Awards Contest Open for Entries

We're looking for your best work!

It's time for the annual EPA awards contest. EPA hosts two annual contests: the Awards of Excellence contest (for your publication as a whole) and the Higher Goals contest (for the individual pieces you and your team produced - writing, photography, design, etc.).

There are 23 Awards of Excellence categories: 11 for print publications, 11 for digital/online publications, and one Most Improved category.

There are 40 Higher Goals categories covering many aspects of writing, photography, design, blogs, and websites.

What’s different for 2017

The EPA board has approved a new Higher Ed Award of Excellence category for the alumni/donor magazines published by Christian colleges, universities, and seminaries.

There is no Cause of the Year category this year.

Several Higher Goals categories have modified or added limitations on the number of words:

  • Article Series and Department each now have a maximum of 5,000 words allowed per entry.
  • General Article Medium is now for articles of 901 to 1,600 words.
  • General Article Long is for articles with more than 1,600 words up to a maximum of 3,500 words.

Entries can be made through our online contest infrastructure with the deadline for entries set for January 10, 2017. All the information you need is on the EPA website, including a list of categories with scoring criteria and step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process.

While everyone loves getting awards, the real value of the contest comes with the written critiques provided by qualified professionals who judge the entries. Get confirmation on what you are doing well and learn about areas that need improvement. If you do win an award, that is well-deserved recognition for your dedicated effort.

Entries must come from work published during 2016. Awards will be handed out at the annual convention in Chicago next April.

Here's where you can find what you need to know:

Posted November 14, 2016