Jerry Jenkins Scholarship Awarded ‘Live’ to Dallas Seminary Student

The 2022 Jerry Jenkins Scholarship in the amount of $2,000 was awarded to Dallas Theological Seminary student Radha Vyas during the annual business meeting conducted April 12 at the 2022 convention in Colorado Springs.

Not only was Jenkins present to personally announce the winner, but the student herself was in the audience as a registered attendee of the convention. When Vyas came up to the stage for the award, Jenkins and EPA Executive Director Lamar Keener presented her with a giant four-foot-long check.

One of the judges of the competition wrote:

“Radha's story is written in clear and compelling prose. She's been on quite an amazing journey from Hinduism to Christianity. Her academic work and references are to her credit and reveal her to be a person of integrity, hard work, and resilience. Her portfolio is impressive and demonstrates her great ability to write lucid and engaging prose.”

While it’s rare for the scholarship winner to be in attendance at the convention, this is the second time in recent years the winner has been present. The 2019 winner Seana Scott, also a Dallas Seminary student at the time, was present in Oklahoma City to receive the award.

The Douglas J. Trouten Memorial Scholarship was awarded in two $750 increments to Zoe Ross of John Brown University and Samantha Leon of Hannibal-LaGrange University. Leon will be transferring to Taylor University this coming fall.

EPA awards scholarships each year to students preparing for a career in journalism. EPA believes that Christian students should be prepared to be outstanding journalists and communications professionals, equipped with a biblically-based philosophy of journalism and the skills, knowledge and experience they will need to effectively communicate a Christ-centered worldview to their audience.

Posted April 19, 2022