2014 Higher Goals Awards

Article Series

First Place: In Touch, “The Missing Persons Project.”

Second Place: Boundless, “Rock the Body 2013 article series” — Aaron Stern, Suzanne Hadley Gosselin, Carolyn McCulley, Scott and Bethany Palmer, Dave Kraft.

Third Place: Alabama Baptist, “Health Care in America” — Jennifer Davis Rash, Sondra Washington.

Fourth Place: Christianity Today, “Global Gospel articles- Father Knows Best; God’s Word in Two Words; The Glory of the Cross” — Simon Chan, Tullian Tchividjian, Jeremy Treat.

Fifth Place: Enrichment Journal, “Dealing With Doubters” — George Paul Wood, Rick Knoth, Paul Copan.


Biblical Exposition

First Place: Sojourners, “Gandalf, Gollum, and the Death Penalty” — Tobias Winright.

Second Place: LeadershipJournal.net, “You’ve Done It Unto Me” — Tony Kriz.

Third Place: In Touch, “The Challenge to Be Content” — Charles F. Stanley.

Fourth Place: Christianity Today, “Learning to Love Leviticus” — Christopher J.H. Wright.

Fifth Place: Prism, “Raced-as-White” — Paul Alexander.



First Place: Clubhouse, “Captain Absolutely” — Christopher Maselli, Dennis Edwards, Gary Locke, Peg Mamalakis.

Second Place: Answers Magazine, “How God Saved Noah” — Jon Seest, Brandie Lucas, Dan Stelzer, Mike Matthews, Dale Mason.

Third Place: Enrichment Journal, “Use the Budget Surplus to Repair the Parkinglot“ — George Paul Wood, Rick Knoth, Tim Walburg.


Cause of the Year: Apathy

First Place: Boundless, “Why Have Babies?” — Candice Watters, Martha Krienke, Lisa Anderson.

Second Place: Sojourners, “Mourning for the Earth” — Katharine M. Preston, author .

Third Place: Christianity Today, “Here Come the Radicals!” — Matthew Lee Anderson.

Fourth Place: Leadership Journal, “Does Grace Make Us Lazy?” — Tullian Tchividjian.

Fifth Place: Christian Leader, “Film shatters stereotypes” — Matt Ford.



First Place: Answers Magazine, “Battle for Kids’ Minds” — Dan Stelzer, Chris Neville, Mike Matthews, Dale Mason.

Second Place: Christianity Today, “How Lewis Lit the Way” — Gary Gnidovic.

Third Place: Leadership Journal, “Leadership Journal Summer 2013” — Doug Fleener.

Fourth Place: Decision, “How to Spot a Counterfeit Religion” — Steve Mast, Peter Taylor, Bob Paulson.

Fifth Place: Message Magazine, “Walking by Faith” — Lauren Miller.


Critical Review

First Place: Enrichment Journal, “Miracles: The Credibility of the New Testament Accounts” — George Paul Wood, Rick Knoth, Martin Mittelstadt.

Second Place: Books & Culture, “Are Christian Mothers Human?” — Leslie Leyland Fields.

Third Place: The Banner, “Tuned In” — Bob De Moor, Kristy Quist.

Fourth Place: Christianity Today, “No Such Mercy” — David Zahl.

Fifth Place: Christian Research Journal, “Pi’s Wager: Life of Pi as Pragmatic Argument” — John McAteer.



First Place: In Touch, “On the Way” — Tonya Stoneman, W. David O. Taylor, Carol Barnier.

Second Place: Christianity Today, “News section” — Ted Olsen, Jeremy Weber.

Third Place: Answers Magazine, “Created Creature” — Gordon Wilson, Marcus Ross, Melinda Christian, Doug Rumminger, Dan Stelzer.

Fourth Place: Illinois Baptist, “@ the Crossroads” — Eric Reed, Kris Kell.

Fifth Place: Wheaton Magazine, “Student Profile” — Andrew Thompson.



First Place: LeadershipJournal.net, “Can You Drink This Cup?” — Paul Pastor.

Second Place: Church of God Evangel, “The Ruined Painting” — Joyce Wyatt.

Third Place: In Touch, “Sight to See” — Jamie A. Hughes.

Fourth Place: Boundless, “Joy Elusive” — Suzanne Hadley Gosselin, Martha Krienke, Lisa Anderson.

Fifth Place: Ministry & Leadership, “Through the Eyes of Zechariah” — William Fullilove, Lyn Perez, Paul Schwarz.



First Place: Sojourners, “It’s Time to End the Death Penalty” — Jim Wallis.

Second Place: The Baptist Standard, “Editorial: Get Ready for All those Babies” — Marv Knox.

Third Place: Christianity Today, “A Pope for All Christians” — Timothy C. Morgan.

