EPA-ACCM Partnership

The Advisers of Christian Collegiate Media (ACCM) partners with EPA to connect its members with the professionals who are making decisions about Christian media. ACCM is composed of faculty members at Christian colleges and universities who advise the student campus publications, whether in print or online.

The partnership features a unique dual membership strategy — when an eligible student-produced campus publication joins EPA, the adviser of the publication is granted active membership in ACCM. EPA manages the administrative aspects of ACCM membership while ACCM connects its members to EPA’s annual contest, scholarship program and convention experience.

Media advisers are training the leaders who will bring next-generation ideas, innovation and change to what has been the reality for Christian publications in the U.S. Students, who attend the EPA convention, get to meet the editors and staff of publications that can help them learn techniques — and who might be able to offer them internships or jobs. But students can also be the voice of "why do you do it that way?" that editors and staff need to hear if they are to keep their media growing, innovating and changing as they should. Advisers benefit from EPA by learning the trends in Christian publishing and its online offshoots, but EPA benefits from the insights of advisers, many of whom are on the cutting edge of journalism and media trends, and the education that prepares for them.

The purposes of ACCM are encouragement, advice, and support. That's for advisers and for their students in the hard work of campus journalism. Nowhere else, anywhere in the United States, is there an organization that so understands the meaning of real journalism, produced by students — entirely for students — in the context of Christian higher education. ACCM provides help online, through fellowship events at national and regional conventions and gatherings, and in an annual retreat.

Advisers need each other; theirs is a particularly lonely job on many campuses. In some ways their job is harder precisely because they're doing it in a faith-based context. The pressures they feel — while similar to pressures faced by media advisers at state universities — are unique in that they involve the often challenging subcultures of suspicion and fear that surround student journalism on Christian college and university campuses. And when advisers need somewhere to turn, ACCM is there providing prayerful, industry-relevant and student-insightful perspective and guidance.

Longinow thumbnailFor more information about Advisers of Christian Collegiate Media, visit their website or email Dr. Michael A. Longinow, Executive Director of ACCM. Dr. Longinow is the Print Journalism Adviser and Department Chair for Journalism and Integrated Media at Biola University.


Posted Sept. 22, 2015