EPA Headquarters Relocated to Arizona

The question is often asked, “Where is the EPA office located?” The answer depends on where the Executive Director lives.

As of January 25, 2017, the international headquarters of the Evangelical Press Association is located in the greater Phoenix, Arizona, area in the town of Queen Creek. Executive Director Lamar Keener and his wife Theresa moved there after living in the San Diego area for 31 years.

While EPA is officially a California nonprofit entity since its incorporation in that state in 1966, day-to-day operations take place wherever the director resides.

Here’s a look back at EPA’s operational locations since 1966:

1966-1978 — California (Norman Rohrer, Executive Secretary)
1978-1992 — Kansas (Gary Warner, Executive Director)
1992-2002 — Virginia (Ron Wilson, Executive Director)
2002-2013 — Minnesota (Doug Trouten, Executive Director)
2013-2015 — Colorado (D’Arcy Maher, Executive Director)
2015-2017 — California (Lamar Keener, Executive Director)
2017 — Arizona (Lamar Keener, Executive Director)

Please note the following address change, effective immediately:

Evangelical Press Association
PO Box 1787
Queen Creek, AZ 85142-1839

The phone/fax number remains the same: 1-888-311-1731


Posted January 31, 2017