EPA Freelancers Launch Writer’s Blog

For several years now, the freelancers of EPA have been forging relationships and encouraging one another, online and at the convention. Now some of them have launched the Christian Freelance Writers Network—which includes a blog.

According to that blog, the CFWN is “a group of Christian writers who want to share their ideas and experiences with one another. We seek to support one another emotionally and mentally. We seek to communicate writing opportunities from time to time, though we’re not sure exactly how this will happen. We seek to share practical wisdom about writing and faith, from our own learning and from things we’ve read.”

The CFWN  blog can be found at christianfreelancewritersnetwork.wordpress.com. New articles will be posted weekly. Writers guidelines are available for any freelancers who would like to contribute. For more information, send an email.

Posted November 21, 2019