2001 Awards

2001 EPA Awards of Excellence

Christian Ministries

Award of Excellence: Leadership, Marshall Shelley, editor; Christianity Today International, publisher. The judge said, "First class! Love the humor. Some of the content is a little highbrow-it's good you have so many cartoons to keep it from getting too stuffy."

Awards of Merit: Journal of Christian Nursing, Judith Allen Shelly, editor; Melodee Yohe, managing editor; Kathy Lay Burrows, art director; InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, publisher. Youthworker Journal, Dave Urbanski, editor; Ross Cluver, art director; CCM Communications, publisher. Physician, Susan Stevens, editor; Mike Harrigan, art director; Focus on the Family, publisher. Teachers in Focus, Mark Hartwig, editor; John Sutton, art director; Focus on the Family, publisher.


Award of Excellence: Enrichment Journal, Gary Allen, editor; Jim Darnell, art director; General Council of the Assemblies of God, publisher. The judge said, "The quality of writing, the seriousness of the approach and the editorial decision to devote whole issues to a single subject is highly commendable."

Awards of Merit: Beacon, Diane McDougall/Journey Communications, editor; Michael Miller/Journey Communications, art director; Evangelical Free Church of America, publisher. Light and Life, Doug Newton, editor; Regine Stotts, art director; Free Methodist Church of North America, publisher. Alliance Life, Stephen P. Adams, editor; Beryl Glass, art director; The Christian and Missionary Alliance, publisher.


Award of Excellence: Discipleship Journal, Sue Kline, editor; Anne Meskey Elhajoui, art director; The Navigators/ NavPress, publisher. The judge said, "You include great variety, the ads do not overwhelm the news/feature content, and it's packed with articles and packaged with some panache."

Awards of Merit: Today's Christian Woman, Jane Johnson Struck, managing editor; Kay Chin Bishop, art director; Christianity Today International, publisher. Marriage Partnership, Caryn Rivadeneira, editor; Doug Johnson, art director; Christianity Today International, publisher. Christian Reader, Bonne Steffen, editor; Jennifer McGuire, art director; Christianity Today International, publisher.


Award of Excellence: World Vision Today, Shelly Ngo, editor; Journey Communications, art director; World Vision Inc., publisher. The judge said, "A powerfully effective way of providing stated purpose of information, inspiration and opportunities for action. A pleasure to look at, unfailingly interesting to read."

Awards of Merit: Christian Mission, John Lindner, editor; Mickey Moore, art director; Christian Aid Mission, publisher. Send!, Gospel for Asia, publisher. On Mission, Carolyn Curtis, editor; North American Mission Board, Southern Baptist Convention, publisher.


Award of Excellence: The Voice of the Martyrs, Todd Nettleton, editor; The Voice of the Martyrs, Inc., publisher. The judge said, "You're doing so much so well! You have maps, at-a-glance features, digests. It's outstanding!"

Awards of Merit: Current Thoughts & Trends, Dennis Cone, editor; Pam Poll, art director; The Navigators/NavPress, publisher. Plugged In, Bob Smithouser, editor; Jim Cail, art director; Focus on the Family, publisher. YouthCulture @2000, Randy Buckwalter, editor; Tom Piotrowski, art director; Center for Parent/Youth Understanding, publisher.


Award of Excellence: Living Light News, Jeff Caporale, editor; Living Light Ministries, publisher. The judge said, "Original reporting! Sports, entertainment, women, children-well done.

Awards of Merit: New Frontier, Robert L. Docter, editor; Salvation Army, publisher. Indian Life, Jim Uttley, editor; Don Monkman, art director; Indian Life Ministries, publisher. Christian Times, Lori Arnold, editor; Keener Communications Group, publisher.


Award of Excellence: Kindred Spirit, Sandra Glahn, editor, Dallas Theological Seminary, publisher. The judge said, "A well-written magazine that is a real credit to Dallas Seminary. Nice variation in journalistic content."

Awards of Merit: Christian Research Journal, Elliot Miller, editor; Dwayne Cogdill/Cognition Design, art director; Christian Research Institute, publisher. Biola Connections, Rob Westervelt, editor; Julia Wright, art director; Biola University, publisher. Decision, Kersten Beckstrom, editor; Gary Carlson, art director; Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, publisher.


Award of Excellence: WITH, Carol Duerksen, editor; Jim Friesen, art director; Faith & Life Press, publisher. The judge said, "A remarkably different magazine with true teen attraction."

Awards of Merit: Campus Life, Chris Lutes, editor; Doug Johnson, art director; Christianity Today International, publisher. On Course, Melinda Booze, editor; Dave Danielson, art director; General Council of the Assemblies of God, publisher. Go!, Janna Jones, editor; Aaron Cessna, art director; North American Mission Board, Southern Baptist Convention, publisher.

