Video Library Features 78 On-Demand Training Presentations

EPA has a library of 78 on-demand video presentations from the virtual events and webinars we have held in recent years. Receive training from industry experts in writing, editing, design, photography, digital publishing, social media, professional development and more. Hear from such leaders as Phil Cooke, Kay Warren, Walter Kim, Karen Swallow Prior, Anne Marie Winz, Diane J. McDougall, Lisa Crayton, Russell Moore, Mark Dreistadt, David French, Sarah Gordon, Angela Hunt, Nona Jones, Patricia Raybon, Lou Ann Sabatier, Jo Saxton, Bob Smietana, Al Tompkins, and many more.

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There are 78 videos from four series of presentations:

  • DigitalMediaCon 2020 - 20 videos
  • DigitalMediaCon 2021 - 14 videos
  • Webinars - 9 videos
  • EPA Convention 2021 - 35 videos

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Session TitleCategoriesEventSpeakerAdd'l SpeakersSynopsis
Change: A User's Guide for Wreaking Havoc & Upsetting EveryoneLeadership | Management | Web StrategyDigitalMediaCon 2021Baldwin, DawnIt's no surprise that no one likes change, even when it helps us. But this past year has opened up opportunities like never before, especially in digital media. As leaders, how do we navigate it all and get others on board without losing our sanity?
Creative Elements in PhotographyDesign | PhotographyEPA Convention 2021Bangham, BillWhether beginner or experienced professional, still or video, our vision always exceeds our ability to execute it. These 15 elements can help us narrow the gap between what we imagine and what we produce.
How to Edit Photos for Maximum Impact on Your AudienceDesign | PhotographyEPA Convention 2021Bangham, BillA hands-on exercise in choosing photographs that compel the reader to look at your article, website or social media post. Good photographs always ask questions, not answer them.
Best Practices in ReportingReporting | WritingEPA Convention 2021Banks, AdelleThe juggling act that is religious journalism can include short and long stories, breaking news and features, Q&A stories and projects.
What you will learn:
Tips on Q&A features and other interviews
Tips on planning and execution of stories and projects
Examples of the range of stories on the religion beat
The Web We Want: Practical Tips for Digital DesignersDigital DesignDigitalMediaCon 2020Bryant, ZackJeremy CherryJourney Group’s Jeremy Cherry and Zack Bryant will share lessons learned working shoulder-to-shoulder serving organizations large and small. They’ll talk process, tools, and best practices for those who design for screens, and show a few favorite examples of where they hope the web is headed.
Maximize Your Influence in Today’s Digital Culture: Why Everything You Know About Ministry Has ChangedDigital | Personal DevelopmentDigitalMediaCon 2020Cooke, PhilAs a ministry leader or professional communicator in today’s media-driven digital culture, your greatest challenge is getting your voice and message heard. No matter how important your talent or calling, if nobody’s listening, then you’ve failed. The digital revolution has changed everything about the way we communicate the gospel, and in this session, Phil Cooke will share the most important principles for how to break through and get your message heard.
Seeing is Believing: A behind-the-scenes look at how Cru Storylines produces award-winning digital photo feature storiesDigital Design | Digital PhotographyDigitalMediaCon 2021Copenny, MelodyTed Wilcox | Mark WinzFrom the pitch of a story idea, prayer, planning and trip preparation, to travel, creative development, editorial production and the subsequent publishing of an online photo story, join a panel of Cru Storylines’ staff as they take you on a tour of the process of creating an engaging digital photo feature story.

What you will learn:
How to develop key steps and plan logistics for a successful story
How to capture photos that tell a story
Three types of journalistic writing styles

