Bylaw Revisions to be Voted on at Annual Meeting

The EPA board of directors has unanimously approved a change to the organization’s bylaws that will bestow full membership on associate members, giving them voting privileges and eligibility to serve on the board. The change came about as the board recognized a changing industry with publications reducing staff and relying more on freelancers. EPA has also seen an increase in freelancers joining as associate members and becoming active in the association.

The board has also voted to approve the addition of a new class of affiliation for those who desire to remain affiliated with EPA but are no longer on the staff of a member publication and have no professional need to be an associate member. The EPA Contributor membership affiliation is for individuals who make a financial contribution of $25 or more each calendar year.

The revised bylaws will be presented for affirmation during the membership business meeting on April 30, 2021, during the annual convention.

The current bylaws can be viewed here.

Exhibit 1: This exhibit highlights the changes and additions to the current text of the bylaws for Article 1, Sections 1 and 2.


Exhibit 2: This exhibit includes the deletions and changes, along with the additions, to the current text of the bylaws for Article 1, Sections 1 and 2.

Posted Jan. 22, 2020