Lithuanian College Student News Website Joins EPA

Of the 35 new members EPA signed up in 2019, the New Year’s Eve application for the International University Chronicle (IUC) was, perhaps, the most unique.

The student-produced newspaper at LCC International University in Lithuania was launched this past fall through the leadership of EPA member Michael Ray Smith who was a visiting distinguished professor of journalism at the English-language Christian liberal arts university in Eastern Europe.

Smith said the news site “is operated by students who receive no course credit, receive no stipends and are new to the free press—and are writing articles in English.” He said most speak English as a second language.

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The staff includes students from countries such as Georgia, Latvia, Russia and other nations. A Syrian built the web site,

Their goal is to produce western journalism for the 600 students at the private LCC International University in Eastern Europe. Up to 50 countries are represented in the diverse student body.

This news site is the only English news site by a private, faith-based university using a North American-style teaching approach in all of Europe, Smith said.

A few staff of the International University Chronicle met for dinner in Klaipeda at the end of the fall 2019 semester. From left are Anna Audare, Lativa, Hanna Motorin, Ukraine, Mariia Lysikova, Ukraine, and Alina Kovyrialova, Lithuania. On the right is Michael Ray Smith who led the student's launch of the new newspaper website.

Posted Jan. 23, 2020