Bonus: 10 important packing tips for traveling journalists
Writing Tips for Multicultural AudiencesWritingEPA Convention 2021Crayton, LisaEffectively reaching a culturally diverse readership is challenging—but possible. Discover how to identify and write for multicultural readers of all ages. Discusses gospel-centered reasons to write with inclusivity, common myths and misconceptions, and best practices. Helps identify problem areas in content that hinder cross-cultural communications, and offers methods for improvement. Includes content sensitivity issues, using sensitivity readers/critique partners, and more.
Revision Strategies that WorkEditingEPA Convention 2021Crayton, LisaSome writers dread revision, others fully enjoy shaping a project until it sings. This workshop centers on revising to meet readers’ needs and helps identity common micro and macro content development issues. In addition to self-editing, it addresses working with editors and how to revise based on editorial feedback. Includes suggestions for balancing projects in varying stages of development to maximize time management and meet deadlines.
Why a Proper Theology is Vital to the Mission of Christian MagazinesIssuesWebinar 2021Dalrymple, TimothyRussell MooreJoin Russell Moore and Timothy Dalrymple as they discuss why they believe evangelicals “need to recover a theologically orthodox, intellectually credible, socially engaged, missiologically holistic, and generally connected witness for American evangelical Christianity.”
Social Media and Our Social WitnessDigital | Issues | Social Media | WritingEPA Convention 2021Darling, DanielSocial media has both elevated voices that were previously marginalized and contributed to a culture of canceling, shame and retribution. It has been an invaluable vehicle for connecting writers and their audiences and yet has been a divisive tool in creating divisions in the Body of Christ. So how should Christian communicators steward their voices in the digital age?
Reclaiming the Name ‘Evangelical’ (panel)Issues | ManagementEPA Convention 2021Darling, Daniel (moderator)Walter Kim | Michael Wear | Karen Swallow PriorFour leading Christian communicators will discuss what it means to be “evangelical.” Is the term still viable in its original intent or has it become too politicized? Can the name be reclaimed or is it time to find another way to identify followers of Christ?
Reaching Younger and More Diverse Audiences through InstagramSocial MediaDigitalMediaCon 2021Day, DanielMillennials and GenZ'ers think differently, act differently, and look for different types of content. They are deeply concerned with how Christianity connects to everyday life, and desire to see how the Bible speaks to social issues like poverty, politics, sexuality, and creation care. Those in their 20s and 30s often see a disconnect between their faith and real-life, and sometimes that is directly related to the way the church tries to reach them. Daniel Day is the Director of Reclaim Today, a lifestyle content brand that creatively explores how we connect with God in the ordinary, extraordinary, every-day moments of life. His team specializes in using social platforms like Instagram, and he will be describing what it looks like to reach younger and more diverse audiences.
Navigating the Technological Opportunities and Ethical Challenges of our DayIssuesDigitalMediaCon 2020Denison, JimWriters and communicators are experiencing an unprecedented advance in technological opportunity. You can reach more people and do it more efficiently than ever before. How do you balance the opportunities before us with the ethical challenges they present?

In this address, we will examine issues made possible by digital technology such as manipulating research data and images, aggregating unverified content, falsifying or fabricating research, and violating the privacy of readers through cookies and even more invasive means. We'll identify a path to defining our unchanging values and applying them to the ever-changing outcomes of our day. And we'll embrace the fact that we are alive and working in these days of historic challenges and opportunities by the plan and providence of God.
Developing The Right Web StrategyDigital StrategyDigitalMediaCon 2020Dreistadt, MarkAndy WalkerIt is clear that every publication and every organization needs a professional website. But what is not always clear is what the publication wants the website to accomplish. Websites can be so much more than an online brochure or newsletter. Clearly defining the desired results is the first step in establishing the right web strategy. These objectives should then inform every aspect of a publication's website and online presence. Sadly, this is often not the case. In this practical workshop, we will discuss the most common objectives your publication or organization may want to achieve online and provide practical solutions to move your online strategy from chaos to clarity.
Optimizing Online Opportunities: Keys to Increasing Impact and Generating More IncomeDigital | FundraisingWebinar 2020Dreistadt, MarkA publication's website is its gateway to the world. All too often, the tools needed to optimize online monetization and growth opportunities are neglected or even unknown. As a result, a publication's full potential is never realized. Money is left on the table—web visitors disappear. In this practical session we will explain the fundamental tools of the trade and how you can make them work for you—right away.

What you will learn:
How to monetize your website through content-filtered remnant advertising
How to reach everyone who ever visited your website on multiple platforms
How to utilize Big Data for more effective marketing
How to leverage your EPA membership for stronger advertising sales
How to discover the one thing you can do to generate more revenue for your publication in the next 30 days
Rhythm & Flow: Taking Your Writing to the Next LevelWritingEPA Convention 2021Ellis, JoycePoor rhythm and flow in our writing can distract readers and even cause them to quit reading—something we never want to do. In this workshop we’ll look at ways to enhance our readers’ pleasure by varying sentence structure and length, creating emphasis where desired, and employing other tools in the writer’s toolbox to create harmonious balance.
Christians and Cancel CultureIssuesEPA Convention 2021French, David
Covering Christianity & Religion Internationally: Case Studies from ReligionUnplugged.comEditing | Reporting | WritingEPA Convention 2021Glader, PaulMeagan ClarkEvangelical America is a growth engine for Christianity in the West. Meanwhile, it’s a small fraction of Christendom globally. How can American journalists think and report about the two billion Christians around the globe, from Africa to India to Latin America to Europe? From protestants to Catholics to Eastern Orthodox? And how can journalists who are Christians report on and understand people from other faiths? And why is any of this important? The two lead editors at, an award-winning, non-profit platform, will explore some case studies.
How Editorial and Design CollaborateDesign | EditingEPA Convention 2021Gordon, SarahTed OlsenWe all know editors and designers depend on each other to produce each issue of a publication, and we can all probably agree it’s not always rainbows and puppies. CT’s Editorial Director and Art Director will share how we work through the tough stuff and what weird things make us better collaborators.

What you will learn…
* How to foster good relationships
* How to navigate conflict
* How to celebrate with and encourage each other
Spread the Love: Designing Delight into Your Opening SpreadsDesignWebinar 2020Gordon, SarahGood design should include delight—not just for the reader but you as the creator. Learn to love your opening spreads from concept to completion, and discover how to balance your aesthetic while maintaining the integrity of your brand. We’ll talk about ideas, images, type, and all the good stuff that goes into making a two-page layout you can be proud of.

