2009 Awards

Awards of Excellence


Award of Excellence: The Column. Ryan Howard, editor; Ryan Howard/Ben Bradbury, art/design directors; Northwestern College, publisher. The judges said, “Where this publication excels is in its reporting. Meaty, pertinent topics rarely found in student publications."

Award of Merit: The Threefold Advocate. Christopher Wilson, editor; Rick Eldridge, art/design director; The Threefold Advocate/John Brown University, publisher.


Christian Ministries

Award of Excellence: Leadership. Marshall Shelley, editor; Doug Fleener, art/design director; Christianity Today International, publisher. The judges said, “Powerful writing on a range of relevant topics. High quality writing, both personal and authoritative.”

Award of Merit: Enrichment journal. Gary Allen, editor; Rick Knoth, managing editor; Randy Clute, Creative Services, art/design director; General Council of the Assemblies of God, publisher.



Award of Excellence: EFCA Today. Diane J. McDougall, Journey Group, editor; Matt Pamer, Journey Group, art/design director; Evangelical Free Church of America, publisher. The judges said, “A variety of voices and tones. Appealing to a range of ages and readers from both EFCA denomination and others.”

Award of Merit: Alliance Life. Peter Burgo, editor; Beryl Glass, art/ design director; Christian and Missionary Alliance, publisher.



Award of Excellence: YouthWalk. Laurin Makohon, editor; Travis Stoneback, art/design director; Walk Thru the Bible, publisher. The judges said, “Writing is clean and compelling, quality of writing makes content easily of interest to adults as well as 13-18 teens. I am impressed with the quality of writing, which is both authoritative and intimate. ”

Award of Merit: Indeed. Chris Tiegreen, editor; Travis Stoneback, art/ design director; Walk Thru the Bible, publisher.



Award of Excellence: Sojourners. Jim Rice, editor; Ed Spivey, Jr., art/design director. The judges said, “Smart, intelligent writing, that both engages and informs.”

Awards of Merit: Christian History & Biography. Jennifer Trafton, editor; Douglas A. Johnson, art/ design director; Christianity Today International, publisher. Christianity Today. David Neff, editor; Mark Galli, senior managing editor; Gary Gnidovic, art/design director; Christianity Today International, publisher.



Award of Excellence: 6.8 Magazine. Greg Forney, editor; Rez Gopez-Sindac, managing editor; Lisa Leff, art/design director; Food for the Hungry, publisher. The judges said, “This is a finely written publication—from the regular columns and brief news pieces to longer features.”

Awards of Merit: Word Alive. Dave Crough and Dwayne Janke, editors; Laird Salkeld, art/design director; Wycliffe Bible Translators of Canada, Inc., publisher. On Mission. Carol Pipes, editor; Steve Beaver, art/design director; North American Mission Board, publisher.



Award of Excellence: The Voice of the Martyrs. Dr. Tom White, editor; The Voice of the Martyrs, Inc., publisher. The judges said, “Captivating reading, made so largely because of the human stories.”



Award of Excellence: The Manna. Randy Walter, editor; Joe Willey, art/design director. The judges said: “This publication stands out in this category. Writing is strong, clear and shows variety.”

Awards of Merit: The Alabama Baptist. Bob Terry editor; The Alabama Baptist, publisher. The Woodside News. Mike Wendland, editor; Alex Lumelsky, art/design director; Woodside Bible Church/Woodside News, publisher. Minnesota Christian Chronicle. Bryan Malley, editor; Mike Norman, art/design director; Keener Communications Group, publisher.



Award of Excellence: The Alabama Baptist. Bob Terry, editor; Provenance Digital (formerly Man in the Maze Marketing), Web developer; The Alabama Baptist, publisher. The judges said, “This site succeeds in levels of content, presentation, organization and navigation. It is clean and uncluttered.”

Awards of Merit: Christianity Today Movies. Mark Moring, editor; Clay Anderson, Web developer; Christianity Today International, publisher. TWR.org. Katherine Burke, editor; Tyler Steingard, Journey Group, Web developer; Trans World Radio, publisher. Christianity Today Online. Ted Olsen, editor; Mark Gortowski, Web developer; Christianity Today International, publisher.



Award of Excellence: Wheaton. Georgia Douglass, editor; Chismer & Mardock Design Group, art/design director; Wheaton College, publisher. The judges said, “Color is beautifully used. Lots of Wheaton photos are great—new and archived. Covers are engaging. Superior in look and feel.”

