2002 Awards

Awards of Excellence

The Awards of Excellence competition honors overall excellence throughout a publication. Honors are given in each EPA membership category. (On-line publications are not presently eligible for this contest.) The top award in each category is the “Award of Excellence”; judges may also give “Awards of Merit.”

Christian Ministries

Award of Excellence: Journal of Christian Nursing, Judy Shelly, editor; Melodee Yohe, managing editor; Kathy Lay Burrows, art director; InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and Nurses Christian Fellowship, publisher. The judge said, "The ... staff takes its mission and makes an excellent magazine -- with the elegant, compelling writing, savvy graphics and excellent typography."

Awards of Merit: Physician, Susan Stevens, editor; Mike Harrigan, art director; Focus on the Family, publisher. Leadership, Marshall Shelley, editor; Raymond Whitlock, art director; Christianity Today International, publisher.


Award of Excellence: Light and Life, Doug Newton, editor; Tal Burdine and Andrea Anibal, art directors; Free Methodist Church of North America, publisher. The judge said, "The publication relates directly to the enduring interests and concerns of its audience. The tone of the magazine is conversational but intelligent -- gives the reader a sense of benefit and value."

Awards of Merit: Pentecostal Evangel, Hal Donaldson, editor; Matt Key, art director; Assemblies of God, publisher. Beacon, Diane McDougall/journey Group, editor; Michael Miller/Journey Group, art director; Evangelical Free Church of America, publisher.


Award of Excellence: Books & Culture, John Wilson, editor; Jennifer McGuire, art director; Christianity Today International, publisher. The judge said, "The combination of wit and intelligence makes this magazine a great read. Thoughtful interpretations and difficult concepts are effectively presented. Though a text-heavy publication, this magazine is easy to follow and filled with insightful and innovative illustrations."

Awards of Merit: Christian Reader, Bonne Steffen, editor; John Aardema, art director; Christianity Today International, publisher. New Man, Robert Andrescik, editor; Eric Powell, art director; Strang Communications, publisher.


Award of Excellence: TransWorld RADIO, David McCreary, editor; Charlene Hayden, art director; Trans World Radio, publisher. The judge said, "Nice complement of text and visual storytelling. Effective use of traditional issues along with contemporary issues. Brilliant covers that serve as more than just a pretty picture -- actual content."

Awards of Merit: Send!, Roderick Karmenzind, art director; Gospel for Asia, publisher. World Vision Today Shelly Ngo, editor; Journey Communications, art director; World Vision Inc., publisher.


Award of Excellence: Current Thoughts & Trends, Dennis Cone, editor; Pamela Poll, art director; The Navigators/NavPress, publisher. The judge said, "I couldn't put this publication down. Good, clear, suitable writing throughout . ... Indeed, you do keep readers up with current trends, and you do it in a readable, delightful and engaging way."

Awards of Merit: East-West Church & Ministry Report, Mark Elliott, editor; Global Center, Beeson Divinity School, Samford University, publisher. PluggedIn, Bob Smithouser, editor; Jim Cail, art director; Focus on the Family, publisher. The Voice of the Martyrs, Tom White, editor; The Voice of the Martyrs, Inc., publisher.


Award of Excellence: Indian Life, Jim Uttley, editor; Don Monkman and Yisa Akinbolaji, art directors; Intertribal Christian Communications, Inc., publisher. The judge said, "Great news writing -- made news events understandable, accessible and interesting. Content has an intensity of conviction. Graphics are beyond window dressing. Excellent package of writing, editing and design."

Awards of Merit: Inside Journal, Jeff Peck, editor; Peter Gross, art director; Prison Fellowship, publisher. Living Light News, Jeff Caporale, editor; Living Light Ministries, publisher.


Award of Excellence: Christian Home & School, Gordon L. Bordewyk, editor and art director, Christian Schools International, publisher. The judge said: "A wonderfully attractive magazine, with so much for everyone, and yet, it acknowledges that its readers are busy people who have no time to waste . ... Great variety and balance of content."