You will learn:
New ideas to improve feature article designs
Tips to get more variety out of your design toolkit
Creative ways to operate within a limited budget
A Conversation with Emma GreenIssues | WritingEPA Convention 2021Green, EmmaTimothy MorganShe has worked at The Atlantic for nearly a decade, and previously served as managing editor for the magazine's website. During this EPA session, Green will share how she develops and reports on a huge variety of religion stories from North Point ministries pastor/author Andy Stanley’s views on the November election, to President Joe Biden’s Catholic faith, and how the Hasidic Jewish community in New York has responded to COVID. She will talk about how she tackles a very complex beat: religion, politics, and culture. Don’t miss this session where she will be interviewed by Wheaton College’s Journalism Certificate Director Tim Morgan.
Stop Building WebsitesDigital DesignDigitalMediaCon 2020Green, PeterKedron RhodesYou’ve built your website. You’ve planned and executed a huge launch. Everyone is buzzing with excitement… and a month later you realize it's not remotely what your users need. Learn how to avoid building a website that merely serves your organization, and how to discover the digital portfolio that will engage your users day after day.
Print Magazines That Only Work in PrintDesign | EditingEPA Convention 2021Hanbury, AaronWe all wonder about the future of print publications in an ever-digitizing world. We see some magazine brands shutter, while others thrive. I'm convinced that the primary way to make print work in a digital age is to create reading experiences that are wholly different from online reading experiences. That takes in-depth design-editorial integration, and it takes editors committed to that process.

What you will learn:
1) How to identify editorial ideas that only work in print format
2) How to conceptualize and execute those ideas in a collaborative editorial process
3) How to ensure your digital expressions do not undermine your print publications
Revise Like an EditorEditing | WritingEPA Convention 2021Hanbury, AaronWhen it comes to revising a written composition—someone else's or your own—every layer matters. In this talk, I work through the layers of whole composition, paragraphs, sentences, and words, including strategies and tips for using each more cohesively.

What you will learn:
1) How to break down compositions into their component parts
2) How to make each part as effective as it can be
3) How to bring the parts (layers) together to form a cohesive piece
Beyond the Screen: Communications Priorities in a Post-COVID WorldDigital EngagementDigitalMediaCon 2021Holt, PalmerDiane LonsdaleThe Beyond the Screen session will help you learn how to keep your readers, donors and prospects actively engaged beyond their phone or digital device. This discussion features a proprietary research study conducted by ICC in May 2021 concerning communications trends in the pandemic era. This session will feature prominent faith-based communicators who will illustrate research insights with real-life ministry examples. You will learn what the latest trends in the digital revolution mean for your organization ... and what you need to do now to make sure your audience stays happily engaged.

What you will learn:
Understand research insights about communications message and media trends post COVID.
Learn about the power of multi-media participatory platforms for engaging your audience digitally and in person.
View video testimonies from leading faith-based executive leaders and communicators demonstrating real life innovative digital and live ministry practices.
Crafting a Successful Editor-Freelancer Relationship (panel)Editing | FreelanceEPA Convention 2021Hovsepian, Ann-Margret (moderator)Jeanette Littleton | Jeff Friend | Diane McDougall | Jesse FloreaWhat do editors want from freelancers? What do freelancers want from editors? How can we make each other’s job easier? This roundtable, featuring five industry leaders representing both sides, will discuss the dynamics of developing effective relationships between freelancers and editors.
Skillful Self-editing: The Fastest Route to PublicationEditingWebinar 2020Hunt, AngelaAs a writer, by doing the editor’s work — or a great deal of it — before submission will go a long way in keeping your editor happy. For the freelancer in a competitive freelance market, it will increase your chance of publication. Veteran writer Angela Hunt will discuss how to omit needless words, add punch, and trim your work down to publishable size. Any manuscript can be improved, so make it easy for your editor to say, “Yes!”

What you will learn:
Knowledge of needless words and passive verbs
Computer techniques that make editing faster and easier
How to think like an editor
Content Creation Tools and Tips for Non-DesignersDigital DesignDigitalMediaCon 2021Johns, ChristineContent, in every form of media, is king, but it is most significant on your website. If you want to inform, engage, and retain your audience, you must have content that is compelling and memorable. Creating balanced, quality content is a demanding process, but it doesn't have to be painful! Participants will learn fundamental and essential techniques for creating key content for any web-related formats (e.g. websites, landing pages, e-newsletters, etc.), as well as simple methods for optimization. Various applications/tools will be discussed to help leverage productivity and save time.

What you will learn:
• Define what content is and where it is used
• Discuss content formatting and how it can affect audience engagement
• Explore ways to create, format, and optimize content using various web-based tools and applications
I Have a Podcast … Now What?PodcastingDigitalMediaCon 2021Johnson, ErikDiscover how to grow your audience in six weeks or less. Develop your strategy to fill your audience with your ideal clients in as little at 30 minutes a day.

