. Christianity Today, David Neff, editor; Christianity Today, Inc., publisher. Moody, Andrew Scheer, editor; Greg Thornton, Moody Bible Institute, publisher.


Award of Excellence: On Mission, Carolyn Curtis, editor; North American Mission Board, publisher. "Many missionary magazines give informational reports on missionary activities, but you go beyond that and show the Christian layperson how to become active in the Great Commission on a local basis."

Awards of Merit: World Vision Today, Shelly Ngo, editor; Richard E. Stearns, president. Leaders for Today, Scott Schreffler, editor; Haggai Institute, publisher.


Award of Excellence: Current Thoughts & Trends, Dennis Cone, editor; The Navigators/NavPress, publisher. "The amount of material you digest for each issue is almost overwhelming. The summaries are clearly and concisely crafted. You do an excellent job of researching, selecting, editing and summarizing your material. Yours is an extremely attractive and clean-looking publication.

Awards of Merit: Plugged-In, Bob Smithouser, editor; Focus on the Family, publisher. East-West Church & Ministry Report, Mark R. Elliott, editor; The Global Center, Samford University, publisher.


Award of Excellence: The Alabama Baptist, Bob Terry, editor; The Alabama Baptist, Inc., publisher. "Southern Baptists in Alabama have no excuse for not being informed about the spiritual life of their local communities, their regions, the state, nation and world. You are to be commended for pubslishing scuh a quality publication on a weekly basis."

Awards of Merit: Living Light News, Jeff Caporale, editor; Living Light Ministries, publisher. Christian Times, Lamar and Theresa Keener, editors; Keener Communications Group, publisher.


Award of Excellence: Worldwide Challenge, Judy Nelson, editor; Campus Crusade for Christ, publisher. "You are definitely living up to your title and stated purpose. Readers are informed and inspired by the worldwide coverage of Campus Crusade ministries. You do this by showing us the ministries and the people involved, instead of merely telling about them."

Awards of Merit: Wheaton, Georgia Douglass, editor; Wheaton College, publisher. Christian Research Journal, Elliot Miller, editor; Christian Research Institute, publisher.

Sunday School Take-home

Award of Excellence: Lookout, David Faust, editor; Standard Publishing, publisher. "You provide your readers with an amazing aray of theme subjects from week to week. Lookout has a very encouraging tone and personality. It must be the 'Barnabas' of Chrisitian publishing."

Awards of Merit: None


Award of Excellence: Campus Life, Chris Lutes, editor; Christianity Today, Inc., publisher. "You are continuing in the founding principle of your magazine of 'coming along side' your young readers. The concept of helping adolescents 'navigate' this crucial period in their lives is beautiful."

Awards of Merit: With, Carol Duerksen, editor; Faith and Life Press, publisher. Breakaway, Michael Ross, editor; Focus on the Family, publisher.

Most Improved Publication

Award of Excellence: Reflections, Lucy McGuire, editor; Evangelical Presbyterian Church Committee on Christian Education and Publication, publisher. "The change in content is more evident and I like the fact that it's not just P.R.--you are dealing with the issues. The steps you've take have made the contents more professional. More photos is good. The use of color is good. It is not overused and not overbearing."

Awards of Merit: Mission Frontiers, Ralph Winter, editor; Rick Wood, managing editor; The U.S. Center for World Mission, publisher. Kindred Spirit, Sandra Glahn, editor; Dallas Theological Seminary, publisher. NRB, Christine Pryor, editor; National Religious Broadcasters, publisher. In Touch Magazine, Tim Luke, editor; In Touch Ministries, publisher.