Most Improved Publication

Award of Excellence: Advent Christian Witness, Keith D. Wheaton, editor; Dawn C. Rutan, art director; Advent Christian General Conference of America, publisher. The judge said, "New material larger, bolder, sharper, clearer. ... You are still all things to all ages-only moreso."

Awards of Merit: Beyond, Kristin Elkinton, editor; Bud Speck, art director; JAARS, Inc., publisher. Christian Mission, John Lindner, editor; Mickey Moore, art director; Christian Aid Mission, publisher.

The Awards of Excellence judges were Michael R. Smith, a former newspaper reporter/editor who now chairs the School of Journalism at Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA, and his Regent University colleague, Andrew C. Quicke, associate professor in the College of Communication & the Arts and founder/president of the Fellowship of Christian Writers-United Kingdom.

The Most Improved contest was judged by Gary Warner, former EPA executive director and currently chair of the journalism department at John Brown University in Siloam Springs, AR.

Higher Goals Contest


First: Moody, "Why Persecution?" by Michael Pocock

Second: The Life@Work Journal, "Judah Inc." by Stephen Graves and Thomas Addington

Third: Focus on the Family, "If I Had Faked the Resurrection" by Josh McDowell

Fourth: Christianity Today, "The Benefit of the Doubt" by Mark Buchanan

Fifth: Good News, "Resisting the Clutches of Consumerism" by William Willimon

Judge: Howard Hendricks, Dallas Theological Seminary


First: Citizen, "Boys will be ... girls?" by Anne Morse

Second: AFA Journal, "The Butcher's Knife" by Ed Vitagliano

Third: WITH, "Britney Spears: Is She the Teen Idol We Want?" by Becky Mueller

Fourth: The Life@Work Journal, "Dive-Bombing Corporate Culture" by Andy Murray

Fifth: Christian Educators Journal, "Book Review: The Moral Intelligence of Children" by Steve J. Van Der Weele

Judge: Russ Pulliam, associate editor and columnist, Indianapolis Star


First: CCM, "End-Times Stories Can Leave Much Behind" by Gregory Rumberg

Second: YouthCulture@2000, "Am I a Survivor?" by Walt Mueller

Third: Journal of Christian Nursing, "Enlarging Our Tents" by Judith Ann Shelly

Fourth: Moody, "Asking for It?" by Moody staff

Fifth: Jubilee, "The Searing of Conscience" by Chuck Colson

Judge: Wesley Pippert, University of Missouri School of Journalism and director of its Washington, D.C., program


First: Breakaway, "If One Falls: A Civil War Tale" by John Jenkins

Second: Today's Christian Woman, "Grace Before Dinner" by Liz Curtis Higgs

Third: WITH, "The Hustle" by James M. Janik

Fourth: Brio, "Popping the Grudge Balloon" by Nancy N. Rue

Fifth: Reformed Worship, "Prayer Partners" by James C. Schaap

Judge: Gayle Roper, writing teacher and author of more than 30 books


First: The Church Herald, "From Rags to Riches" by Glen Gary Sneyd

Second: Discipleship Journal, "Invisible Neighbors" by Jamie Winship

Third: Pentecostal Evangel, "Jesus Loves Hungry Children" by Dave Roever

Fourth: Leadership, "Burying Smokey" by Clark Cothern

Fifth: In Touch, "Nothing Like a Baby" by Tonya Stoneman

Judge: Hal Hostetler, retired managing editor of Guideposts magazine


First: The Life@Work Journal, "The (Over)Fulfilled Life" by Lois Flowers

Second: Physician, "Loving Buddy" by Don and Amy Givler

Third: World Vision Today, "Each One Teach One" by Karen Homer

Fourth: Leadership, "Ministering with 'My Generation' " by Eric Reed

Fifth: Moody, "Preventing Spiritual Fatigue" by Wesley D. Tracy

Judge: Jim Dahlman, associate professor at Milligan College in Tennessee


First: Holiness Today, "We're Barking to Zion" by Mark Reighard

Second: Christianity Today, "Get Thou Over It!" by Jody Vickery

Third: Youthworker Journal, "Ten Easy Steps to Guarantee a Successful Youth Ministry!" by Mike Yaconelli

Fourth: Brio, "Unsung Hero" by Martha Bolton

Fifth: The Church Herald, "The Perfect Match" by Louis Lotz

Judge: Steve Laube, senior editor, non-fiction, Bethany House Publishers


First: Compass Direct, "The Struggle for Peace in Indonesia" by Alex Buchan

Second: Family Voice, "Homosexuality & Timeless Truths" by Pamela Pearson Wong

Third: Sojourners, "Our Lady of the 501 (c) 3" by Jim Wallis

Fourth: Books & Culture, "The War Against Boys: A Conversation with Christina Hoff Sommers" by Michael Cromartie