What you will learn:
The 3 Ps necessary to grow your podcast audience that most podcast gurus don’t teach you.
Why most podcasts don’t grow.
Most importantly, overcome all of the tech struggle to make it as easy as possible.
Social Media to Social MinistryDigital | Social MediaDigitalMediaCon 2020Jones, NonaDigital discipleship principles will be presented for building an online community with practical instruction on how to do it no matter how big or small your organization may be.
Repurposing: Making Your Content Work HarderContent StrategyDigitalMediaCon 2021Jones, RussIsn't it time to get more from your content creation efforts? You already know that "Content is King." In this workshop we'll discuss how to go beyond "one-hit wonders" to expanding your existing content into a royal court. Reusing, recycling, and re-purposing across multiple channels is not only good for business but good for your brand. Executive Producer Russ Jones will share a few of his secrets that have resulted in explosive growth making Abide the #1 Christian meditation app.

Expand your audience and bring in more leads - with content you created months ago! That great content just keeps working hard for you.
Cross-promote content more easily on various social channels - with the right images, the right messages, without creating from scratch every day.
Spend less money on writers, graphic designers, or VAs to create new content. And learn smart ways to repurpose your already purchased, licensed content.
Spend less time every week creating content - with checklists, processes, shortcuts, and batching.
Extend the "shelf-life" of your content - make it more evergreen so it works longer and your hard work isn't wasted.
Competing Narratives of Good NewsIssuesEPA Convention 2021Kim, WalterIn the midst of social dislocation and human desire, there are always competing narratives about reality, about the good news that ought to shape our lives. Followers of Jesus who craft stories and create images have the high calling of presenting a gospel-informed understanding of our world.
So You Wanna Be a Podcaster?Digital | PodcastingDigitalMediaCon 2020Lee, MorganAll would-be podcasters need in 2020 is a microphone, a recorder, and a cool logo, right? Right...and wrong. Christianity Today's Morgan Lee has hosted and produced three podcasts, including the publication's longest-running and most-popular show Quick to Listen. In this session she will walk you through what you need to know to make compelling audio in a world where seemingly everyone has a podcast.
M&M - Can Ministry and Marketing Be the Same?Editing | Marketing | WritingEPA Convention 2021Maxwell, ChrisWhy do we select the words, stories, and titles we choose? Maybe to get attention. Maybe to keep attention. Maybe to tell the best stories and most relevant news reports possible. But as we write and market what we write, how does ministry fit? What makes EPA different from the general market? This workshop investigates motives, and offers ideas for quality work — for both ministry and marketing.
Stop Procrastinating and Start WritingEditing | WritingEPA Convention 2021McDougall, DianeYou might have heard some version of the saying, “I hate to write, but I love to have written.” Is that true for you? Once you’ve completed your research and conducted your interviews, what are your tricks for getting past the inertia and assembling the raw material? Bring with you a new assignment or something recently published, if you can.

What you will learn:
How an “elevator pitch” can help you narrow down your focus
Advice from experts for making your first draft a strong one, rather than a throw-away
A few tips for taking draft 1 to draft 2
Countering the Rise of Anti-Semitism in AmericaIssues | WritingEPA Convention 2021Michael, SusanAt a time when conspiracy theories are proliferating and political polarization is feeding anger and fear, anti-Semitism is growing in America. Learn how to recognize it and guard against what has been called “the longest hatred.” Learn about resources developed for Christian leaders that can both inform you and aid you as evangelical thought leaders and communicators.
Become a Facebook Marketing ProDigital Marketing | Social MediaDigitalMediaCon 2020Miles, BrookeDo you have a Facebook business page, but you’re not getting the results you want to promote your business? Learn proven techniques and streamlined strategies that deliver results. Topics include:

• Static and dynamic content strategies
• Building your audience
• Video marketing
• Facebook advertising
• Leveraging Facebook groups alongside your business page

Walk away with ideas you can use right away!
Build Your Brand on LinkedIn: Pro Tips and HacksDigital | Management | Marketing | Social MediaEPA Convention 2021Miles, BrookeLinkedIn is a great place to generate leads, nurture relationships, and grow your publication’s audience. It also has much more favorable algorithms (i.e. you can reach more decision makers) compared to sites like Facebook and Instagram. But it's often overlooked and underutilized. In this workshop, you'll learn proven techniques and "hacks" to maximize your experience on LinkedIn for the greatest success. You'll learn ideas and strategies you can apply right away.

What you will learn:
• How to build a LinkedIn profile like a rock star
• How to attract your audience's attention with easy prospecting and content strategies
• How to tap into key LinkedIn algorithms to stand out from the competition 

Master Your Social Media with Time-Saving Tools & TechniquesSocial MediaDigitalMediaCon 2021Miles, BrookeDo you spend too much time on your social media...with not enough results? In this workshop, you'll learn how to streamline your social media marketing program while upgrading the quality of your posts and increasing your exposure. Discover how to:

- Choose the best social media sites (and ignore the rest)
- Easily find content your audience will love
- Streamline your process for crafting posts
- Tap into time-saving, third-party tools
- Understand which social media activities are most effective for business