Awards of Merit: At the Center, Jerry Thacker, editor; Janel Smith/Lorish Company, art director; Marketing Partners, Inc., publisher. Christian Counseling Today, Pam Campbell and Arch Hart, editors; Kathryn Voss, art director; American Association of Christian Counselors, publisher. Worldwide Challenge, Judy Nelson, editor; Journey Communications, art director; Campus Crusade for Christ, publisher.


Award of Excellence: Go!, Janna Jones, editor; Aaron Cessna, art director, North American Mission Board, Southern Baptist Convention, publisher. The judge said, "Excellent combination of good writing and visual storytelling. The publication, especially the writing and the design, give readers a sense of solid benefit."

Awards of Merit: Brio, Susie Shellenberger, editor; Rick A. Mills, art director; Focus on the Family, publisher. Youthwalk, Tim Walker, editor; Lynn Farley, art director, Walk Thru the Bible and Youth Specialties, publisher. Campus Life, Chris Lutes, editor; Doug Johnson, art director; Christianity Today International, publisher.

The Awards of Excellence judges were Donald Ranly and Jan Colbert of the Missouri School of Journalism in Columbia, Missouri.

Most Improved Publication

Award of Excellence: Facts for Faith, Kathleen Ross, editor, Jonathan Price, art director; RTB Publishing, publisher. The judges said, "This marvelous redesign brings you much closer to the look and style of Scientific American and much less like Popular Mechanics. You seem to have hit the stride . ... the new design makes the publication consistently excellent. The look makes the content more authoritative and weighty."

Awards of Merit: Christian Counseling Today, Pam Campbell and Arch.Hart, editors; Kathryn Voss and Diane Flienler, art directors; Christian Counseling Resources, Inc., publisher. Momsense,Elizabeth Jusino, editor; Cynthia Young, art director; MOPS International, publisher. Decision, Kersten Beckstrom, editor; Gary Carlson, art director; Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, publisher.

The Most Improved contest was judged by William Thorn of the Marquette University Journalism Department in Milwaukee.

Higher Goals

The Higher Goals competition honors achievement in various aspects of a publication, including various editorial and design components. This is an open competition, with publications from all of EPA’s membership categories competing in each category.


First: Kindred Spirit, "Hurry Up and ...Wait" by Roy Zuck

Second: Enrichment, "Exploring Why We Think the Way We Do About Women in Ministry" by George O. Wood

Third: Discipleship Journal, "God's Highest Passion" by William P. Farley

Fourth: Pentecostal Evangel, "Response Evangelism" by Randy Hurst

Fifth: Worship Leader, "Should Worship Be Seeker-Sensitive?" by Mark D. Roberts

Judge: Howard Hendricks, distinguished professor at Dallas Theological Seminary and chairman of the Center for Christian Leadership


[EPA selects a cause each year as the topic of this special awards category. The cause for issues published in 2002 is “Peace in the Middle East.”]

First: Minnesota Christian Chronicle, "Twin Cities Embraces Alternative Justice System" by Bryan Malley

Second: Holiness Today, "No Justice, No Peace, No Holiness?" by David M. Best

Third: Christian Leader, "Joseph Goes to School" by Ron and Roxanne Claassen

Fourth: The War Cry, "Even in the Valley of the Shadow, There Is a Light" by Kathryn Cox

Fifth: Indian Life, "`Men without Chests' Need Moral Reformation" by Jim Uttley

Judge: Pat Nolan, president of Justice Fellowship in Reston, Virginia


First: Christian Research Journal, "The Story of Soul Stories" by Kate Mover

Second: Books Culture, "To the Jews First" by Lauren E. Winner

Third: Marriage Partnership, "The Case for Marriage" by Jim Killam

Fourth: Christianity Today, "Hagiography for Moderns" by Tom Bethell

Fifth: Leadership, "Freed from the Need to Be Needed" by Calvin Miller

Judge: Chris Willman, senior writer at Entertainment Weekly magazine and formerly a critic and feature writer for the Los Angeles Times and contributor to CCM magazine