Fifth: The Life@Work Journal, "Eternal Rewards" by Stephen Caldwell

Judge: Scott Swanson, Biola University journalism professor and newspaper editor for the San Gabriel Valley Newspaper Group


First: Mennonite Brethren Herald, "A Legacy of Suffering" by Harold Jantz

Second: The Banner, "The Book on Uncle Edgar" by James C. Schaap

Third: Family Voice, "What Money Can't Buy: A Drug Lord Encounters the Living Lord" by Pamela Pearson Wong

Fourth: Books & Culture, "The Uncensored Merton" by Timothy Jones

Fifth: Christianity Today, "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" by Wendy Murray Zoba

Judge: Paul Fromer, former editor at InterVarsity and Christianity Today, former professor, and former EPA president


First: Wheaton, "Portrait of the Virgin Who Said No to Gabriel" by Jeanne Murray Walker

Second: Sojourners, "Patmos" by William Miller

Third: The Banner, "Oryoki" by Peg DeBoer

Fourth: Decision, "The Song" by Nathan S. Abrams

Fifth: Indian Life, "The Cost of a Child Lost" by Rhoda Kakegamic

Judge: Larry Woiwode, author of a dozen books of poetry and Medal of Merit recepient from the American Academy of Arts & Letters


First: Charisma & Christian Life, "Listen to the Children Crying" by Andy Butcher

Second: Christianity Today, "Building Scientopolis" by Jody Veenker with Steve Rabey

Third: CCM, "Taming the MP3 Monster/Brand New Day" by Liz Kelly

Fourth: Alliance Life, "The Soul Stealers" by Stephen P. Adams

Fifth: The Life@Work Journal, "The Philanthropy Revolution" by Steve Rabey and Patton Dodd

Judge: David Aikman, former Time foreign correspondent and now a senior fellow, Ethics and Public Policy Center, Washington, D.C.


First: The Life@Work Journal, "Wealth/Money: In God We Trust" by Thomas Tewell, Stephen Graves, Thomas Addington, Stephen Caldwell, Robert Tamasy, Steve Rabey, Patton Dodd and Russ Crosson

Second: Moody, "Passing Faith to the Next Generation" by Bob Hostetler, Tim McLaughlin, Rhonda Wheeler Stock, Lisa Ann Cockrel, Deborah Christensen, Lin Johnson and John Koessler

Third: Discipleship Journal, "Hope for the Weary Witness" by Tim Downs, Rebecca Pippert, Adam Holz, J. Mack Stiles, Linda Kelley

Fourth: World Vision Today, "50 Years by Faith," Shelly Ngo, editor

Fifth: Youthworker Journal, "New Horizons" by George Barna, Mark Driscoll, Chris Seay, Quentin Schultz, Mark H. Senter III, Kelly Monroe

Judge: Bob Welch, columnist, Register-Guard, Eugene, OR


First: CCM, "Consider This" by John Fischer

Second: Teachers in Focus, "First Writes" by Mark Hartwig

Third: Moody, "Among Friends" by Joni Eareckson Tada

Fourth: Minnesota Christian Chronicle, "Editor's Note" by Doug Trouten

Fifth: Discipleship Journal, "Between the Lines" by Sue Kline

Judge: Holly G. Miller, published author, communication professor, and editor for The Saturday Evening Post


First: Clubhouse, "Johnny Grav and the Visoneer" by Mike Nappa and Dennis Jensen

Second: Reflections EPC, "You Be the Judge: Matthew 7:1-5" by Jim Jacoby

Third: Today's Christian Woman, "Creative Uses for Leftover Turkey" by Laura Cornell

Fourth: Youthworker Journal, "The Birth of Youth Ministry" by Dan Pegoda

Fifth: Light and Life, "Forgive and Forget" by Alex Parsons

Judge: Craig MacIntosh, co-creator of "Sally Forth" and veteran editorial cartoonist and illustrator

1-, 2-, 3-COLOR COVER

First: Christianity Today, "Divided by Faith?" by Robert Essel/The Stock Market

Second: Physician, "D-Day Medic" by Mike Harrigan/Archive Photos

Third: The Banner, "Yesterday's Taboos" by Dean Heetderks, art director; Ron Huizinga and Pete Euwema, designers

Fourth: Plugged In, "Media Matters" by Jeff Lane and Jim Cail

Fifth: Mennonite Brethren Herald, "Passionate Spirituality: The Practice of Prayer" by Lorie Mayer