You'll walk away with lots of practical techniques to enhance your social media in less time!
‘Acts of God’? How to Write Better on Trauma, Pandemic and DisasterReporting | WritingWebinar 2020Morgan, TimothyJoin this seminar’s focus on how writers, editors and journalists can improve their coverage of deadly, global events in light of the coronavirus pandemic. During this seminar, essential questions, insights and strategies will be explored. It will include updates about online tools for interviewing, research, presentation and social media.
Google vs GOD: Censorship and SEO Tactics in a Hostile Anti-Truth Environment (H.A.T.E)IssuesDigitalMediaCon 2020Outlaw, GregAt least 70 non-profit Christian websites have lost an average of 44.8% of their organic traffic coming from Google via SEO since June 2019. Google has become the arbiter of facts and truth leading to clear viewpoint discrimination against political conservatives and conservative Christian values/worldview. The Gospel is being suppressed online like never before. Additionally, certain worldview search terms that have regularly been used by conservative Christian websites to share their beliefs and the gospel are being replaced with liberal websites leading to behavioral modification of those people that use Google. The information you will learn was requested by Senator Josh Hawley in writing. You will get that report plus take away actionable tactics of what you can do technologically to combat this sinister agenda today and into the future.
Christian Communications across Cultures: When the same message can offend and inspireEditing | Issues | Management | WritingEPA Convention 2021Peters, GeoffOperation Mobilisation (OM) has recently completed messaging research with Christians in seven countries around the world. From Australia to Ghana, and Hong Kong to Brazil, their research reveals popular message themes that inspire Christians in one culture, while offending Christians in another. As our audiences continue to become more international and diverse we cannot assume the same voice, tone, message and themes will always engage our readers. OM is making their research available to all EPA members through this workshop. 

What you will learn:
- Shape your content for a multi cultural audience
- Learn issues and fears which motivate Christians from other cultures
Intro to Freelancing (panel)FreelancingEPA Convention 2021Petersen, Randy (moderator)Michael Foust | Ann Byle | Joyce K. EllisFour veteran freelance writers will share tips and best practices for launching a successful freelance writing career. Even those not new to freelancing will benefit from hearing the career experiences of these award-winning writers.
Visualizing DataDesign | EditingEPA Convention 2021Quinn, SaraWhat is good data and where does it come from? Learn indispensable tips for mining data, making sense of it and using it to create relatable, engaging stories from a long-time faculty member at The Poynter Institute and former president of the Society for News Design.
Case Study: How Global Media Outreach Reaches Billions with the GospelDigitalDigitalMediaCon 2020Rabey, SteveRandy Valentine
Leading from a Distance: Strategies to Build Virtual Teams that WorkDigitalDigitalMediaCon 2021Rawlings, MelodyWhat are the key skills needed to lead a virtual team and support the success of the organization? In this session, you will be introduced to concepts surrounding team dynamics and the ways they are more challenging in the virtual environment. Melody Rawlings, Director of the Center for Advancement of Virtual Organizations at Northcentral University, will share strategies to overcome the challenges and maximize virtual team performance.

What you will learn:
• The most effective leadership styles for virtual teams
• The importance of practicing authentic leadership
• The art of virtual coaching
A Conversation About Race, Grace and Forgiveness (panel)Issues | DiversityWebinar 2020Raybon , Patricia (moderator)Joyce Dinkins | Mark Galli | Rev. Esau McCaulley
Race, Grace and Forgiveness? Can We Write Our Way to Racial Healing?Issues | DiversityWebinar 2020Raybon, PatriciaA candid and interactive exploration of how writers of every background can help heal racial wounds by writing truthfully about our racial struggles and journeys. But what’s required? How does one start? What narrative and spiritual elements make a “racial” story work for both writer, editor, and reader? Patricia Raybon, whose award-winning writing includes racial reflections in the New York Times, Newsweek, In Touch Magazine (In Touch Ministries), Our Daily Bread, Christianity Today, (in)courage at DaySpring, the Washington Post’s Acts of Faith -- and whose memoir “My First White Friend” is a winner of a Christopher Award and a Books for a Better Life Award -- shares personal and practical wisdom for courageous, reflective writers willing to take on the urgent conundrum of race.
Writing about Mental Health and the Church: The Why and How (Panel)IssuesEPA Convention 2021Reist Gibbel, MerylArthur Brown | Nelson YoderAccording to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), about 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. – 43.8 million – experiences mental illness in a given year. Many of these individuals turn to their church or their personal faith in search of support and guidance in times of emotional distress. Despite the prevalence of mental health concerns, there is still a stigma attached to mental illness in many Christian churches. The predominant culture of silence along with mistaken expectations and misguided attitudes often cause suffering believers to feel shamed, blamed, and alone in their experience of mental illness. Despite a growing desire to help those suffering with mental illness, church communities often report feeling ill-equipped to address the issues of mental illness and mental health in their pastors, church leaders, and congregation members. This breakout session will involve a panel of WellSpan Philhaven mental health experts and chaplains prepared to discuss: mental illness stigma in the church; success stories of faith communities effectively addressing mental illness and mental health; and the questions of why and how writers/ editors should and can address the issue of mental health.