Awards of Merit: Kindred Spirit. Sandra Glahn, editor; Keith Yates, art/design director; Dallas Theological Seminary, publisher. Decision. Bob Paulson, editor; Peter Taylor, art/design director; Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, publisher. World Vision. Jane Sutton-Redner, editor; Journey Group, art/design director; World Vision, Inc., publisher. Biola. Jason Newell, editor; Dwayne Cogdill, art/design director; Biola University, publisher.



Award of Excellence: Ignite Your Faith. Chris Lutes, editor; Doug Fleener, art/design director; Christianity Today International, publisher. The judges said, “This publication doesn’t have a dull page in it.”

Awards of Merit: Clubhouse. Jesse Florea, editor; Peg Mamalakis, art/design director; Focus on the Family, publisher. Breakaway. Michael Ross, editor; Michael Heath, art/design director; Focus on the Family, publisher. Brio. Susie Shellenberger, editor; Michael Heath, art/design director; Focus on the Family, publisher.


Most Improved Publication

Award of Excellence: The Pentecostal Messenger. Charlotte Beal, editor; Charlotte Beal, art/design director; Pentecostal Church of God/Messenger Publishing House, publisher. The judges said, “The overall content improvement can be summed up as creative and effective. A good blend of the best of the old content with a fresh, new additional content.”

Awards of Merit: Mutuality. Megan Greulich, editor; Image Spigot, art/design director; Christians for Biblical Equality, publisher. Blue Ridge Christian News. Steve Parker, editor; Chad Thompson, art/ design director; HG Communications, Inc., publisher.



Higher Goals Awards

 Article Series

First Place: Baptist Press, “2008 Olympics in Beijing” by Tom Strode, Manda Gibson, Tim Ellsworth, Will Hall and staff

Second Place: Christianity Today, “Is Our Gospel Too Small?” by Richard J. Mouw, Mark Labberton, Scott McKnight, Bradley Nassif, Mark Buchanan, Fleming Rutledge, Daniel Harrell, David Fitch, David Taylor, David Neff

Third Place: Plugged In Online, “Gaming Matters” by Bob Hoose

Fourth Place: The Church Herald, “2008 Progress Report on Our Call” by Christiana Van Eyl and Terry A. DeYoung

Fifth Place: Christian Examiner, “Proposition 8, Gay Marriage” by Lori Arnold

Judge: Stephen Scott, journalist, religion editor, pastor, M.Div student

Biblical Exposition

First Place: Enrichment journal, “Does the Bible Teach Eternal Security?” by W.E. Nunnally

Second Place: Leadership, “The Gospel in All Its Forms” by Tim Keller

Third Place: E-Quality, “Evidence for Equality in Genesis 1-3” by Richard Hess

Fourth Place: Ministry & Leadership, “Keeping Sabbath With the Son of Man” by Dr. Scott Swain

Fifth Place: Sojourners, “Whom Do You Serve?” by Marva J. Dawn

Judge: Roger Stronstad, professor of Bible and theology, Summit Pacific College


First Place: Enrichment journal, “Choir Auditions” by Scott Arthur Masear

Second Place: Christian Press , “I Said Merry Christmas” by Michael Ramirez

Third Place: Minnesota Christian Chronicle, “ACLU Pushes Tolerance” by Jerry King

Fourth Place: Leadership, “Serm Du Soleil” by Scott Arthur Masear

Fifth Place: Today’s Christian, “Gallery of Children’s Art” by Rick Stromoski

Judge: John McPherson, syndicated cartoonist

Cause of the Year: Caring for God’s Creation

First Place: Biola, “The Greening of Evangelicals” by Brett McCracken

Second Place: Christianity Today, “Second Coming Ecology” by David Neff

Third Place: Kindred Spirit, “The Call to Care: The Earth is the Lord’s” by Kindred Spirit staff

Fourth Place: The Alabama Baptist , “Ethanol Gaining Ground” by Grove Thornton and Manda Gibson

Fifth Place: The Banner, “Also Many Animals” by Len Vander Zee

Judge: Richard Cizik, senior fellow, U.N. Foundation, former vice president of Government Affairs


First Place: Sports Spectrum, “Tim Tebow,” design by Steve Gier

Second Place: Answers, “Planet Earth—Global Warming in Perspective” design by Dan Stelzer

Third Place: Today’s Christian Woman, “Spiritual Gifts” design by Charles Bush

Fourth Place: Breakaway, “Allen Robinson is Rock Solid” design by Dave Hill; Michael Heath, art director

Fifth Place: Clubhouse , “Fight the Bite—Save a Life” art/design by Young Min-Yoon

Judge: John Johanek, Publication Design, Inc.