Higher Goals Contest

Biblical Exposition

First Place: The Life@Work Journal, "A Biblical Mandate"

by Thomas Addington and Stephen Graves

Second Place: Kindred Spirit, "Does Anything Good Come from Nazareth?"

by Ron Allen

Third Place: The Church Herald, "Neither Do I Condemn You: What the Gospel Didn't Record"

by Jackie Smallbones

Fourth Place: Christianity Today, "Apocalypse NOW"

by J. Nelson Kraybill

Fifth Place: RTS Reformed Quarterly, "A Father's Profession of Faith"

by Burt Branius

Fifth Place: The Banner, "Soon and Very Soon . . .?"

by Syd Hielema

Critical review

First Place: Books & Culture, "The Last Magic"

by William B. Dembski

Second Place: The Banner, "Confronting Our Demons During Advent"

by John Suk

Third Place: Youthworker Journal, "The Blair Witch and the Problem of Fear"

by Dave Urbanski

Fourth Place: Christian Research Journal, "The Robot Rebellion of Richard Dawkins"

by Phillip E. Johnson

Fifth Place: Sojourners, "Glimpses of God Outside the Temple"

by Rose Marie Berger


First Place: Christian Education Leadership, "Hop till You Drop"

by Lance Colkmire

Second Place: World Vision Today, "Mark McGuire's Baseball"

by Richard Stearns

Third Place: The Church Herald, "One More Adult?"

by Roger Nelson

Fourth Place: Contact, "The Problem with Jesus"

by Jack Williams

Fifth Place: Good News Magazine, "The Historicity of Our Faith"

by James V. Heidinger II


First Place: The Church Herald, "E.B.'s Song"

by Mark Hiskes

Second Place: Clubhouse Jr.

by Kim Washburn

Third Place: Breakaway, "Kamikaze Kid"

by Manfred Koehler

Fourth Place: Campus Life, "Danger in Shanghai"

by C. Hope Flinchbaugh

Fifth Place: On Mission, "Inside the Lighthouse"

by Nate Adams

First-person article

First Place: Christian Reader, "Letters to a Stranger"

by Susan Morin

Second Place: Moody Magazine, "Beyond the Obvious"

by Rebecca Thesman

Third Place: Signs of the Times, "Still in Love"

by Iva Duffy Doherty

Fourth Place: Woman's Touch, "The Toilet Paper Miracle"

by Cynthia A. Norman

Fifth Place: Campus Life, "Ugly Me"

by Carla Barnhill

General article

First Place: Books & Culture, "Dancing the Edge of Mystery"

by Cornelius Plantinga Jr.

Second Place: Christianity Today, "Do You Believe in God?"

by Wendy Murray Zoba

Third Place: Moody Magazine, "Wise Steps for Hard Situations"

by Tamela Baker

Fourth Place: Inside Journal, "Mothering from the Inside"

by Becky Beane

Fifth Place: Wheaton, "Balancing Act"

by Michael Murray

Humorous article

First Place: The Church Herald, "Zack: A Poetic Retelling of Luke 19:1-10"

by Lou Lotz

Second Place: Focus on the Family, "Cherished Family Traditions"

by Dave Meurer

Third Place: Today's Christian Woman, "Move Over, Cindy Crawford"

by Rhonda Stock Wheeler

Fourth Place: Brio, "Things You'll Never Hear Anyone Say"

by Martha Bolton

Fifth Place: Reformed Worship, "Madelyn Ringler's Fiery Exit"

by James C. Schaap

Interview article

First Place: Sojourners, "Seduced by Power"

by Jim Wallis

Second Place: Leadership, "Finding the Grace Gates"

by Eric Reed and Marshall Shelley

Second Place: Christianity Today, "The Jew Who Is Saving Christians"

by Michael Cromartie

Fourth Place: Books & Culture, "The Picasso of Chinese Studies"

by Donald Yerxa and Karl Giberson

Fifth Place: New Man, "Follow the Leader"

by Edward Gilbreath

Personality article

First Place: Sojourners, "Crooked Little Faith"

by Kimberly Burge

Second Place: The Life@Work Journal, "Diagnosing Dilemmas"

by Sheri Venema

Third Place: New Man, "The Rebel and His Cause"

