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EPA Announces Emerging Journalist Award

The EPA Board has established a new award to be given periodically to recognize young journalists already excelling in their careers. Awards will be available for both writing/editing and visual arts.

Nominations will be accepted through February 28 with awards announced at the annual convention. Nominations may be submitted by publications for eligible individuals on staff. Freelancers are also eligible to enter.

A panel of three judges will review the nominations and choose the award winners.

Click here for the nomination form.

Criteria for nominations

  • Age 35 or younger
  • Two categories
    • Emerging Journalist Award — for editors and writers
    • Emerging Visual Artist Award — for designers and photojournalists
  • Employed by or frequent contributor to an EPA member publication
  • Minimum of two years in profession
  • Nomination letter from the editor or other managerial person, including a bio of journalistic achievement and why this person stands out from their peers
  • Freelancers are welcome to apply and submit a personal bio of journalistic achievement, along with a letter of professional reference
  • Three examples of published articles/photos/designs

The submission deadline is February 28.

Posted July 25, 2023

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