Critical Review

First Place: ChristianMusicToday.com, “Jon Foreman: Fall and Winter” by Russ Breimeier

Second Place: PreachingToday.com, “And They’re the Good Guys?” by Brian Lowery

Third Place: Christianity Today Movies, “Wall-E Movie Review” by Josh Hurst

Fourth Place: Mutuality, “Girls, Guys and God: Responding to Current Trends in Dating Books for Teenagers” by Liz Beyer and Megan Greulich

Fifth Place: Christian Examiner, “Civil Forum Proves to be Winning Format for Voters” by Lori Arnold

Judge: Jeff Strickler, religion reporter, Minneapolis Star Tribune


First Place: Wheaton, “This: Who Is the Holy Spirit?” by Karen Halvorsen Schreck

Second Place: Leadership, “Treasures Old and New” by Mark Buchanan

Third Place: Mennonite Brethren Herald, “John the Baptist and the Joy of Being #2” by Dora Dueck

Fourth Place: Today’s Christian Woman, “Rebekah: The Strong-Willed Mom” by Liz Curtis Higgs

Fifth Place: Alliance Life, “Just One Suitcase” by Barry Lawrensen

Judge: Dr. Carolyn Tennant, professor of English, North Central University


First Place: Christianity Today Online, “Looking for a ‘Serious’ Conversation” by Mark Galli

Second Place: Kindred Spirit, “The Call to Care” by Sandra Glahn and the Kindred Spirit staff

Third Place: Sojourners, “Healing the Wounds of Race“ by Jim Wallis

Fourth Place: Brio, “Know That You Know That You Know” by Susie Shellenberger

Fifth Place: The Pathway, “Saddleback, Obama, McCain and the FPL” by Don Hinkle

Judge: David S. Awbrey, retired journalist, author, journalism instructor

Evangelism Article

First Place: In Touch, “From Debate to Dialog” by Joan Ball

Second Place: Leadership, “Preparing a Table” by Dave Dack

Third Place: Answers, “The Incredible, Evangelistic Egg” by Kirk Cameron

Fourth Place: Brio, “Changed by You” by Debbie Maulsby

Fifth Place: Christianity Today, “From Four Laws to Four Circles” by Andy Crouch

Judge: Dean Merrill, independent author, collaborator


First Place: Sojourners, “La Anunciacion” by Demetria Martinez

Second Place: Breakaway, “Gasping for Air” by Sue Cameron

Third Place: Clubhouse, Jr., “Penny and Squish” by Kelly J. Carey

Fourth Place: Clubhouse, “Untouchable” by Jonathan Friesen

Fifth Place: Clear Horizon, “A Matter of Principle” by Sarah Mangrum

Judge: Bette E. Nordberg, book author

First-Person Article

First Place: Wheaton, “Why I Read Like My Life Depends On It” by Karen Halvorsen Schreck

Second Place: Christianity Today, “A Merciful White Flash” by Tyler Wigg Stevenson

Third Place: PRISM, “Hispanic Evangelicals and Public Policy: A Continuing Journey” by Gabriel A. Salguero

Fourth Place: In Touch, “The Good Ride” by Tonya Stoneman

Fifth Place: Today’s Christian Woman, “Bigger Than Both of Us” by Carolyn Arends

Judge: Lil Copan, senior editor, Paraclete Press

Freelance Article

First Place: “Dark Places and Family Love” by EPA member Sherri Langton (Lynne Miller), in Focus on the Family

Second Place: “Riches, Rags and Restoration” by EPA member Joyce K. Ellis, in Rescue

Judge: Jeanette Gardner Littleton, fulltime freelance author, Christian Writers Guild

General Article: Long

First Place: ChristianWeek , “The Children Nobody Wants” by Josiah Neufeld

Second Place: World Vision, “The Lazarus Effect” by James Addis

Third Place: Sojourners, “A Call to Repentence” by Jim Wallis

Fourth Place: Enrichment journal, “Overcoming UnChristian Branding” by David Kinnaman

Fifth Place: Ignite Your Faith, “First Corinthians 13: The Movie” by Sam O’Neal

Judge: Holly G. Miller, senior editor, Saturday Evening Post, author, faculty professional in residence, Anderson University

General Article: Short

First Place: Today’s Christian Woman, “Does Jesus Like Me?” by Jennie McLaurin

Second Place: Rev 7, “Unicode: A Response to Babel” by Tom Bogle

Third Place: Worldwide Challenge, “A Different Economy” by Chris Lawrence

Fourth Place: Decision, “Grace Every Morning” by Irmhild Bärend

Fifth Place: Today’s Pentecostal Evangel, “Grizzly Attack” by Ken Horn

Judge: Michael Longinow, chair of the Department of Journalism, professor of journalism, Biola University,

Humorous Article

First Place: Clubhouse, “Adventures of Average Boy—Family Spree” by Bob Smiley

Second Place: Ignite Your Faith, “Cupid Sets the Record Straight” by Todd Hertz

Third Place: Sojourners, “The Gospel of Great News” by Ed Spivey, Jr.

