Articles for Publishing

While EPA does not provide a subscription-based newswire service, from time to time EPA provides non-exclusive news stories available to EPA members for publishing in their periodicals or online at no charge. These are written by qualified, award-winning writers and the author's byline is required for each article.

If you have an article that you would like to see have wider distribution, please contact the Executive Director. This is not for promotional press releases.

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• New Book Uses Religious Art to Explore Generosity by Michael Foust, 468 words posted 5/6/19

Social Media App Designed to Unite Christians by Chris Maxwell, 740 words posted 4/23/19

Museum of the Bible: Attendance Exceeds Expectations by Michael Foust, 582 words posted 2/26/18

Museum of the Bible: A Celebration of Scripture by Michael Foust, 598 words plus a downloadable high resolution image (a preview of the museum opening Nov. 17, 2017) posted 11/2/17

• Museum of the Bible: The Most Technologically Advanced Museum Ever? by Michael Foust, 657 words plus a downloadable high resolution image (a preview of the cutting-edge technology to be utilized at the new Museum of the Bible) posted 8/10/17

“Fortune 500 Company Thrives Through Pursuit of Generosity” by Lori Arnold, 759 words (an interview with Brad Hewitt, CEO of Thrivent Financial) posted 5/10/17

“Sweet Little Lies (Really!)” by Dave Meurer, 658 words (a light-hearted look at the seriousness of Alzheimer's) posted 8/22/16

The following stories are a result of interviews conducted during EPA 2016.

• “Bible Meets Broadway at Sight & Sound Theaters” by Michael Foust, 756 words (about Sight & Sound Theaters in Lancaster, PA and Branson, MO) posted 5/20/16

• “Money: A tool to live out your faith, says Thrivent Financial” by Ann-Margret Hovsepian, 660 words (about Thrivent Financial and their focus on biblical money management and generosity) posted 5/20/16

“New Christ-based ‘Parent Compass’ Series Shows Real Families Overcoming Real Problems” by Michael Foust, 629 words (about ParentCompass.TV series of shows on parenting which launches May 20, 2016) posted 4/30/16

“Being the Body: Bringing Hope to Those Journeying with Cancer,” by Stephen R. Clark, 868 words plus sidebars (about the Our Journey of Hope program sponsored by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America) posted 4/30/16

“Massive Prayer and Worship Event Expected to Draw Huge Crowd to National Mall in July,” by Chris Maxwell, 734 words (about the Together 2016 Washington, D.C. event to be held July 16, 2016, based on interview with PULSE founder Nick Hall) posted 4/30/16

“Fight to End Child Sex Trafficking Comes to the Big Screen,” by Patti Townley-Covert, 734 words (about "The Abolitionists" nationwide theater event scheduled for May 16, 2016) posted 4/30/16