EPA Contest FAQ

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Evangelical Press Association's annual contest.

Q: My latest issue is dated next year, but we actually published it this year. Can I enter it in this year’s contest?
A: To be eligible for the contest, material must have been published in an issue dated in the calendar year of the contest. The issue date (not your press or mailing date) is what determines eligibility for each year’s contest. If you publish a December-January issue that carries dates from two years on its cover, it’s your choice — but select a year. That issue cannot be entered both this year and next.

Q: Is my entry judged only against others from my membership category or against all entries?
A: The Awards of Excellence contest, which looks at the entire publication, is broken down by membership category, with awards offered in each category. The Higher Goals and Most Improved Publication contests are open competitions, with publications from all membership categories vying against one another.

Q: Can I enter more than one item in a category?
A: Yes. You may enter two items in each Higher Goals contest. If your publication has an associated website and that website has its own EPA membership, you may enter two articles from the website (even if they have also appeared in print). This means it is possible for a publication to enter four articles in a single category (two from the printed publication, and two from the website). However, a publication may only win once per category.

Q: Can I enter the same article in more than one category?
A: Yes. You may enter an article in more than one category. For instance, a piece may qualify for both Editorial and Humorous Article. If you think it qualifies, it probably does, though a judge may disagree.

Q: What happens if I think something qualifies in a Higher Goals category, but a judge disagrees?
A: You’re probably not going to win in that category.

Q: I’m not sure if my publication is an EPA member or if we renewed our membership for this year. How can I find out?
A: The contest is open only to EPA members. Each individual publication must be a member. Being part of a publication group that includes a member publication is not sufficient. The EPA Executive Director is the final authority on membership matters. Contact 1-888-311-1731 or director@evangelicalpress.com.

Q: My publication is registered in the General category, but we really fit more in the Organizational category. Can I enter under Organizational in the Awards of Excellence contest?

A: Publications should enter in their current membership category. You can change membership categories when you renew your EPA membership. If you’re really intent on changing for this year’s contest, contact EPA Executive Director D'Arcy Maher, the final authority on membership matters. Contact her at  719.358.2322 or director@evangelicalpress.com.

Q: Should I call or e-mail members of the awards committee with questions?
A: The members of the awards committee are happy to try to answer your questions. However, their lives are already rich and full, so please call only when necessary. Direct your questions to 1-888-311-1731 or director@evangelicalpress.com.