‘Higher Goals’ contest categories

The Evangelical Press Association’s “Higher Goals” competition honors individual aspects of a publication, such as reporting, column writing and design.

The categories in this contest are:

Article Series: Multiple articles on a topic from at least two consecutive issues (not a column or item in each issue).

Cause of the Year - Extreme Poverty: An article about the church's response to the poor or efforts to fight poverty.

Critical Review: A review of book(s), drama, musical presentation or other media.

Devotional: Inspirational biblical or spiritual piece to aid spiritual growth, with application. May be part of a series.

Editorial: Any opinion piece written by an editorial staff member.

Evangelism Article: An article to Christians meant to help believers learn to share the gospel more effectively.

Fiction: An original short story (including a parable).

First-Person Article: Autobiographical account.

Freelance Article: Article by a freelance writer and published in an EPA member publication. (Entered by associate member authors.)

General Article - Short: Any original nonfiction article with a word count of 900 or less. .

General Article - Intermediate: Any original nonfiction article with a word count of between 901 and 1,400.

General Article - Long: Any original nonfiction article with a word count of 1,401 or more.

Humorous: An original fiction or nonfiction article or editorial using humor to communicate.

Interview Article: Article based on in-depth interviewing (can be a Q-and-A or use direct and indirect quotations).

Personality Article: Biographical account, either historical or contemporary.

Poetry: A single original poem.

Reporting: Any news story originating with the publication.

Standing Column: A regular column under a recurring head by one author. (Submit columns from three consecutive issues.)

Student Writer of the Year: Article by a student writer and published in an EPA member publication. (Entered by publication.)

Titles: Enter three feature story titles that powerfully draw readers into each story.

Cartoon: A single cartoon (or panel, or cartoon in comic book format) not illustrating an article.

Original Art - Digital/Mixed Media: Illustration based on or incorporating photographic elements. May include special use of type.

Original Art - Traditional: Non-photographic illustration. (May be a cartoon illustrating an article. May include use of type.)

Photo Feature: Text and photography originating with the publication.

Photography Use (3 issues): The use of photography for the publication as a whole. Submit three consecutive issues.

Publication Design (3 issues): The graphic presentation of editorial content of the publication. Submit three consecutive issues.

Publication Redesign: Publication that significantly changed graphic presentation.

Website design (judge will visit site): The aesthetic appeal and usability of a website.

Single Photo - Candid: Original photo of subject acting naturally or spontaneously in uncontrolled lighting and conditions.

Single Photo - Controlled: Original photo (not stock) of subject posed in situation with controlled lighting and other conditions.

Two-Page Spread Design: Graphic presentation that includes blend of typography, text, photo, and/or illustration.

Typography and Lettering: Use of typography and/or lettering to enhance communication and appearance.

Cover: Must use the publication name.

Department: Regular section with a recurring title, usually by multiple writers. Submit from three consecutive issues.

Single-Theme Section or Issue: In-depth treatment of a topic with multiple items up to an entire issue. Submit an entire issue.

Biblical Exposition: Any original biblical or theological treatment of a doctrine or Scripture passage.