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Cambey & West Joins EPA’s Benefit Partner Program

Cambey & West has joined the EPA Benefit Partner Program and is offering a free month’s fulfillment service for new clients along with a waived conversion fee for EPA member publications.

Cambey & West’s core business is subscription fulfillment and integrated database management. As a privately-held company established in 1986, they have always been in the forefront with technology applications to streamline processing and enable publishers quick access to real-time analytical data. They specialize in faith-based and mid-sized niche titles, providing high-quality customized and personalized services publishers often don’t receive elsewhere.

Services include:

  • Paid and controlled periodicals in print and digital platforms
  • Electronic products with gated access and one-off products
  • Recurring donations
  • Gift acknowledgements
  • Group and bulk subscriptions
  • Friendly and knowledgeable customer service
  • Full service lettershop

Cambey & West has always maintained a system and philosophy characterized foremost by flexibility and continual innovation. Clients enjoy an atmosphere of collaboration and responsiveness with a can-do attitude necessary in today’s changing, challenging publishing environment.

Learn more about what Cambey & West can offer by contacting Cynthia Chodrow at 845-267-3013 or by email.

Learn more about all of Cambey & West’s services at cambeywest.com.


Posted September 27, 2016

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