Membership Applications

If you’d like to join EPA, you can apply on-line.

  • Publication membership: Open to print and digital periodicals (magazines, newspapers, newsletters, e-zines, blogs, content-rich websites, etc.).
  • Associate membership: For individuals who work with the Christian periodical publishing industry
  • Affiliate membership: For businesses and ministries that work with the Christian periodical publishing industry

Trouble with the on-line application process? Or do you need to pay by check instead of credit card? Download an EPA Membership Application to print and mail.

Additional information:

Application Approval Process

To ensure candidates align with EPA's doctrinal statement, code of ethics and follow the stated bylaws for the association, each publication is reviewed by an approval committee. Made up of EPA Board Members, the approval committee joins with the staff to  affirm or decline each application.

Publications must reach an important threshold prior to approval:

Article 1, Section 1 (a) ...membership in this corporation shall be open to print and digital periodicals that publish at least two times a year and provide three consecutive issues or more. They must be serious journalistic efforts published to serve readers by enlarging their understanding of the Christian faith.