Record Number of Contest Entries Submitted

EPA members submitted a record number of entries for both the Awards of Excellence and Higher Goals contests. The entry period for submissions for the 2016 contest closed on January 8.

Exactly 100 submissions for the Awards of Excellence squeaked by the previous record of 98 set in 2013. But in the Higher Goals contest, 1180 entries obliterated the 2013 total of 966 by 20%. The 1280 entries is a 29% increase over one year ago.

Apparently, EPA members are expert procrastinators as 51% of the entries were  submitted in the last 48 hours of the contest, with 33% coming on the last day. New EPA member Arkansas Baptist News hit the submit button on the last entry at one minute before the contest closed.

Entries came from 133 different members.

The winners will be announced live at EPA 2016 in Lancaster, Pa., on April 7 and 8. The winners list will be posted online April 8 after the convention closes.

COMING SOON: EPA will soon be announcing a new "Members Choice" contest for favorite cover in EPA. The contest will be open to all member publications with attendees at the annual convention voting during the convention.