Fourth Place: Illinois Baptist, “What Will We Learn from Newtown?” — Eric Reed.

Fifth Place: The Banner, “Don’t Do It” — Bob De Moor.


Evangelism Article

First Place: Enrichment Journal, “Atheism and the Burden of Proof” — George Paul Wood, Rick Knoth, Paul Copan.

Second Place: In Touch, “Until They Come Home” — Carol Barnier.

Third Place: Mennonite Brethren Herald, “Sowing seeds or tossing nutshells?” — Andrew Dyck.

Fourth Place: Today’s Christian Woman, “Learning to Love Your Sinful Neighbor” — Margot Starbuck, Marian Liautaud, Allison Althoff, Natalie Lederhouse.

Fifth Place: Christianity Today, “Between Lewis and Lecrae” — Andy Crouch.



First Place: Clubhouse Jr., “Ollie’s Flying Lesson” — Janna Jones, Jesse Florea, Joanna Echols.

Second Place: Indian Life, “Christmas Surprise” — Evelyn Horan.


First-Person Article

First Place: The Banner, “Being Christian and Gay” — Bob De Moor, Merrill Nosler.

Second Place: ANM World Missions, “When the Devil Danced on the Water” — Tony Weedor, John Lindner, Heather Kirk.

Third Place: Leadership Journal, “Odd Assignments” — Martin Copenhaver.

Fourth Place: Enrichment Journal, “Cultivating Faithfulness” — George Paul Wood, Rick Knoth, George O. Wood.

Fifth Place: LeadershipJournal.net, “Weeping with Gang Members” — Paco Amador.


Freelance Article

First Place: Lincoln Brunner, Jim Killam,  “Syria’s Refugee Crisis Worst Since Rwanda Genocide” — Christianity Today.

Second Place: Clem Boyd, “And a Child Shall Lead Them” — Citizen.

Third Place: Lynne Miller, “Treading Dark Waters” — The War Cry.

Fourth Place: Patti Townley-Covert, “Could It Happen Here? Terror and Turmoil Turn into Triumph” — Christian Examiner.


General Article: Long

First Place: Christianity Today, “New Life After the Fall” — Patton Dodd.

Second Place: Word Alive, “On Higher Ground.”

Third Place: Ministry & Leadership, “Through the Eyes of Zechariah” — William Fullilove, Lyn Perez, Paul Schwarz .

Fourth Place: Christian Examiner, “When Healing Doesn’t Come” — Lori Arnold.

Fifth Place: Answers Magazine, “Jungle Doctors” — John UpChurch, Mike Matthews, Dan Stelzer, Doug Rumminger, Dale Mason.


General Article: Medium

First Place: Compassion Magazine, “Amid Corruption, Patience Prevails” — Tim Glenn, Leanna Summers, Willow Welter, Mark Kyle, Staff.

Second Place: World Vision Magazine, “Pride & Prejudice” — Dean R. Owen.

Third Place: Prism, “Thirsty in the Midst of Abundance” — Kathy-Ann Hernandez .

Fourth Place: In Touch, “Why Beauty Matters” — W. David O. Taylor.

Fifth Place: Indian Life, “U.S. Apology to Native Americans Read Publicly for First Time” — Terry Wildman.


General Article: Short

First Place: Alabama Baptist, “The Healing Continues” — Grace Thornton.

Second Place: The Banner, “Accepting the Gift” — Bob De Moor, Reginald Smith.

Third Place: Prism, “Resisting Drone Warfare” — Sharon Delgado.

Fourth Place: Mutuality, “On Modesty and Male Privilege” — Luke Harms, Megan Greulich, Tim Krueger, Mimi Haddad.

Fifth Place: Answers Magazine, “Single-Celled Synchronized Swimmers” — Joe Francis, Mike Matthews, Doug Rumminger, Dale Mason.



First Place: Sojourners, “Be Nice. They’re Listening (and taking notes).” — Ed Spivey Jr.

Second Place: Leadership Journal, “The Beards of Ministry” — Paul Pastor, Kyle Rohane.

Third Place: Hilltop News / Corban University, “10 Reasons to Get Engaged (in the first month of classes)” — Katrina Aman.

Fourth Place: In Touch, “Do My Prayers Frustrate God?” — Carol Barnier.

Fifth Place: Clubhouse, “Adventures of Average Boy: Perfectly Logical” — Bob Smiley, Jesse Florea, Stephen O’Rear.


Interview Article

First Place: Christianity Today, “Where’s Christian?” — Gene Daniels.

Second Place: In Touch, “This Way To Sunday” — Cameron Lawrence.

Third Place: Church of God Evangel, “Waneda Brownlow” — Lance Colkmire.

