The Publisher’s Creed

A tongue-in-cheek look at the real purpose of a publication.

The author of this "publisher's creed" is unknown, and probably had his or her tongue firmly in their cheek, but there's also some truth in this rather cynical take on the publishing business. I believe it was one of the old newspaper barons who said the job of a newspaper was to tell the truth and make a nickel. Of these, he said, the most important was making a nickel. He explained, "No nickel, no paper."

Here, then is a "Publisher's Creed" for tough economic times:

Be honest, tough and thorough
Use patience, brains and nerve
Inform, assist and entertain
It's the tradition that you serve
Aid no special interest
Fight the censor's hand
Expose corruption where it's found
Know when to take a stand
Serve the reader every day
Be it storm or sunny
But more important than all of this
Better make some money.