First: Citizen, "Founding Father Chic" by Matt Kaufman

Second: Pentecostal Evangel, "What If We're Wrong?" by Ken Horn

Third: Mennonite Brethren Herald, "Choosing Children" by Jim Coggins

Fourth: Christianity Today, "Now What?" by Mark Galli

Fifth: YouthCulture@Today, "Shame, Shame, Shame" by Walt Mueller

Judge: Russ Pulliam, associate editor and columnist for the Indianapolis Star newspaper and director of the Pulliam Journalism Fellowships


First: Clubhouse, "Defusing the Anger Bomb" by Nancy Rue

Second: Christianity Today, "The Biotech Revolution Times Fifty" by Brenda W Clough

Third: Leadership, "Screwtape's Strategy for Pastors" by Calvin Miller

Fourth: Go!, "The Parry" by Nicole Phinney

Fifth: Joyful Woman, "Thorns in My Garden" by Elizabeth Rice Handford

Judge: Jill Baumgaertner, English professor and dean of Humanities and Theological Studies at Wheaton College


First: Moody, "In Passing" by Nancy Bayless

Second: Stillpoint, "Choosing the Right Score" by Herma B. Williams

Third: Christian Parenting Today, "My Princess in Pink Plastic Shoes" by Todd Wilson

Fourth: Christianity Today, "The Great Reunion Beyond" by Sarah E. Hinlicky

Fifth: Priscilla Papers, "Why? Oh, Why Am I a Woman?" by Funmi Josephine Para-Mallam

Judge: Hal Hostetler, retired managing editor of Guideposts magazine and now a roving editor and writing teacher


First: Sojourners,"God Is My Palm Pilot" by Bill Wylie-Kellermann and David Batstone

Second: World Vision Today, "Feeding the World" by Jane Sutton­Redner

Third: Leadership,"Hooked" by Eric Reed

Fourth: Worship Leader, "Pastoral Diary from Ground Zero" by Gordon MacDonald

Fifth: Books & Culture, "Violence and the Atonement" by Richard J. Mouw

Judge: Jim Dahlman, former magazine editor and currently associate professor at Milligan College in Tennessee


First: New Man, "Help! I'm Not Cool Anymore!" by Dave Meurer

Second: The Church Herald, "Are We There Yet?" by Thomas Fiet

Third: Marriage Partnership, "10 Things I Used to Hate about You" by Phil Callaway

Fourth: Biola Connections, "Feel Like You're Going Crazy?" by Karen Linamen

Fifth: The Standard, "Whassup?" by Joel Wright

Judge: Jamie Miller, a writer and freelance editor who has been published in the Washington Post and written for National Public Radio


First: Campus Life, "When It's Hard to Believe" by Chris Lutes

Second: Decision, "A Conversation with George Beverly Shea" by Jim Dailey

Third: Marriage Partnership, "Why Affairs Happen" by Cindy Crosby

Fourth: Light and Life, "Now This Is Love" by Cynthia Schnereger

Fifth: Charisma & Christian Life, "The Diva Is a Preacher" by Adrienne S. Gaines

Judge: Paul Fromer, formerly an editor with InterVarsity and at Christianity Today, a retired professor and past EPA president


First: Moody, "Embracing the Untouchable" by Catherine Elizabeth Fleming

Second: Books & Culture, "The Voice that Found Her" by Wendy Murray Zoba

Third: Christian History, "A Tale of Two Brothers" by Richard P Heitzenrater

Fourth: Contact, "Rescue the Perishing" by Willie C. Martin

Fifth: New Man, "Frank Peretti: The Stephen King of Christian fiction talks about his childhood nightmare" by Margaret Feinberg

Judge: Bob Welch, columnist at the Register-Guard newspaper in Eugene, Oregon, former adjunct journalism professor, author of six books, and winner of the 1999 Gold Medallion Award


First: Priscilla Papers, "Who Was She?" by Patricia Donohue ‑ Carey

Second: Sojourners,"Possible Answers to Prayer" by Scott Cairns

Third: Mennonite Brethren Herald, "Nadine" by Darlene Klassen

Fourth: Journal of Christian Nursing "The More than Ten Commandments" by Mary-Kate Heffern

