‘There’s no such thing as a CMS success story.’

Great piece in AdWeek, released Aug. 9, on the state of content management systems. If you're like me, you'll find it simultaneously encouraging (I'm not alone!) and discouraging (there's no great solution).

"There’s no such thing as a CMS success story," writes Erin Griffith. "At least, successes are elusive, which is a problem for anyone in media, as content management systems—the software used by writers, editors, and producers to create digital content for websites—have become as essential as oxygen."

Some horror stories:

  • BusinessWeek put $20 million into the social networking site Business Exchange, which led to financial ruin. It sold for as little as a tenth of its Business Exchange purchase price.
  • Time Inc. has been working on an in-house CMS for seven years, and is abandoning it.
  • AOL is migrating to its third platform in five years.
  • Huffington Post has had success--by hiring an unspecified number of developers who "round the clock in every time zone" and add 10 to 30 new pieces of code every day.

Anyone having better luck?