• Mental illness is a prevalent problem in the U.S., including within Christian church leaders and congregation members. There is still a stigma attached to mental illness in many churches.
• Churches can play a vital role in (1) promoting the mental health of their leaders and members, and (2) supporting members of their faith communities in recovery from mental illness. There are faith communities that are actively working toward these efforts and can serve as models for other churches interested in doing the same.
• Writers and editors of Christian periodicals have a unique opportunity to influence the larger Christian community in the areas of both mental health and mental illness.
Developing An Effective Digital Content StrategyDigital Content StrategyDigitalMediaCon 2021Reyes-Tarsiuk, KristenIs the content you are creating producing the results you want? Just because you have a digital presence, does not mean you have a digital strategy.
And great content doesn’t guarantee success. In this workshop we will walk through the steps of creating an effective digital content strategy that will connect you with the people God has called you to, so you can produce content that will engage your audience and ultimately reach your goals.

You will learn:
The essential questions to ask as you develop your digital content strategy
Where your audience is and what content they prefer
Processes and systems to analyze and audit what you distribute
How to measure success
From Conception to First Birthday: What to know to launch a podcast successfullyDigital | PodcastingEPA Convention 2021Rousselle, StephanieThis workshop caters to future podcasters. Come with your idea, whether it's a distant dream or a well-defined concept already, and we will help you take the next step--from launch to growth. We will discuss what you need to know before you launch, the key questions you should be asking and how to find answers, the real issues faced at the various stages, from conception to launch, and the steps to grow your podcast in the first year. Time permitting, there will be a Q&A.

What you will learn:
- What to know before you launch a podcast
- How to craft a compelling concept, from idea to first episode
- How to grow your audience after launch
Email Best Practices: Achieving Deeper Audience EngagementDigital | Email MarketingDigitalMediaCon 2020Sabatier, Lou AnnEven in uncertain times, your audience maintains their email inboxes with a keen eye. The first permission-based digital marketing channel, email remains the highest driver of ROI. It’s one of the earliest touchpoints to introduce your brand and content to your audience. The accessibility, reliability, and cost effectiveness of email remains constant.

But using email to market and communicate during times of crisis can be tricky. It takes data-driven decisions as well as a thoughtful touch to create email that moves your audience closer to important moments. To help you navigate this uncertain email landscape, Sabatier will share tried-and-true tips and insight to guide you.

This session will cover:

• How Covid-19 has impacted email
• Setting goals and measures
• Building trust with your audience
• Designing email for maximum impact
• Delivering meaningful content
• Integrating with your audience customer experience

If you’re just getting started with email — or if you’re looking to improve what you’ve already built — this session will help you create email that resonates with your audience and proves its own value.
Know Your Audience: The Power of Reader Data, Analytics,
and Old-Fashioned Listening
Editing | ManagementEPA Convention 2021Sabatier, Lou AnnWe live in a world that's overflowing with information. Sifting through all the noise to extract the most relevant insights on your audience can be tough.

As editors, marketers, and senior managers you have to stop, look and listen to your audience. Conducting audience research, studying web analytics, reviewing email performance metrics and practicing social listening will enable you to get a better understanding of your audience, which in turn will help you connect with them. It enables you to be customer-centric, rather than product led in your thinking. Audience research can help you prioritize how best to meet their needs or decide who to focus on, how to reach them, or what to offer them. It can also help provide evidence for marketing claims that you may want to make but (as yet) have no evidence to support. The best, most revealing insights are usually discovered when we are able to explore.

Sabatier will provide information and tools that can help you shape your thinking, planning and execution in gathering information and data to deepen audience engagement.
Marketing Made Personal: Building Meaningful Relationships with Your AudienceManagement | MarketingEPA Convention 2021Sabatier, Lou Ann2020 forced many publishers to deviate from their marketing plans. Events were canceled, budgets were slashed, and your audience expected you to deliver excellent content and customer service. Many of us were marketing on the fly, if at all. As we regroup, imagine a marketing strategy that recognizes that your audience is comprised of different people; you are focused on getting to know them as individuals, and you choose to build strong relationships that last over time.

