EPA Board Announces Exceptions for Contest Due to COVID-19

The EPA board recognizes that in 2020, due to COVID-19, a number of publications temporarily converted to digital for one or more issues. As a result, publications that only publish two, three, or four issues a year may not have two consecutive hard copy issues to submit where required in the annual contest.

All Awards of Excellence print categories and two Higher Goals categories (Publication Design and Photography Use) customarily require hard copies of two consecutive issues to be mailed in for judging.

For contest entries from 2020, EPA will allow these exceptions to the rules:

  • Hard copy entries do not need to be consecutive
  • Digital PDF entries will be accepted in lieu of one or both hard copies, provided that the PDFs are in a traditional magazine format

If you are submitting PDF files in lieu of hard copies, please use http://www.wetransfer.com to send your files to epacontest@evangelicalpress.com.

For questions about this temporary policy and how it impacts your publication, please call 1-888-311-1731 or send an email inquiry.

Posted Nov. 23, 2020