What Others Say

You'll have a great time at EPA 2016 - but don't take our word


Here’s what people had to say about previous Evangelical Press Association conventions:

The EPA convention was great! The speakers and workshop facilitators were excellent, and the information shared about today’s digital world was invaluable. Also, it was wonderful to get to know industry colleagues from across the country; I look forward to continued contact with them during the year.

— Mary Larmoyeux


When I attend the EPA convention, I hope to glean as much insight as I can from the workshops. This year's workshops took a step up in equipping me to ask the right questions to help my publications prepare for the next shift in the ever-changing publishing landscape. I feel better prepared to guide the conversations that will lead to better decision making -- and ultimately to more engaged readers and more revenue.

— Paul Schwarz
Ministry & Leadership


The real potential of an EPA convention is in the connections we can make with other industry professionals. Some of the most fruitful moments, for me, were in the impromptu conversations I had with people whose work I admire. It was good to talk about what we do, and how we're attempting to tackle the problems we face as editors and writers.

— Cameron Lawrence
In Touch


As a magazine editor, I always benefit from the fabulous workshops and speakers at EPA. This year, as usual, I came away with many great ideas for how to better do my job—from how to write different headlines for the web vs. print to sites I didn't know existed that can do some of my work for me. I also gained from discussions about how to engage the culture on issues that matter.

— Sandra Glahn
Kindred Spirit Magazine
Adjunct Professor, Pastoral Ministries and Christian Education


The workshops were great! The speakers were experts in their perspective fields and provided useful knowledge that is relevant and helpful. Most of all, the speakers all have a heart for ministry and a personal relationship with our Lord and savior. I made many new friends and plan to stay in touch sharing ideas and council, to help us all advance the good news. The opportunity to fellowship during breaks, lunch and dinner provided time to meet new friends. The key speakers were inspiring and provided a refreshing lift that we all need from time to time. Finally, I believe the investment to attend the conference is a value to our ministry and my work.

— Bill Gilmore
The Alabama Baptist


EPA is invaluable to someone new to the world of Christian publishing. While I’ve written on a freelance basis for various Christian publications and have copies of Christian freelance guidebooks, nothing trumps seeing the writers, publishers and publications in one place. The wealth of publishing samples and the intensity of networking opportunities are as vital as the seminars. I look forward to next year.

— Diana Chandler
Baptist Press


The EPA Convention was a wonderful opportunity to connect with colleagues and to catch up on what is going on in the fast-changing world of magazine publishing. Three of us from our organization attended the convention and when we met today to discuss what we had gained, we all declared that the experience was well worth the investment of time and money. We could all honestly say that in the workshop sessions we learned something valuable which we will bring to our work.

— Sharon Mumper
Magazine Training International


EPA gives me a chance to continue to grow in ways that I can't get at the office. First, I am able to gain insights from other ministry professionals that I otherwise would not come in contact with. From conversations at lunch or in between seminars, I learn what works (and sometimes what doesn't work) from others experiences. Second, there is always at least one seminar that helps me look beyond what our magazine is doing now and forward to what our potential could be in the near future. In short, there is always one or two contacts and that one session (if not more) that I find myself thinking "it was worth the trip just for that."

— Dan Stelzer
Answers in Genesis