Fifth: Cluhhouse Jr., "Simon's Slipper Scheme" by Suzanne Arguello

Judge: Jill Baumgaertner, poetry editor of The Christian Century


First: Christianity Today, "Come and Receive Your Miracle" by Corrie Cutrer and Obed Minchakpu

Second: Charisma & Christian Life, "Welcome to Mardi Gras Madness" by Andy Butcher

Third: World Vision Today, "Hurricane Mitch: 1,000 Days After -- Nicaragua" by Kari Costanza

Fourth: Pentecostal Evangel, "America Assaulted, God Exalted" by John W Kennedy, John Cockroft, and Peter K. Johnson

Fifth: Campus Life, "On the Front Lines" by Mark Moring

Judge: Duane Stoltzfus, assistant professor of journalism at Goshen College in Indiana and former editor at The New York Times


First: Christianity Today, special technology issue by various authors; David Neff, editor

Second: Enrichment,"Ministry in the Smaller Congregation" by various authors; Gary Allen, editor

Third: Leadership,"The Prayer-Driven Church" by Ginger Kolbaba, Marshall Shelley, Eric Reed, Drew Zahn, Adam Hamilton, Daniel Henderson, Wayne Jacobsen, Dave Wiersbe, Kathy Callahan-Howell, James Meeks, and Charles Lyons; Marshall Shelley, editor

Fourth: Word Alive, "It's About Time: Integrating literacy and translation into rebuilding the ancient land of Cambodia," by Dave and Deborah Crough; Dwayne Janke and Dave Crough, editors

Fifth: Discipleship Journal, "How to Influence Your World" by Dick Staub, Tremper Longman III, Walt Mueller, Mark Galli, Tim Muehlhoff, David Daniels, and Glenn Paauw; Sue Mine, editor

Judge: Terry White, founder, Minnesota Christian Chronicle and the Christian Communicator, and former vice president of communications, Prison Fellowship Ministries


First: Sojourners,"Microwave" by David Batstone

Second: The Church Herald, "Cross Section" by Phyllis Palsma

Third: World Vision Today, "From the President" by Richard E. Steams

Fourth: Minnesota Christian Chronicle, "Editor's Note" by Doug Trouten

Fifth: Inside Journal, "Long-Distance Dads" by Randell Turner

Judge: Holly G. Miller, published author of 13 books and more than 2,000 articles, journalism professor, and editor for The Saturday Evening Post


First: Christian Reader, "Motherhood or Smotherhood" by Mary Chambers

Second: Enrichment, "How are you going to spend my dad's quarter?" by George Crenshaw

Third:Citizen, "Point/Counterpoint with Barbra Streisand" by Dave Clegg

Fourth: Clubhouse,"Johnny Grav and the Visioneer" by Mike Nappa, Dennis Jensen, and John Ott

Judge: Bruce Tinsley, creator of the "Mallard Fillmore" cartoon, syndicated in 400-plus newspapers

1-, 2-, 3-COLOR COVER

First: Christianity Today, "Possessed or Obsessed?" by Tina Riggs

Second: Pray!, "The Fragrance of Diversity: Four Cultures and Their Prayer Strengths" by Suzy Schultz and Bridget McNamara

Third: Plugged In, "MTV's Steady Descent" by Ron Nickel, Lawson Wood, and Jim Cail

Fourth: Current Thoughts & Trends, "Losers, Weepers: The Abortion Wars" by Pamela Poll