Fourth Place: The Brink, “You’ll Get Through This” — David Jones, Max Lucado, Emily Parrish, Stephen Nelson, Jonathan Yandell.

Fifth Place: Sojourners, “Who Would Jesus Execute? An Interview with Richard Viguerie” — Jim Wallis.


Original Art: Digital/Mixed Media

First Place: Word Alive, “Attack on Holy Ground.”

Second Place: Clubhouse Jr.  — Pablo Bernasconi, Lexie Rhodes.

Third Place: Clubhouse  — Gary Locke, Jesse Florea, Peg Mamalakis.

Fourth Place: The War Cry, “On The Fringe” — Rob Reardon.

Fifth Place: Answers Magazine, “Building a Better Dinosaur” — Chris Neville, Dan Stelzer, Mike Matthews, Dale Mason.


Original Art: Traditional

First Place: The Banner, “Just for Kids” — Bob De Moor, Dean Heetderks, Pete Euwema, Frank Gutbrod.

Second Place: Clubhouse, “Out of the Woods” — Jim Madsen, Peg Mamalakis.

Third Place: Christianity Today, “Bigger Than We Think” — Alecia Sharp.

Fourth Place: Enrichment Journal, “Small Towns...Big Possibilities: Leading Your Community to Become a Better Place to Live” — George Paul Wood, Rick Knoth, Gary Locke.


Personality Article

First Place: Worldwide Challenge, “Beauty in Suffering” — Rich Atkinson, Erik Segalini.

Second Place: Word Alive, “Northern Composure” — Doug Lockhart, Dwayne Janke.

Third Place: In Touch, “Of Convicts and Convictions” — Sandy Feit.

Fourth Place: Alabama Baptist, “‘The Healing Continues’” — Grace Thornton.

Fifth Place: Decision, “Life After Football” — Charles Chandler, Bob Paulson.


Photo Feature

First Place: World Vision Magazine, “13 Photos from 2013” — Jon Warren, Laura Reinhardt, Lindsey Minerva, Andrea Peer.

Second Place: TEAMHorizons, “Into the Fields” — Robert Johnson.

Third Place: Worldwide Challenge, “Standing Watch” — Guy Gerrard, Journey Group, Mark Winz.

Fourth Place: Christianity Today, “Chaols and Grace in the Slums of the Earth” — Gary Gnidovic.

Fifth Place: Point, “Panama City: Building a Bridge to Christ” — Matt Stephens, Bob Putman, Pamela Nelsen.


Photography Use

First Place: TEAMHorizons  — Robert Johnson.

Second Place: In Touch  — Benjamin Dolson, Andrew Thomas Lee, Joshua Drake.

Third Place: Compassion Magazine  — Paul Moede, Tim Glenn, Leanna Summers, Willow Welter, Mark Kyle.

Fourth Place: World Vision Magazine  — Jon Warren, Laura Reinhardt.

Fifth Place: Worldwide Challenge  — Guy Gerrard, Ted Wilcox, Tom Mills, Journey Group, Mark Winz.



First Place: Sojourners, “The Place of the Green Wand” — Theodore Deppe.

Second Place: Books & Culture, “The Escape of Lapsing” — Brett Foster.

Third Place: In Touch, “Turning Back” — John Blase.

Fourth Place: Wheaton Magazine, “A Psalm for Moving Up: On the Dedication of BGC5 (the

Fifth Floor of the Billy Graham Center, the Home of the Biblical and Theological Studies Department)” — Dr. Jill Pelaez Baumgaertner.


Publication Design

First Place: Christianity Today  — Gary Gnidovic, Alecia Sharp, Metaleap Design.

Second Place: Compassion Magazine  — Paul Moede, Tim Glenn, Leanna Summers, Willow Welter, Mark Kyle.

Third Place: Pentecostal Evangel  — PE Staff.

Fourth Place: Clubhouse  — Peg Mamalakis.

Fifth Place: Wesleyan Life  — Wayne MacBeth, Kory Pence, Julia Park, Kerry Kind.


Publication Redesign

First Place: Christianity Today  — José Reyes and Metaleap.

Second Place: Facts & Trends  — Carol Pipes, Katie Shull.

Third Place: Enrichment Journal  — George Paul Wood, Rick Knoth, Steve Lopez .

Fourth Place: In Touch  — Cameron Lawrence, Tom Sabonis-Chafee, Lisa Dyches.

Fifth Place: Alabama Baptist.



First Place: Christianity Today, “First Language First” — Bob Smietana.

Second Place: Wheaton Magazine, “Inside Cuba” — Jeremy Weber.

Third Place: Mutuality, “Instinctively Egalitarian” — Denise Cooper-Clarke, Tim Krueger, Mimi Haddad.

