When Freedom is not Free: Censorship on Christian College Campuses

Can journalists for Christian magazines and for Christian organizations claim First Amendment privileges of inquiry and scrutiny of those in power? Do they? Should they? And what about students who try it on a Christian college or university campus? It depends, of course, on a lot of factors.

EPA, at its 2019 national convention in Oklahoma City, hosted seminar discussions about this topic for EPA members and for EPA student members. They were well-attended and brought robust and candid discussion.

In recent months, a former student journalist at Liberty University spoke out about censorship he felt while on staff with his campus newspaper. Student journalists at other Christian colleges and universities have spoken out as well about feeling pressured to back away from some topics.

“We should talk about it. And we have,” said Michael Longinow, the executive director of Advisers of Christian Collegiate Media (ACCM), a partner organization with the Evangelical Press Association. Longinow spearheaded an effort to collect a series of insights from media advisers, former media advisers and former students at Christian colleges and universities about this important issue.

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Posted Oct. 10, 2019