Word&Way Publishes In-depth Report on USPS and Impact on Religious Periodicals

The USPS is Under Attack. Christians Should See That’s Bad News. This the headline for a new heavily sourced report published on August 21, 2020, by EPA member Word&Way, a Baptist magazine based in Jefferson City, MO, and serving Midwest Baptists. It was written by editor Brian Kaylor.

“Soon after becoming editor of Word&Way four years ago, I could predict when subscribers would receive the latest issue of the magazine. Nearly all would have it just two days after printing (though a couple rural areas consistently ran a couple days later).

Then last fall, problems started.

Most months found a couple of days added to the delivery time by the understaffed and underfunded USPS — often doubling the delivery time for most subscribers. And that was before coronavirus added new problems.”

Read the full article at Word&Way.

Posted Aug. 21, 2020