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The Evangelical Press Association is a unique and tightly connected group focused on professionalism and respect within the context of a faith community. EPA members do not just meet with Christian periodical publishing leaders — they become them.

EPA is the world’s largest professional organization for the evangelical periodical publishing industry, both print and digital. Our mission is to provide members with opportunities to build relationships and strengthen professionalism within the community.

Teaming up with the Evangelical Press Association is your opportunity to become much more than a credentialed member of a national press organization. You can also become an integral part of the influential Christian publishing community.

As members of EPA, writers, editors, designers, publishers and web developers unite behind a shared vision of strengthening the Christian publishing industry. It is an environment that fosters instruction, respect, professionalism and faith.  EPA members are inspired to reach higher, go deeper and become more as they embrace the greater calling of influencing the world around them.

Joining EPA makes you a member of the world’s largest professional organization for the evangelical periodical publishing industry. Membership in EPA strengthens the entire industry through such programs as journalism scholarships and support for publishing efforts in the developing world. EPA membership includes three categories: publications, associates, and business affiliates.

Above all, members of EPA share a commitment to excellence. Consider joining us in this worthy pursuit.

Check out the four membership types: Publication, Associate, Affiliate, Contributor

If you’d like to join EPA, you can apply on-line.

  • Publication membership: Open to printed periodicals (magazines, newspapers, newsletters, etc.) and digital publications (e-zines, e-newsletters, blogs, content-rich websites, etc.)
  • Associate membership: For individual professionals who work with the Christian periodical publishing industry
  • Affiliate membership: For businesses and ministries that work with the Christian periodical publishing industry
  • Contributor membership: For individuals who desire to be involved with EPA but are not on the staff of a member publication and have no professional need to be an associate member.


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