Sabatier will challenge conventional thinking when promoting your organization, publications, products and events. This session will include an overview, myths, facts and ideas to fuel your marketing.
Your Calling is NOWPersonal DevelopmentEPA Convention 2021Saxton, JoIn a world of seismic shifts and global upheaval nothing looks or feels familiar. Yet our calling remains and we'll need to make our way in a new, yet emerging landscape. This session explores the tools and tactics needed to keep forging a path forward. Our calling is now. Will we hold back, or hold on to our yesterdays? Or will we rise to say, Here I am, send me?
Simple Data: Improve Your Marketing, Donations and Email EngagementDigital EngagementDigitalMediaCon 2020Setaro, BrianUnderstanding and using data properly is what tells you if your marketing campaigns are successful, your email series is optimized and if your donation strategies are working. This session starts with a presentation on how Notion Digital has used data to create a large audience and a marketing machine. Tips will also be shared on how any organization can easily start improving how they use data. The conversation then picks up with other industry experts joining in on the conversation in a panel. They will be sharing their thoughts on how organizations are missing the mark on data, what’s working best for them and what changes they foresee coming to how data is used in the future with changes in practices and laws.
How To Grow and Engage Your AudienceDigital EngagementDigitalMediaCon 2021Setaro, BrianAn audience is one of the most powerful assets of your organization. In this session you’ll learn different tips and tactics on how to grow your audience and, more importantly, how to get them to perform the actions you want (read your stories, give donations, make purchases, promoting your brand, etc). This session is led by the CEO of Notion Digital who created an audience of over 5 million people!
Fundraising in these COVID-19 TimesFundraisingDigitalMediaCon 2020Shanley, KevinThe COVID-19 shutdown has created an even greater need than usual for nonprofits to build their donor base. In this session, we will discuss digital strategies for fundraising. We’ll talk about donor touchpoints and share industry highlights and success stories, while looking ahead to year-end planning.
Breaking the News Online While Getting it RightReportingDigitalMediaCon 2021Smietana, BobIn a digital news environment, the pressure to break news is higher than ever, especially with SEO rewarding those who get a story out first. We look at how to get a story fast and right – how to avoid fake news, get the facts right, and build trust with sources so they will talk to you when they have a story to tell.
Deadline Writing and Ways to Cut Corners but not Sacrifice AccuracyReporting | WritingEPA Convention 2021Smith, Michael RayThe formula works. That's the key to deadline reporting. Internalize the formula and your article will nearly write itself. Know the formula. Gather the facts. Check your information with your sources and you can turn the raw information into a published piece in two hours, maybe less. This session draws on your ministry of remembrance. It will remind you of all the tips and ideas that you know but may have forgotten.
The Best Message to CommunicatePersonal DevelopmentDigitalMediaCon 2021Stapley, Ben
Overcoming Creative Challenges (panel)DesignEPA Convention 2021Stelzer, Dan (moderator)Sarah Gordon | Lauren Farr-Miller | Brian MellemaA moderated panel of respected designers share their experience about what it takes to create a successful publication. This interactive forum will bring designers together to discuss the various challenges they face in their work and how they work to overcome them. Learn valuable insights from designers and come prepared with your own questions and solutions to share during a roundtable discussion.
Captain Marvel, Disney+ and Star Wars: 8 Content Marketing Lessons Your Brand Can Learn from Walt Disney StudiosContent MarketingDigitalMediaCon 2020Sutton, HilaryWalt Disney Studios has undergone massive change that has gotten incredible results: live action remakes of beloved animated classics, acquisitions of Marvel, Star Wars, and 21st Century Fox, and the disruption of the streaming content industry with the launch of Disney+ (which eclipsed 50 million users after just 4 months). In this talk, you will learn how to apply Disney’s "innovate or die" approach to your content marketing strategy. After this session, attendees will be able to:

• Overcome your content limitations
• Replicate the Disney approach to content
• Respond to industry disruption and pivot to get optimal results
• Discover your strongest content pillars
The Great Divorce: Detangling Christian Publishing from Celebrity CultureEditing | Issues | WritingEPA Convention 2021Swallow Prior, KarenCelebrity culture and publishing go together like peanut butter and jelly. Their histories are as intertwined as the double helix of DNA. But must it be so? Can Christian publishing be decoupled from celebrity culture? Karen Swallow Prior will ask us to at least try to imagine it together.
8 Things to Know About the Mobile RevolutionDigitalDigitalMediaCon 2020Taber, ClydeTeresa ArtisDo you know how to cater your message to mobile devices? Here are eight things you need to know to stay current.
Christians and Cancel Culture: Resisting the Allure of Power and Seeking the Good of Our NeighborIssuesWebinar 2020Thacker, JasonIn our divisive and broken culture, we increasingly see people being canceled or publicly outed for one thing they said in the past or because of a single position they hold. Everything they have said and done is called into question, often leading to their public demise. One tweet or offhand comment has the potential to ruin one’s career or family, especially in the hands of those who seek to discredit someone. How do Christians navigate our increasingly diverse but divisive society? How do we model convictional kindness as we stand for truth and model gracious dialogue?

You will learn:
How to engage differing opinions with truth and grace
How to respect those with whom we disagree
How to apply the gospel to pressing issues of the day
Social Media for PublishersDigital | Social MediaDigitalMediaCon 2020Thompson, HeidiThe social media platforms are very good at getting publishers to work for them. We provide great content, highly engaged readers and spirited online conversations. But what has social media done for you lately? What "job" does social media perform for your publication? In this workshop, we'll review the major (and emerging) social media platforms, who is on each platform, and how publishers can leverage social media to find readers, subscribers and donors. We'll also talk about the key metrics to monitor and how to make sure the time and resources your organization is sinking into social are really helping you advance your mission.
The Virtuous Cycle of Digital Marketing for PublishersDigital MarketingDigitalMediaCon 2021Thompson, HeidiIn this workshop we'll discuss digital strategy for finding readers, subscribers and donors for faith-based publishers. We'll look at examples from peer publications and how they are funding their journalism by raising more money online through subscriptions, donors and advertising.