by Rob Andrescik

Fourth Place: Charisma & Christian Life, "The Salvation of a Serial Killer"

by Peter K. Johnson

Fifth Place: Christian Reader, "Joy Restorer"

by Bonne Steffen


First Place: Sojourners, "Exodus"

by Judith Yarnell

Second Place: Physician, "A Sanctuary of Sorts"

by Greg Asimakoupoulos

Third Place: The Church Herald, "The Small Voice"

by Joe Veltman

Fourth Place: Journal of Christian Nursing, "At the Nursing Home"

by George R. Pasley

Fifth Place: Decision, Untitled

by Claire Rankin Lewis


First Place: The Alabama Baptist, "The Lottery"

by Jennifer Rash and Bob Terry

Second Place: Citizen, "Kill and be Killed"

by Jeff Hooten

Third Place: Moody Magazine, "Missions: Impossible?"

by Stan Guthrie

Fourth Place: The Marketplace, "Hard Line for a Good Loan"

by Wally Kroeker

Fifth Place: Teachers in Focus, "Lessons from a War Zone"

by Mark Hartwig

Single Theme Section or Issue

First Place: The Life@Work Journal, "Ethics: It's Your Choice"

by Thomas Addington, Stephen Graves, David W. Miller, Stephen Caldwell, Sheri Venema, Kenman Wong, Brad S. Lomenich, William Nix, Sean Womack

Second Place: Moody Magazine, "Can You Answer? The Tough Questions Non-Christians Ask"

by Luis Palau, Bob Hostetler, Rusty Wright, Francis J. Beckwith, Erwin Lutzer, Bob Davies, Lisa Lampman, Harold O.J. Brown, Michael J. Wilkins, Phillip Johnson, Ravi Zacharias, Crawford W. Loritts Jr., Lucy Mabery-Foster and William Lane Craig

Third Place: Leadership, "Fit to Minister"

by Dave Goetz, Marshall Shelley, James MacDonald, Richard Doebler and Mark Galli

Fourth Place: Pursuit, "Faith on Trial"

by Lee Strobel, Franklin Harber, Beth J. Lueders, Diane McDougall; Diane McDougall, editor; Adele Mulford, art director.

Fifth Place: Worldwide Challenge, "Endless Summer"

by Bill Sundstrom, Erik Segalini, Mandi Myers and Lisa Masters, writers; Guy Gerrard, Tom Mills and Pat Mingarelli, photographers

Standing column

First Place: Charisma & Christian Life, "The Global Picture"

by David Aikman

Second Place: Moody Magazine, "Kingdom People"

by Jerry B. Jenkins

Third Place: CCM Magazine, "Consider This"

by John Fischer

Fourth Place: Computing Today/Christianity Online, "Soul Circuit"

by Richard Doebler

Fifth Place: Youthworker Journal, "Dangerous Wonder"

by Mike Yaconelli


First Place: Today's Christian Woman, "You Know You've Overdecorated

When …"

by Laura Cornell

Second Place: Christian Reader, "Change"

by Mary Chambers

Third Place: Charisma & Christian Life, "When Charismatics Become Lazy"

by Dik LaPine

Fourth Place: Enrichment Journal, "Pastoral Selection Committee"

by Scott Arthur Masear

Fifth Place: Alliance Life, "New Multimedia Presentation System"

by Cameron Cardo

1-, 2-, or 3-color cover

First Place: Pentecostal Evangel, "Albania: Faces of the Exodus"

by Randy Hurst

Second Place: Plugged In, "The Guys Who Give 'Zits'"

by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman

Third Place: The Banner, "Hidden Treasures"

by Dean Heetderks

Fourth Place: Current Thoughts & Trends, "The Faith of Youth"

by Craig Bunyea

Fifth Place: Christian History, "Bound for Canaan: The Spiritual Journey of Africans in America"

by Raymond Whitlock

Full-color cover

First Place: Clubhouse Jr., "Philippine Christmas"

by Melissa Iwai

Second Place: The Life@Work Journal, "Ethics: It's Your Choice"

by Phil Boatwright

Third Place: Campus Life, "Newsboys"

by Kristin G. Barlow

Fourth Place: Real Family Life, "What Is Your Legacy?"

