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Why Your Periodical Needs Freelancers

The world of publishing has changed significantly from once-upon-a-time days until now. And yet, in some ways, it has remained exactly the same. To exist, periodicals, online and in print, need writing. It’s a need that will never fade.

The challenge is finding the right writer at the right time to produce the right content, which is both high quality and within budget. Thank God that he created freelancers to fill this vital need! Just take a look in the Associate Members’ section of your EPA directory and you’ll find a bunch of good ones listed.

With the input of several of them, we’ve assembled this list of reasons—in no particular order—for you to hire a freelancer to help with your publication’s needs:

Expertise and talent when you need it

You can hire someone with the specific expertise you need for a one-time article or a special series. Freelancers offer a range of backgrounds, experience, and contacts. You can gain the credibility and expertise of a seasoned, known writer or a specialist in a particular field. And you might even keep them from starving.

Upfront instant savings

When you hire a freelancer, you don’t have to pay for health insurance, training, or other related expenses. We also have our own offices, equipment, and supplies.

Once and done payments

No salaries needed! Instead of doling out weekly checks, you pay once for the services rendered and that’s it. Unless of course, you want to offer a retainer opportunity. (Let’s talk!)

Say sayonara whenever you want

If the fit’s not right, that’s okay. We understand. Not every relationship works out and we’re used to moving on. Since you can end the relationship whenever you want for any reason, you’ll never get tangled up in a lawsuit for wrongful firing of an employee. Hey! More savings!

Always fresh

Freelancers will bring unique perspectives to the work. Since we live out in the wild, there’s a good chance we know something you don’t!

Someone to cover outages

Did a virus hit and wipe out your staff? Are key people out on vacation or maternity leave? Freelancers can be an on-call resource when your staff is out-of-service.

Chaos calmers

Do opportunities keep knocking but there’s no one answering the door? Are deadlines coming up faster than your staff can meet them? This is a job for a freelancer—or two! When the business is going bonkers, freelancers can be a temporary supplement for busy staff.

Firewall against disease

Since we’re working virtually, we won’t bring COVID, the flu, or other nasty things into the office.

Emerging talent

There are always new voices rising in the freelance world. By taking a chance on a freelancer, you can contribute to the growth of an emerging new writer. You might even discover the talent you need to add to your staff.

Diversity of thought

When your staff is on the same page and that page is boring, you need a freelancer. Turning to freelancers provides you with diverse experiences and varied Christian expression. Also, a freelancer may possess specific cultural knowledge and insight you need.

New readers

When freelancers get their work published, they are not shy about letting all their friends and relatives know. They post links everywhere! As more people are exposed to their articles—and your periodical—you may gain new subscribers.

There you have it. Now you have no more excuses for not hiring a freelancer to help your periodical be the best it can be.

EPA people who contributed to this article include: Tez Brooks, Carla Foote, Akosua Frempong, Karen Whiting, Randy Petersen, Ann-Margret Hovsepian, and Stephen Clark. Freelancer Marianne Stewart created the cover image.

Posted June 4, 2024

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