EPA Annual Convention

The annual EPA convention is a source of new ideas and creative innovations. It provides an intense time of professional learning, networking and inspiration.

The annual convention is your chance to step away from daily activities to engage and interact with the EPA community. Members join together to explore new ideas and learn from one another through powerful seminars, workshops, discussions and presentations.

Evangelical Press Association members take part in an invaluable professional experience that includes:

  • The opportunity to build relationships with fellow editors, writers, designers, publishers and influential personalities from across the industry.
  • The chance to enter contests where authors and publications are recognized with highly esteemed Awards of Excellence and Higher Goals Awards.
  • The opportunity to develop their own instructional seminars that can be used as tools to launch or introduce new innovations within the community.

Convention activities include:

  • Instructional seminars
  • Training discussions
  • Educational workshops
  • Presentations from influential keynote speakers
  • Member banquet and awards ceremony
  • Roundtable discussions
  • Group outings
  • Late-night casual discussions
  • Professional networking

Visit the official convention website: epaconvention.com

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