What you will learn:
The importance of email newsletters
How new products can repurpose your content to attract new readers and advertisers
What role social media should play in your overall digital strategy
Why your web site navigation is critical to your publication's financial sustainability
Teaching Your Audience to be Truth SleuthsDigital EthicsDigitalMediaCon 2020Tompkins, AlYou put a lot of effort into making sure your reporting is fair, true and accurate. But your audiences are under barrage from a firehose of social media, right wing, left wing, dark web, conspiracy groups and it is time for you to spend some energy teaching “media literacy.” In short, this session provides a framework for you to plan a way to make your audience(s) savvy media consumers.

Imagine your work being used by Sunday Schools and Wednesday night classes with special attention on Seniors and younger consumers of social media how to separate truth from rumor, how to ask questions about studies, polls and whether images have been altered.
How To Grow Your Subscriber Base Using Social PlatformsDigital | Marketing | Social MediaEPA Convention 2021Walker, AndyDo you want to grow your subscriber base? In this workshop, discover the most effective strategies for publishers and ministries to grow their subscriber base using social media platforms. You’ll learn how to use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more to get in front of new audiences. And we'll show you how these channels can be used in conjunction with email marketing for maximum impact. The workshop will provide a practical framework that will help you develop a successful strategy for growing your audience online.
Magazine Marketing in a Digital-First WorldDigital | Marketing | Social MediaEPA Convention 2021Walsh, JacobAs publishing continues to shift toward membership models and “reader-generated revenue,” many marketers are wrestling with the best ways to package and promote content for added value. In this session, we will consider how to leverage the unique value of print and digital content, better communicate that value to readers, and discuss digital marketing tools that can make the process more manageable. Join Jacob Walsh, vice president and publisher of Christianity Today, as he shares key takeaways and lessons learned from his work with CT.
The Gospel and Mental HealthIssuesEPA Convention 2021Warren, KayKay Warren will share from her own life and family experience the challenge of mental illness and how the church can follow Jesus’ example to care for and support people living with mental illness. By looking at God’s heart for people who are suffering, Kay will explain the Biblical basis for mental health ministries and practical steps for how every faith community can be part of the solution.
What you will learn:
How to understand God’s heart for people living with mental illness.
How to be able to communicate the Biblical basis for mental health ministries.
How to explain the CHURCH acrostic as a model for mental health ministries.  
We All Get Burned: Leading through Crisis and ChallengeLeadershipWebinar 2020Webb, Sid`Each one of us has burn marks from a crisis or other challenge in leadership. The Black Forest, Colorado wildfire in 2013 destroyed my home and my work. As I navigated the fire experience I learned valuable lessons about handling challenge and leading through crisis. I’ll walk you through them with vivid photos and supernatural stories. I’ll equip and encourage you to not only survive but thrive.

What you will learn:
How to better prepare for a crisis
Tips on staying centered when crisis slams you out of the blue
Motivation to better protect your work
Above all, a staggering challenge: If you lost everything, would your life and work still have significance?
Part I: 10 Key Things a Christian Communicator Should Know about Social Media and Integrated Marketing CommunicationsDigital Marketing | Social MediaDigitalMediaCon 2020Weber, RonSocial media and integrated marketing communications have changed, and communicators are faced with the challenge to create a modern, unified, and seamless communications experience. Communicators need to understand key social media and integrated marketing concepts if they are going to thrive in this current marketplace.

Learn how to master the current social media landscape. Learn how to bridge the virtual world with the physical world using the strengths of each social media channel. Learn proven strategies how to establish and achieve short-term and long-term goals. Learn how to become a growth hacker by cutting through the distractions and learning to focus on the marketing strategies that are going to bring the most effective and lasting growth for your organization.
Part II: 10 Key Things a Christian Communicator Should Know about Social Media and Integrated Marketing CommunicationsDigital Marketing | Social MediaDigitalMediaCon 2020Weber, RonSocial media and integrated marketing communications have changed, and communicators are faced with the challenge to create a modern, unified, and seamless communications experience. Communicators need to understand key social media and integrated marketing concepts if they are going to thrive in this current marketplace.

Learn how to master the current social media landscape. Learn how to bridge the virtual world with the physical world using the strengths of each social media channel. Learn proven strategies how to establish and achieve short-term and long-term goals. Learn how to become a growth hacker by cutting through the distractions and learning to focus on the marketing strategies that are going to bring the most effective and lasting growth for your organization.
Writing for the WebDigital WritingDigitalMediaCon 2020Winz, Anne MarieYou have a website, but what kinds of content are you creating? How are you promoting that content? Is it connecting with your audience?
Identify what makes your Web content shareable
Recognize why your audience shares your content
Apply our best practices from Cru and other ministry websites
Implement ideas for promoting your content via social media, even with limited resources. (Bonus: Learn about two great Cru resources!)
Writing Powerful StoriesWritingEPA Convention 2021Winz, Anne MarieStories connect our readers with our mission, and they inspire people to join us in our work. Discover how can you write more compelling stories.

What you will learn:
How to uncover three levels of conflict.
How to structure your work toward action
How to add background so your readers care about the story
How to write like you're on location