CT’s Jake Walsh to Lead Online Course on Print and Digital Publishing

Is it possible to embrace a digital-first mindset and also thrive in print publishing? Magazine Training International’s fall online course, "Print Publishing in a 'Digital-First' World," will explore this question and outline ways to leverage the unique value of print and digital, better serve readers across each platform, and create scalable models for growth. Hands-on, practical training will demonstrate how to embrace a digital-first mindset and also thrive in print publishing.

The October online course will feature four weekly one-hour live sessions. Sessions will also be recorded and available online anytime for students unable to attend a live session.

Each week of the course will focus on a challenge area for magazine publishers in the digital age:

  • how to understand the unique needs of the print and digital reader
  • how to optimize your distribution strategy
  • how to approach product development and establish a sustainable business model
  • how to evaluate success and adapt accordingly

Jacob Walsh, the vice president and publisher of Christianity Today, will teach the course.

Over the past 15 years, Walsh has worked in various editorial, design and marketing roles while enjoying the challenge of an ever-evolving media landscape. In addition to his work with CT magazine, he has worked in advertising as a social media strategist and has led the publishing efforts for a portfolio of brands including Leadership Journal, Books & Culture, Men of Integrity and The Behemoth.

Visit magazinetraining.com to register. There is a $50 fee per person.

Posted Aug. 15, 2019