Judge: Jim Langford, senior designer with Hallmark Cards


First: Christian Research Journal, "Good Fantasy and Bad Fantasy" by Tim Jessell, illustrator; Dwayne Cogdill/Cognition Design, art director

Second: GO!, "Three Teens at Service Project" by Gaylon Wampler, photographer; Aaron Cessna, designer

Third: Christianity Today, "Kissing Promiscuity Goodbye" by Robert Essel/The Stock Market

Fourth: Moody, "Finding Hope After Your Dreams Die" by Tom Collicott, photo illustrator; Journey Communications, designer

Fifth: Pentecostal Evangel, "Peace? 48 Hours in Belfast" by Randy Hurst

Judge: Jim Langford


First: Books & Culture, "The Two Eliots" by Klaus Ernst

Second: Light and Life, "Finding the Heart of the Sabbath" by Scott Holladay

Third: Clubhouse, "An Interview with Mary" by Terry Julien

Fourth: Decision, "I Saw Something Different in Those Guys" by Steve Fuller

Fifth: Campus Life, "Ahoy Story 2" by Alain Massicotte

Judge: Max Greiner, Jr., Texas-based artist, painter, and sculptor


First: Discipleship Journal, "Invisible Neighbors" by Suzy Schultz

Second: Journal of Christian Nursing, "Diversity" by Nathan Greene

Third: Enrichment Journal, "Church Planting-The Most Successful Form of Church Growth" by Elliott Park

Fourth: Charisma, "Can Prophets Be Polite?" by Gary Locke

Fifth: Teachers in Focus, "But What Do I Say?" by Joe Van Severen

Judge: Max Greiner, Jr.


First: World Vision Today, "Child Labor Close Up" and "Understanding Child Labor" by Jon Warren, photographer; Shelly Ngo, editor; Journey Communications, art director

Second: Charisma & Christian Life, "The Day the Earth Stood Still" by Ramin Afra, photographer; Beth Thomas, art director

Third: Worldwide Challenge, "Mission Ahoy!" by Guy Gerrard/Journey Communications, photographer; Journey Communications, designer

Fourth: The Life@Work Journal, "Authentic Reproductions" by Walker Creative, photographer/designer

Fifth: Shine Magazine, "Flashback" by Ellen Sherwin

Judge: Mark Reis, photographer, Colorado Springs Gazette


First: Trans World RADIO, "We Speak Their Language" by Ted Wilcox Photography

Second: Hope for Children in Crisis, "Elijah, Kenyan street boy" by Thira Schoots

Third: World Vision Today, "Child Labor Close Up" by Jon Warren

Fourth: Leaders for Today, "Students in Pakistan" by Billy Grimes

Fifth: APU Life, "Students Praying with Retiring President Richard Felix" by Peter Rogers

Judge: Steve Starr, former AP photographer, a Pulitzer-prize winner, and now contract photographer, Corbis/SABA, New York


First: Campus Life, "The Runaway" by Ron Nickel

Second: Charisma & Christian Life, "Michael W. Smith" by Alan Clark

Third: GO!, "Val Sterk, Olympic Volleyball" by Gaylon Wampler

Fourth: Kindred Spirit, "The 12 Days of Christmas" by David Edmonson

Fifth: Today's Christian Woman, "In Search of God's Will" by Chip Simons

Judge: Steve Starr


First: Christian Research Journal, Dwayne Cogdill/Cognition Design, designer

Second: Beacon, Michael Miller and Jeff Amstutz/Journey Communications, designer

Third: Single-Parent Family, Kathleen Gray Ziegler, designer

Fourth: Christianity Today, Gary Gnidovic, designer

Fifth: Worldwide Challenge, Journey Communications, designer

Judge: William Korbus, retired visual design professor, University of Texas


First: Go!, Aaron Cessna, designer

Second: World Vision Today, Journey Communications, designer

Third: The Banner, Dean Heetderks, art director; Pete Euwema, designer

Fourth: Worldwide Challenge, Journey Communications, designer

Fifth: Christian Research Journal, Dwayne Cogdill/Cognition Design, art director

Judge: William Korbus

Your Awards Committee

The EPA awards presentation is made possible by the work of a volunteer committee. Members of the Colorado Springs-based committee-in its second of three years-included: Natalee Roth of Christian Camp & Conference Journal; Chuck Johnson, Susan Graham, Tom Neven, Andrea Vinley, and Kathleen Gray Ziegler of Focus on the Family; Beryl Glass of Christian & Missionary Alliance; Dean Ridings and Steve Learned of The Navigators; Susan Nikaido, Sue Kline, and Anne Meskey Elhajoui of NavPress; and as committee chair, Tina Clark of Clark Communications.