by Tamara Reynolds

Fifth Place: Today's Christian Woman, "Michelle McKinney Hammond"

by Bill Bilsley, photo; Gary Gnidovic, design

1-, 2-, or 3-color original art

First Place: Christianity Today, "A Silent Holocaust"

by Sterling Hundley

Second Place: Campus Life, "You've Got Snail"

by Alain Massicotte

Third Place: Physician, "Jealousy"

by Terry Julien

Fourth Place: Plugged In, "Who Rates the Movies?"

by Ken Westphal

Fifth Place: Mennonite Brethren Herald, "Soap"

by Joel Unruh

Full-color original art

First Place: Real Family Life, "Someone Has to Pay"

by Doug Fryer, illustrator; Adele Mulford, art director

Second Place: Discipleship Journal, "Cross Purposes"

by Marguerite Ann Malwitz

Third Place: Christian Research Journal, "The Falsity, Futility, and Folly of Separating Morality from Law"

by Patrick Faricy

Fourth Place: Moody Magazine, "There's Never Enough Time"

by Andy Powell

Fifth Place: Woman's Touch, "10 Keys to Make a Good Marriage Great"

by Jared VanBruaene

Photo feature

First Place: World Vision Today, "Our Children: Prayers and Possibilities"

by Jon Warren, photographer; Shelly Ngo, Jane Sutton, Karen Homer, editors; Journey Communications, designers

Second Place: Real Family Life, "All in the Family"

by Michael Schwartz, photographer; Adele Mulford, art director

Third Place: Brio, "Brio 2 Rio"

by Chuck Bigger

Fourth Place: Worldwide Challenge, "Hope for Kosovars"

by Paul Schwarz, writer; Greg Schneider, photographer

Fifth Place: Christian Parenting Today, "Dads & Sons/Moms & Daughters"

by W. Greg Puls

Single photo: Candid

First Place: World Vision Today, "Boys Will Be Boys"

by Jon Warren

Second Place: Breakaway, "Extreme: Pro Wakeboarder Bart Copeland"

by Guy Gerrard

Third Place: Marriage Partnership, "Joy Ride"

by Stephen Kennedy

Fourth Place: Clubhouse Jr., "Super Dogs Make Super Friends"

by Bob Black

Fifth Place: The War Cry, "Faith Expressed through Love"

by Salvation Army staff, Republic of Georgia

Single photo: Controlled setting

First Place: Clubhouse Jr., "Bubble-Blowing Boy"

by Ron Nickel

Second Place: The Life@Work Journal, "Searching for an Ethical Base"

by Greg Schneider

Third Place: Discipleship Journal, "Richard Foster"

by Ryann Cooley

Fourth Place: World Vision Today, "If I Had One Wish...Mohamed Faiz

Badrul Haq"

by Jon Warren

Fifth Place: Today's Christian Woman, "Great Expectations--Lisa Vischer"

by Bill Bilsley

Best redesign

First Place: Kindred Spirit, Keith Yates, designer

Second Place: NRB, Sharon Schnell, designer

Third Place: The Luke Society News, Josh Jackson, designer

Fourth Place: Plugged In, Jim Cail, designer

Fifth Place: Marketplace, Art Stricklin, Dennis Davidson, Susan Heston and Karen Sterrett, designers

Publication design

First Place: Pursuit, Adele Mulford, designer

Second Place: The Life@Work Journal, Walker Creative Inc., designers

Third Place: Real Family Life, Adele Mulford, designer

Fourth Place: Pentecostal Evangel, Matt Key, designer

Fifth Place: Sojourners, Ed Spivey Jr., designer