Fifth: Christian History, "The Wesleys" by Raymond C. Whitlock III

Judge: Jim Langford, senior designer with Hallmark Cards


First: Pentecostal Evangel, "Beyond Santa Claus" by David Merrell

Second: Christian History, "How We Got Our History" by Raymond C. Whitlock III

Third: Decision, Billy Graham, close-up and informal by Russ Busby

Fourth: Breakaway, "School Prayer" by Ron Nickel and Jerry Price

Fifth: Go! "On Mission on Campus" by Charles Ledford and Aaron Cessna

Judge: Jim Langford


First: Books & Culture, "The Last Medieval Man --Thomas More" by Klaus Ernst

Second: Plugged In, "Talking Back to TV" by Brad Walker

Third: Leadership, "Our Pastor's Family" by Mary Chambers

Fourth: Mennonite Brethren Herald, "Mental Health: I" by Mark Neufeld

Fifth: Jubilee, "I was in prison and you came to visit me" by Data Schminke

Judge: Max Greiner, Jr., Texas-based artist, painter, and sculptor


First: Light and Life, "A Heart for the Lost" by Suzy Schultz

Second: Christian Home & School, caricature of Laura Schlessinger by Rich Bishop

Third:Physician, "Mother and Child Embracing" by Ron Mazellan

Fourth: Involved, faces of man and woman by Kathy McBride

Fifth: The Voice of the Martyrs, "Western Christian washing the feet of a persecuted Christian in prison" by Ron DiCianni

Judge: Max Greiner, Jr.


First: Worldwide Challenge, "Around the World in 50 Years" by Guy Gerrard, Tom Mills, Pasquale R. Mingarelli, and Greg Schneider, photographers; Journey Communications, designer

Second: Sojourners, "Going Forth from Egypt" by Lloyd Wolf, creator

Third:World Vision Today, "Feeding the World" by Jon Warren, photographer; Journey Communications, designer

Fourth: Christianity Today, "Jesus Wept" by Adam Buchanan, photographer; Gary Gnidovic, design director

Fifth: Breakaway, "Winter Extreme" by Jerry Price, art director

Judge: Mark Reis, award-winning photographer, Colorado Springs Gazette


First: World Vision Today, "Hurricane Mitch: 1,000 Days After" by Jon Warren

Second: Word Alive, monks in Cambodia by Dave Crough

Third: Breakaway, "Catching a Wave" by Gaylon Wampler

Fourth: Worldwide Challenge, Spain cover by Guy Gerrard

Judge: Jerilee Bennett, award-winning photographer, Colorado Springs Gazette


First: Clubhouse, "Preacher Boy" by Gaylon Wampler

Second: Breakaway, "Ryan W Smith" by Allen Clark

Third: Beacon, migrant worker and daughter by Tamara Reynolds

Fourth: Kindred Spirit, "On Hold" by David Edmonson

Fifth: World Vision Today, "Feeding the World" by Jon Warren

Judge: Richard Shock, Denver-based corporate photographer whose clients range from Tyson Foods to Gates Rubber and from AT&T to General Motors


First: Go! Aaron Cessna

Second: Worldwide Challenge, Journey Communications

Third: Christian Research Journal, Dwayne Cogdill / Cognition Design

Fourth: Facts for Faith, Jonathan Price

Fifth: Discipleship Journal, Anne Elhajoui, Bridget McNamara, Lisa Palmgren, and Marcena Shultz

Judge: William Korbus, former television art director and retired visual design professor at the University of Texas


First: Facts for Faith, Key Payton, Sherry Russell, and Jonathan Price

Second: Sojourners, Ed Spivey, Jr.

Third: Holiness Today, Ted Ferguson

Fourth: Word Alive, Roy Eyre

Fifth: Citizen, Sherri Newill

Judge: William Korbus

Your Awards Committee

The EPA awards presentation is made possible by the work of a volunteer committee. Members of the Colorado Springs-based committee-- in its third of four years -- included: Natalee Roth and Andrew Kercher of Christian Camp & Conference Journal; Chuck Johnson, Susan Graham, Tom Neven, Andrea Jewell, Annette Bourland, and Kathleen Gray Ziegler of Focus on the Family; Beryl Glass of the Christian & Missionary Alliance; Dean Ridings and Steve Learned of The Navigators; Sue Kline, Anne Meskey Elhajoui, Lisa Palmgren, and Bridget McNamara of NavPress; and Tina Clark of Clark Communications.