Temporary Employees — Permanent Problems

Hiring a "Temp?"

Every now and then a special project requires the help of temporary workers. It could be office reorganization, indexing, or some other project that sends you to the temporary employment agency for some extra helping hands.

When you hire a temporary employee, be sure to place the burden where it should be: squarely on the Temporary Agency's shoulders. When using the services of a temporary help or employment agency, this is what you need to do:

1. Get a contract for services between you and the temporary service agency clearly spelling out all of the terms, conditions and considerations. Read this document carefully before signing it.

2. Ask the temp provider to let you have evidence or proof of their General and Completed Operations Liability insurance naming you or your company as "additional insured."

3. This next step is a must. Ask the temp agency to provide you with an Alternate Employer Endorsement (WC 00 03 01A or your state's equivalent) naming you or your company as the Alternate Employer. This gives you all of the same rights and privileges, under the temp agency's Workers Compensation policy, as though the policy were yours.

By taking these simple steps you can protect yourself from potential hassles of dealing with workplace injuries and disgruntled employees when hiring a temp, and you can shelter your own Workers Compensation policy, if you have one.

Mike Mansel is a certified insurance counselor specializing in publisher's liability. EPA members have access to special rates through his Web site: www.publiability.com or for more information write to mikem@argoinsurance.com