Fourth Place: In Touch, “Passing Through” by Dave Meurer

Fifth Place: ONE Magazine, “How Not to Drive on the Highway to Heaven” by Susan Henderson

Judge: Torry Martin, award-winning Christian comedian and author

Interview Article

First Place: Sojourners, “A Responsibility to Care” by Jim Wallis

Second Place: Christianity Today, “A Life Formed in the Spirit” by Mark Galli

Third Place: Wheaton, “A Picture of Unity” by Jessica L. Allen

Fourth Place: Christianity Today Movies , “The Little Robot That Could” by Mark Moring

Fifth Place: Christianity Today Online, “Q & A: Barack Obama” by Sarah Pulliam and Ted Olsen

Judge: Dale Brown, author and professor; director, Buechner Institute

Original Art

First Place: Clubhouse, “Girl frightened by moth” by Young Min-Yoon

Second Place: Breakaway, “The Fast and the Faithful” by Tin Salamunic

Third Place: Today’s Pentecostal Evangel, “Upside of a Downsized Christmas” by Gary Locke

Fourth Place: Clubhouse, Jr., “Hungarian man greets his visiting American relatives” by Valeria Decampo

Fifth Place: Answers Magazine, “Symbiosis—The Cooperation of Life (ants)” by Jon Seest

Judge: Robert Ayers, Publication Design, Inc.

Personality Article

First Place: Christianity Today, “A Reverent Maverick” by Keri Wyatt Kent

Second Place: Worldwide Challenge, “Running Solo” by Bill Hunt

Third Place: Books & Culture, “Madeleine L’Engle” by Luci Shaw

Fourth Place: Christian History & Biography, “War and the Will of God” by Ronald C. White, Jr.

Fifth Place: The Alabama Baptist, “Knowing Real Love” by Grace Thornton

Judge: Joel Kilpatrick, writer, editor, and creator of LARKNEWS.COM.

Photo Feature

First Place: World Vision, “Drought-Ravaged Zimbabwe: Why Hope Still Reigns” by Jon Warren

Second Place: Today’s Pentecostal Evangel, “Kenya: Beyond the Bloodshed” by Gaylon Wampler and Kirk Noonan

Third Place: Brio, “Hope for a Dry Town” by Sally Dunn, designer; Ron Nickel, photographer

Fourth Place: Christianity Today Online, “Changing China” by Gary Gnidovic and Sarah Pulliam

Fifth Place: Christianity Today, “Great Leap Forward” by Gary Gnidovic

Judge: Mark Sandlin, director of photography, Southern Living


First Place: Sojourners, “Imperfection” by Rachel Guido de Vries

Second Place: Reformed Worship, “Needlecraft” by John Terpstra

Third Place: Mutuality, “Epitaph” by Julie Amos

Fourth Place: Priscilla Papers, “Renunciation and Jeanne d’Arc” by Jennifer Stewart

Fifth Place: Mennonite Brethren Herald, “Yarrow Cemetery” by Ray Harris

Judge: Scott Cairns, professor of English and director of creative writing at the University of Missouri

Publication Design

First Place: Enrichment journal, Creative Services, Randy Clute, designer

Second Place: Wheaton, Chismer & Mardock Design Group, designers

Third Place: Answers, Dan Stelzer, Tommy Moore, and Brandie Lucas, designers

Fourth Place: Discipleship Journal, Adele Mulford, designer

Fifth Place: Marriage Partnership, Jennifer McGuire, designer

Judge: Robert Ayers, Publication Design, Inc.

Publication Redesign

First Place: Tapestry, Michelle Strickland, designer

Second Place: Ministry & Leadership, Bill Henderson Design, designer

Third Place: Mennonite Brethren Herald, Audrey Plew, designer

Fourth Place: Christian Press, Desiree Kelch, designer

Fifth Place: Baptist Message, Philip Timothy and Karen Willoughby, designers

Judge: John Johanek, Publication Design, Inc.