Fourth Place: New Frontier-The Salvation Army, “Building Success in Character” — Christin Davis.

Fifth Place: Wesleyan Life, “Lakota Rising” — Kerry Kind, Kory Pence, Wayne MacBeth.


Single Photo: Candid

First Place: Word Alive, “On Higher Ground.”

Second Place: World Vision Magazine, “Journey of Love: Boys in Rwanda” — Kari Costanza.

Third Place: Decision, “Offering Comfort after Oklahoma Disaster” — Chris Landesberger, Steve Mast, Bob Paulson.

Fourth Place: Wheaton Magazine, “For the Short Term” — Abigail Mitchell, Wheaton College alumna.

Fifth Place: Alliance Life, “Wide Awake” — Hannah Hochstetler.


Single Photo: Controlled

First Place: Worldwide Challenge, “Standing Watch” — Guy Gerrard.

Second Place: Christianity Today, “Faith in a Fallen Empire” — Gary Gnidovic.

Third Place: Enrichment Journal, “Believing God for a Prophetically Relevant Church” — George Paul Wood, Rick Knoth, Lane Simmons.

Fourth Place: Word Alive, “Northern Composure” — Alan Hood, Dwayne Janke.

Fifth Place: Clubhouse, July 2013 Clubhouse cover — Studio 34, Peg Mamalakis.


Single-Theme Section or Issue

First Place: Rev. 7 Every Nation People Language, “Truth on Wings” — Virginia Vinton, Joyce Hyde, Sarah Baer.

Second Place: EFCA Today, “The Ties That Bind: The Power of Social Media to Connect Us with Each Other and with the Gospel” — Matt Mitchell, Sean Matthew O’Brien, David Park, Matt Pamer/Journey Group, Diane McDougall/Journey Group.

Third Place: Word Alive, “The Silk Road Ascent.”

Fourth Place: The Lutheran Witness, Jan-13 —.

Fifth Place: Christianity Today, “Worshiping Jesus in the Mosque: Inside the World of a Muslim Follower of ISA” — Mark Galli, Tim Morgan


Standing Column

First Place: In Touch, “Beginning to See” — Cameron Lawrence.

Second Place: Clubhouse, “High Voltage” — Bob Smithouser, Jesse Florea, Stephen O’Rear


Student Writer of the Year

First Place: The Baptist Standard, “Aging Dallas Church Commits Facility to Kingdom Purposes” — Leah Allen.

Second Place: Sojourners, “‘Relevance’ Is Not Enough” — Anne Marie Roderick, Joshua Witchger.

Third Place: Mennonite Brethren Herald, “You Don’t Know Them! Christians and Gays with a Different Story” — Paul Esau.

Fourth Place: Mutuality, “The Shame of the Unnamed Women of the Old Testament” — Margaret Mowczko, Tim Krueger, Mimi Haddad.



First Place: Christianity Today, “W.W. Jay-Z; Learning to Love Leviticus; Would You Kill this Chicken with Your Bare Hands?” — Katelyn Beaty, Ted Olsen.

Second Place: Leadership Journal, “Why People Get So Mad at Pastors, Spiritual Direction for Weird People, Tweeting My Life Away” — Marshall Shelley, Drew Dyck, Paul Pastor.


Two-Page Spread Design

First Place: Answers Magazine, “Go Anywhere, Do Anything” — Chris Neville, Dan Stelzer, Mike Matthews, Dale Mason.

Second Place: Christianity Today, “The Glory of the Cross” — José Reyes, Metaleap Design.

Third Place: Alliance Life, “The Great Divide” — Daron Short.

Fourth Place: Compassion Magazine, “A Compass for Childhood” — Tim Glenn, Leanna Summers, Willow Welter, Mark Kyle.

Fifth Place: Pentecostal Evangel, “Sentenced to a Second Chance” — Lucas Key.


Typography and Lettering

First Place: Worldwide Challenge, “Lessons from the Flannelgraph” — Journey Group.

Second Place: Sojourners, “Grief, Courage, and Perseverance” — Ken Davis.

Third Place: In Touch, “Memorable Meals” — Debi Wijanto.

Fourth Place: In Part, “The 500 Hour Gift” — William Teodori, David Kasparek, Kristine Frey, Rebecca Kasparek.

Fifth Place: Wesleyan Life, “Setting Captives Free” — Kory Pence, Wayne MacBeth, Kerry Kind, Julia Park.


Website Design

First Place: ChurchLawAndTax.com — Valerie Broucek, Louise Ferrebee.

Second Place: The Baptist Standard — Marv Knox, Ken Camp, Toolbox Studios, John Rutledge, Julie Sorrels.

Third Place: Boundless.org — Martha Krienke, Lisa Anderson.