EPA Holds Fall Regional Seminars

In early November, a group of 20 writers, editors, and publicists from five EPA member organizations participated in a Writing Powerful Stories seminar led by Anne Marie and Mark Winz. The seminar was hosted by ONE Magazine at the Free Will Baptist denominational headquarters in Antioch, TN.

The daylong session featured strategies to help writers gather, sort, and organize material and shared two ways to outline articles for stories and for persuasive content.

Attendees brought articles and projects already in progress, and refined their work throughout the day, using the new techniques learned. “Everyone was willing to learn and try new ideas,” Anne Marie said. “It was a pleasure to work with them.”

“I’d never thought about the process of writing as it was described,” said Randall House writer Joshua Eidson. “These guides definitely make it more of a replicable process that is more approachable than I thought prior. I always just hoped some magic would be there and my words would make sense.”

Another group of 14 from eight publications attended a Content Strategy seminar, hosted by Sojourners at their Washington, D.C. headquarters in late October. The session was led by magazine consultant Lou Ann Sabatier.

“I took nearly eight pages of notes, so that probably speaks for itself, but if not: I gained so much from this seminar with Lou,” said Morgan Feddes Satre, managing editor of Advance. “I know that, realistically, there's a lot of this information that will take years to be able to really put into practice, but in that sense, it's the gift that will keep on giving! I'm grateful that EPA made this opportunity available and would highly recommend it for anyone interested in improving their overall content strategy.”

EPA co-sponsored the seminars with the Associated Church Press.

Posted Nov. 20, 2018