First Place: Today’s Pentecostal Evangel, “A Place to Belong” by Christina Quick

Second Place: On Mission, “When Disaster Strikes” by Meredith Day

Third Place: World Vision, “Drought-Ravaged Zimbabwe: Why Hope Still Reigns” by Kari Costanza

Fourth Place: Leadership, “Missional Shift or Drift?” by Helen Lee

Fifth Place: Christianity Today Online, “Richard Cizik Resigns from National Association of Evangelicals” by Sarah Pulliam

Judge: Laura C. Johnston, news editor at Columbia Missourian and instructor at the University of Missouri School of Journalism

Single Photo/Candid

First Place: Decision, “People watching a ‘My Hope’ TV program in an Asian country that can’t be named,” Ron Nickel, photographer

Second Place: World Vision , “A Little Child Shall Lead Them,” Jon Warren, photographer

Third Place: Christianity Today, “An immigrant worker’s child at a house school ran by a Beijing house church,” Gary Gnidovic, photographer

Fourth Place: Word Alive, “Frond sledding Amazon Indian children,” Alan Hood, photographer

Fifth Place: Sojourners, “Prisoners celebrate after graduating from entrepreneur program,” Allison V. Smith, photographer

Judge: Randy Bacon, professional photographer and gallery owner

Single Photo/Controlled Setting

First Place: World Vision, “Drought-Ravaged Zimbabwe: Why Hope Still Reigns” (feature image), Jon Warren, photographer

Second Place: On Mission, “Brenda Crim is bringing God’s light to Alaska,” Ted Wilcox, photographer

Third Place: Worldwide Challenge, “Cover of July/August issue,” Guy Gerrard, photographer

Fourth Place: Compassion, “Food Beyond Reach,” Chuck Bigger, photographer

Fifth Place: EFCA Today, “Cleotis Matthews,” Greg Schneider, photographer

Judge: Mark Sandlin, director of photography, Southern Living

Single-Theme Section/Issue

First Place: Decision, “New Opportunities in China,” Bob Paulson, editor

Second Place: Enrichment journal, “Proclaiming Truth in a Secular Age,” Gary Allen, editor

Third Place: Rev 7, “Dedication,” Carol Brinneman, editor

Fourth Place: Marketplace, “Special RRCA edition,” Art Stricklin, editor

Fifth Place: Leadership , “Baggage Check,” Marshall Shelley, editor

Judge: Terry White, publisher; adjunct professor, Grace College

Standing Column

First Place: Church Herald, “Signs of the Kingdom” by Louis Lotz

Second Place: onWord, “The Perspective” by Jerry Jenkins

Third Place: In Part, “Parting Words” by Perry Engle

Fourth Place: The Plain Truth, “Growing Places” by Susan Reedy

Fifth Place: FullFill, “My Fill” by Elisa Morgan

Judge: Gary Warner, associate professor of journalism, John Brown University; writer, editor and photographer

Two-Page Spread Design

First Place: Decision, “Egypt Ripe for Harvest,” Peter Taylor, designer

Second Place: Answers, “The Big Bang: God’s Chosen Method of Creation?,” Dan Stelzer, designer

Third Place: PRISM, “Toxic Culture,” James Glass, designer

Fourth Place: Worldwide Challenge, “Lighting the Darkness,” Greg Breeding, The Journey Group, designer

Fifth Place: Kindred Spirit, “Stranded on Omnipotence,” Keith Yates, designer

Judge: Robert E. Ayers, Publication Design, Inc.

Typography & Lettering

First Place: Enrichment journal, “Pentecostal Ministry in a Relativistic Culture,” Dave Danielson, designer

Second Place: On Mission, “Desperate Choices,” Steve Beaver, designer

Third Place: FulFill, “Enough,” Cindy Young, designer

Fourth Place: Answers, “The Creator Clearly Seen,” Dan Stelzer, designer

Fifth Place: In Part, “Four More at the Table,” Nate Bridi, designer

Judge: John Johanek, Publication Design, Inc.


The EPA awards presentation is made possible by the work of a volunteer committee from the General Council of the Assemblies of God: Rick Knoth, chairman, Steve Lopez, Richard Schoonover, and Connie Cross, Enrichment journal; Ken Horn and John W. Kennedy, Today’s Pentecostal Evangel; Darla Knoth, For Every Woman; Lori Van Veen, National Girls Ministries, and Paul Smith, Gospel Publishing House.